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A Year in Knitting Review, Part 1


As the year comes to a close, I thought it would be nice to go through some of my favorite projects from the past year. Looking back, I’ve noticed that there are some major trends seasonally. As a result, I’m going to go give summaries of about a dozen of my favorite projects, organized by season.


Almost exclusively, winter was my season of socks. I vaguely remember doing a lot of Christmas knitting in 2010, and I was probably exhausted out of my mind. I ended up putting in a big order at Knit Picks (free shipping!) and enjoying the spoils: some funky sock yarns.

Trilo Socks- sorry about the bad picture! I couldn't find my old sock ones, and it is rainy and grey outside today (rhyme!)

First up, we have my Trilo Socks. Using my ever-favorite Socks from the Toe Up, I picked out the Trilobite Socks to match with some Knit Picks Stroll Multi in the Aloha colorway. I did toes and heels in a contrasting leftover navy blue, and these babies came out pretty quickly. The little bits of lace gave the pattern something extra, and the ribbing ensures that these will pretty much always fit, no matter how many times they run through the wash.

plain vanilla socks. again, I apologize for the crappy pictures!

Continuing my sock knitting trend, I knit up two pairs of socks from some more Knit Picks yarn, this time Stroll Hand-Painted. The first pair were plain vanilla socks from Socks from the Toe Up. I used the last little bits of the Aloha from the last pair for toes and heels. They came out simple and cool, exactly what I wanted. You can really see every different shade of blue and brown, and I think they have every different shade that Knit Picks makes in them. In the other pair, I added a little bit of patterning. I used the stitch pattern from the Copper Penny Socks by Nancy Bush from Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn to give them a little extra va-va-voom. The lacey rib breaks up the colorway a little bit, contrasting nicely with the other pair.

Copper Penny Socks


In Spring, I think I switched tracks a little bit. School picked up a lot, leaving less time for knitting. As a result, I definitely got fewer projects finished, leaving me with only one project to showcase.

Sunrise Scarf

Here is the Sunrise Scarf. A precursor to my Flying Home Scarf pattern, I used the Sunrise stitch pattern from Vogue Knitting Volume 1 with no modifications. I only added a garter stitch border to the sides, and a couple of rows of garter on each end to keep it from curling up. I used some Newbury Yarns Handpainted, which was really really beautiful. It actually came as a souvenir from my mother’s trip to Boston, and she could not have picked something better!

Scary Stories from the Depths


So I’m still chugging away on Elise’s socks- I haven’t even started the gusset on the second sock. It’s so boring, but I know that if I cast on for another project I will never finish these socks. Ever. They will be tossed in the stash-bin that lives under my bed and will never see the light of day again…and I promised that I would have them finished before we leave for Christmas break. So here’s the deal- I’m making this promise to you, and you have to hold me to it. I will knit on this final sock, and only this final sock, until it is finished. No more scoping out patterns on ravelry, no more digging through my stash, and DEFINITELY no more forlornly stroking other skeins of yarn.


So, because I am not allowed to think about ANY OTHER KNITTING, I thought I would tell you a story. This harrowing tale may scare you to your bones, I know, but it’s in the proper post-Halloween spirit (not even a week late. Yeah!). This story has to do with…registering for classes. (cue spooky laughter)

At my University, we register online using a site called banner. As a result, you get a registration window by year, and your whole year (over 1,000 students) will try to register at the same time, severely…slowing…banner down. I’ve long since learned that you’re much better off if you hard-line into the network using an ethernet cord (tech-speak-did I get it right). Yesterday, when I plugged my ethernet cord into the wall jack to make sure it worked, I noticed a problem. However many times I restarted it, it would not admit that I had connected it to the internet! Trust me-this freaked me out. Some of the classes I want only had a few spots left, and if I wasn’t quick, and my internet quicker, then I wouldn’t get them. So, I went upstairs to our attic-lounge and tried the jacks up there. Lo and behold, it read the network on the first try. That’s when I noticed something else- upstairs, the ethernet slots (helpfully labeled with a purple computer icon) were on the bottom, and the telephone slots were on top. In my room, it was backwards. Sure enough, when I went back downstairs and plugged my cord into the bottom jack, it worked. Some idiot at IT had mislabeled the computer and the telephone jacks and no one had ever switched them…

upstairs- blue phone, purple computer

downstairs- you can't tell, but the blue has a computer icon on it- when it should have the phone icon...

And then, to continue the horror, I decided to check the classes I wanted one more time, just to make sure those crazy Seniors hadn’t taken enough spots to make me worry about getting the classes I want. Cue nervous laughter. Most of the upper-level history classes were about half full, except (of course) for one of the ones which I want, which was COMPLETELY full. Shit. I emailed the Professor to ask for an override into the class, something that’s pretty common on my campus (especially if you lose enough pride to…beg). He got back to me pretty quickly, only to tell me that, despite the fact that registration had only been open for 3 hours, I was already number 12 on the wait list. Of course, he said I had a pretty good chance considering he usually prioritizes majors, but still. How can 11 people have been ahead of me when it had only been open for 3 hours??? IT’S THIS CRAZY CAMPUS! But I did hear that he re-arranges the waiting list again on the first day of classes, giving priority to the people who show up. Fingers crossed, I’ll get in.



I think I may have mentioned that I’m working my way through a pair of plain-jane socks (from Socks from the Toe Up, of course) for my roommate. In order to give them SOME SORT of excitement (!) I’m using some Stroll Multi that has been ruminating in my stash since my last big Knit Picks order. It’s light blue (denim-ish), dark blue, and some purple. For some reason, I thought that I had used some stroll multi before and it didn’t pool- but maybe that was because I had knit the socks in a different size. Because, for real, these babies are pooling like no tomorrow. On the foot and leg it’s like they are in stripes- and not the good kind.

Blue. Violet. Multi.

Still, I don’t really have much motivation to rip them out and start again. Primarily, the stockinette is killing me with boredom, and I don’t really look forward to re-doing an entire sock (and she requested stockinette instead of any sort of patterning). Also, they’re a size larger than I usually knit, so the instant-gratification that I usually get from socks isn’t really coming. Secondly, my roommate, who leaves to visit her boyfriend EVERY Thursday and doesn’t return until Monday afternoons is starting to get on my nerves (can you hear some venting coming on?). Recently, she’s started snoring, which is really, really something I desire in a roommate. Also, because the temperature is FINALLY going down they turned off the A/C for our building. Apparently, this is some sort of catastrophe for her internal thermostat, because the room has to be sub-arctic (not arctic, sub-arctic) for her to survive. As a result, her fan runs 24/7, and she leaves the window open all night (our building is right on a busy parking-lot with a bus stop). But still, I’ve survived. In fact, I have, on occasion, been nice and not-grumpy in the morning (which can sometimes be the only time I see her because our schedules are so different) and asked how she’s doing. This has not made me any more excited to work on her super-boring socks.

sock #1=complete...mostly

Still, I plug away at them. I’m just about finished with the first sock, and I’ve started the second. I know, I know, that sounds weird, but I have a plan. I only have 1 50g skein of the Stroll Multi, so I’m doing the toes, heels, and calf ribbing in a contrasting green. They just won’t be very tall socks 😉 So, after I turned the heel on the first sock, I knit about an inch in the multi, and then I put the stitches on some waste yarn. I’ve cast on the second sock, but I’m still working on the toe (bad me- I didn’t work on it ALL WEEKEND!). Eventually, I’ll try to even it out and use up all of my multi- or as much as possible. I know this would be a lot easier if I had a yarn scale, but I have no idea how to go about purchasing one. Knit Picks does have one, but it’s $20 and with shipping that’s a little out of my price range right now (I’d like to keep it under $15). If anyone has any suggestions, or at least ideas of what I do/do not want in regard to using a kitchen or postal scale as a yarn scale, I would LOVE some advice.

why isn't this sad little toe growing??? why???