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Hurrication in Review


For those of you with your heads buried in the sand, the hurricane of the century is about to hit one of the most populated areas in the US. Of course, it is already hovering over my hometown. I’ve lucked out in that we still have power, but there’s not much to do. Classes are canceled, so it’s day two of huddle-inside-around-the-TV weather, and I’ve already watched 2 Resident Evil movies, 2 James Bond movies, almost an entire series of a strange British TV show. I also managed to put in 2.5 miles on the treadmill. That’s a real achievement for me, because I absolutely HATE the treadmill. I’m much happier when walking to a location, with pretty things to look at as I go by. Well, that’s enough rambling. I have a long, long overdue Blog Week(s) in Review, plus an award to share!

First, for the blogs. In the amazing brightly-colored, skillfully knitted, and magnificently huge category, there’s Snapdragon Crafts’ Many Hearts Blanket. Seriously, this thing is amazing. You guys HAVE to see it. Eventually, when I ever get around to making another bed-sized blanket, I will never be able to achieve something half as awesome as this.

Only on a slightly smaller scale, there are the garments. Gynx’s Holla Back Tank is fantastic. I would never have thought to mix a variegated yarn and that pattern, but her’s came out wonderfully. I love the lace on the back- very sexy!

Smoking Hot Needles has busted out another fantastic shawl. It’s not very often that you see something like this pattern. It has cables and a smidge of lace, but the drape makes me think that it is knitted on a lace gauge.

For a real lace experience, check out Remily’s Aeolian Shawl. It’s the epitome of a traditional lace shawl!

Finally, there are the socks. I have three pairs to share with you guys today. First, I love how Bethany inversed the stripes on these socks. It’s something different, plus it helped her even out the stash-busting. Cloudberry’s Zig Zag Socks are just an awesome combination of yarn and pattern. Knit the Hell Out’s Birthday Bell Flower Boogies used a solid yarn to highlight the more intricate pattern, which is a decision I respect immensely. It can be so hard to drop the variegated yarn when it is just so beautiful!

The second part of this post makes me so happy! Almost two weeks ago, Feel Good Knitting did me the honor of nominating me for a Reader Appreciation Award. Thanks so so so so so much. Without further ado, here’s the rules:

The rules:

FIRST:  Provide a link and thank the blogger who nominated you for this award. (Done – see above!)

SECOND:  Answer 10 questions.

  1. Your favourite colour?  Green and Purple. Sometimes together…sometimes not.
  2. Your favourite animal?  PUPPY
  3. Your favourite non-alcoholic drink? It depends on the weather. When it’s hot out, I love iced coffee. When it’s cold, though, I could guzzle hot coffee and tea all day 🙂
  4. Facebook or Twitter? Ravelry? Facebook
  5. Your favourite pattern? I don’t know if I’ll ever have just one. Probably whatever I’m working on, though.
  6. Getting or giving presents? Definitely giving.
  7. Your favourite number? I’m not sure I have one. Maybe 3?
  8. Your favourite day of the week? Thursday, I think.
  9. Your favourite flower?  Not sure I have one…
  10. What is your passion?  Whatever I’m doing at the time!

THIRD:  Nominate other bloggers for the award.  This was a really hard list to put together. I read A LOT of blogs, but these are some that stuck out to me as particularly enjoyable.

Although it’s a podcast, I love Playful Day. Listening just makes me warm and fuzzy inside!

Audry over at Bear Ears is a great knitter, and I love hearing about the trials of writing a (gasp!) book.

Fern Knits is also a great read. She regularly comes out with awesome patterns, plus I’ve enjoyed hearing about her forays into other hobbies.

Kiwi Yarns is a glimpse of the other side of the world. Hearing about her wooly winter in the middle of my hot summer gave me hope that there would be a time when I could touch my stash without breaking into a sweat.

Knitting to Stay Sane is another one of my knitting/designing idols. I’ve been salivating over her new design, a delightfully cabled cardigan, although I will probably have to wait until after the Holidays to have the excess cash to get the yarn and pattern, much less the time to make them! Also, her url is Crazy Knitting Lady. I mean, what’s better than that?

Another favorite is Ramblings of a Fiber Obsessed Transplant Vermonter. The title says it all!

There are so many things that Redshirt Knitting writes about that I enjoy. Of course, there’s the knitting, but there’s also chickens, puppies, drawings, Sim recaps. A little bit of everything!

Finally, there’s Tami’s Amis. I love popping by her weekly WIP and FO recaps, finding all sorts of new blogs. She’s one of the staples of my knitting community!

Blog Week in Review- March 25- April 1, 2012


This week, I have a couple of really, really good FO’s for you guys. Unfortunately, they’re not mine 😦 Still, I really encourage you guys to take a look. I read all of these blogs completely regularly, and if I’m highlighting them it means that they really have something beautiful going on!

First, a blog that I’ve noticed gets a new FO almost every week. It’s Smoking Hot Needles, and she just finished the most beautiful shawl ever. It’s the Sharktooth Shawl, and it is gorgeous. The body of the triangular shawl is garter stitch, but instead of the usual yo, k1, yo ‘spine’ running up the back, Steven West added a triangle motif that looks exactly like shark teeth. The teeth on the border add so much to the pattern without crossing the line from stylish to kitschy. Smoking Hot Needles’s version, made in a simple light grey, is truly, classically, beautiful.

Next, lets head over to My Sister’s Knitter, who is actually the blogger who gave me the idea to do this segment. To change things up, she posted a couple of pairs of finished socks last Monday. Both the green and red pairs are elegantly patterned, and really something special. Congrats!


Next, we’re going to talk about a new design available for pre-order. Ramblings of a Fiber-Obsessed Transplant Vermonter has shown pictures of her newest design: the Boyden Cardigan. It is amazing. The simple, asymmetrical cables add just a touch of elegance to a cardigan that looks incredibly versatile. You might remember that I knit the Dunkelipa hat from her a couple of weeks ago. In exchange, she actually gifted me a coupon code for a free copy of one of her patterns. Needles to say, I put it straight down on the table for this Cardigan! My Aunt promised to take me yarn shopping next time I see her, and I’m most definitely getting enough DK weight for this Cardigan.

Next, Kalkette Knits just finished a couple of projects, too. My favorite is the Crescentina Shawl, a test knit. It looks like she made the shawl sideways, make the crescent pattern with short rows. It’s an entirely original way to showcase a variegated or hand painted yarn, and I really love it!

Finally, to finish up my shawl envy, we have On Being a Knitwit’s Wingspan shawl. This is another one with an interesting, spiky construction. I don’t know how to describe it beyond that, so pretty please go check it out on her blog!

Just a wee bit of ribbbing

And as for my knitting? After my sock-success last week, I’ve started on one of the fronts for my Locke St. Cardigan. As usual, it’s not that it’s slow going, it’s just that I’m at the point where I feel like I’ve already knit this whole thing before. Hopefully, it won’t take too long. I’ve also got a secret design project brewing, too, so that might add some ‘flavor’ to my knitting!

Locke pt…?


Finally, finally, finally, I have two sleeves finished. For those of you just turning in, I am questing to complete the Locke St. Cardigan using Knit Picks Swish DK (100% Superwash Wool). The pattern calls for you to make the sleeves first, and, let me tell you, that was no easy job. Here they are:


I don’t know if I’m going to move right on to the back, or if I might squeeze in a quick project in between. I did offer to blog about the Dunkelipa Hat Pattern for Becky, so that might come next. I love the diamond purl pattern on the body of the hat, and the garter stitch rim looks like it might be fun. I don’t know what yarn I’ll use for it, though…uh oh! So, I guess you’ll see in the next post what I decide to do.

I thought I would do a quick round up of some of my favorite blog posts from the last week. First, Kiwiyarns finished her Autumnal Cardigan, and it is gorgeous.

And Gynx, who dyes some gorgeous yarn, finished a shawl that really looks spectacular, or that may just be the great photography. And it’s only her first shawl ever!

I love the last two projects that Smoking Hot Needles has blogged about. The first was a blanket, and then a shawl. They both use different varieties of two-color knitting. Her color choices are unique and fantastic- I highly recommend you give it a look!

Next, you need to see how Knitted Bliss is ‘upcycling’ an old, plain cream cardigan into something much more fashionable and modern! She’s added a knitted portion onto the sleeves, and you can see her embroidery in this post, too. You definitely have to check it out.

Finally, Becky (the same Becky from the Dunkelipa Hat above) has come out with a new fingerless mitts pattern that really is very, very cool. I bet that’s going to be next on my list of designs from her!

In the mean time, I’m going to leave it at that. It’s my first day back on campus after spring break, so I think I’m going to walk around the city for a while and enjoy myself!

A Lazy Week In Review


I have tons of things to show you, but, for some reason, I feel no desire to write about them right now. I’ve been shopping, and I have a new pattern out, but I guess the spring break recovery/lethargy has even spread to the knitting.

I’m almost, almost to the sleeve cap shaping for my first sleeve on the Locke St. Cardigan. Ok, so this picture is kinda of old, my it’s rainy outside and I don’t really feel like getting my camera out for what will probably be some really, really bad pictures. Just think of this one and add a LOT of inches!

The same thing, just about ten inches longer and with a bunch of well-placed increases!

Instead of spending a bunch of time talking about my knitting, however, I thought I would show off some of my favorite posts from other blogs that I read. They’re all from the last couple of days- I didn’t plan this ahead, so I couldn’t really find ALL of my favorites, but I really would like to do something like a ‘week in review’ on my Saturday posts. I think it sounds rather fun, how about you?

Without further ado, I would like to point out the My Sister’s Knitter blog, where, not only did I get the idea for doing this at all, but she’s also showing off a rather adorable crocheted baby blanket.

Over on Learner’s Per-Knit, the author is voicing the complaint a lot of us have- no light! But she’s also showing off a GORGEOUS Ginevra Pullover in two shades of purple. Just simply amazing.

Gilda is introducing a new pattern: an adorable baby hat with bear ears! Awww!

Ramblings of a Fiber Obsessed Transplant Vermonter is…rambling…about her love of stripes. And how could you not love her orange and purple striped socks?

And Bear Ears is also talking about socks, although her TARDIS socks are distinctly more geeky than anything I’ve seen in a while!