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Parade of Finished Objects Part 1: Edge of Lace Hat and Dishcloth


I vaguely remember talking about this pattern a couple of times last week, and then forgetting about it after I laid it out to block. Well, this is the Edge of Lace Hat, from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders. I made it using Patons Classic Wool– a hardy, 100% no-frills wool, in an electric green. Hey, I’m pretty short. I need to set myself apart from the crowd.

sorry for the crazy eyes...I was concentrating on the camera screen. I swear!

I ended up making a bunch of mods. The accidental one was that I forgot the garter stitch band…which doesn’t seem to have changed the hat at all. In fact I kind of like it. I also did away with the whole ‘just 3 needle BO your stitches, it’ll be fine’ thing that the pattern called for and improvised a standard twisty crown decrease. I made sure to write down exactly what I did on my ravelry project page, in case anyone is interested.

it puckers a little off, but fits REALLY well on

I also went in a different direction for my weekend knitting. Because I was trying/anticipating/vaguely thinking about packing some of my stash up for transport, I didn’t really want to start on a big project. Plus, I’m waiting for a shipment from Knit Picks, and I can’t wait to get started on what will be in there. Still, I needed something for to keep my hands busy while watching TV (NBC Comedy is BACK!!!!). My first thought was a quick hat, but the skein I immediately went for- Freedom Spirit in a marled (is that even the right word?) light blue- is DK. In keeping with my new year’s resolution, I wanted a pattern that would come from a source that I already own. A ravelry pattern search for DK hat patterns from my library (love that function) showed me the perfect pattern- the Spoked Hat from Interweave Knits Winter 2010. Of course, the magazine is sitting on my shelf at school…of course.

it doesn't lay flat...is it supposed to?

To tide me over until I can get my hands on that pattern, decided to knock out a dishcloth. Let me tell you, I am not a huge cotton fan. In fact, I pretty much hate cotton. Why won’t it stretch???? Still, I noticed that Tink over on Master of a Thousand Things had made some dishcloths, and I guiltily thought of that violet cotton that was way WAY in the back of my stash. Thus, a Grandmother’s Favorite dishcloth was formed. Maybe if I start using it I MIGHT make another one, just to, you know, use up the yarn. It’s not like it was addictively quick to knit or anything, right?

What I’m working on…now


So, as I showed off in the last post, my big project, the Livingstone Cardigan, is sitting on my floor blocking. Wet blocking and chunky wool will take another day or two to finish drying, so in the mean time I’m not giving much thought to it. Well, I am worrying about my yardage. It would literally take a miracle for me to finish this cardigan without buying another skein of wool. And because I’m using Cascade Eco, which comes in 250g skeins, I really would like to avoid that…The yarn is widely available, and I know my LYS here (I’m at home, not at school) has it, but I don’t remember ever seeing it at the LYS up there. Hopefully, I’ll know FOR ABSOLUTELY SURE that I need another skein BEFORE I go back…this coming weekend.

mostly finished hat

While I was waiting for the blocking to finish, I decided to cast on another hat. In keeping with my resolution to knit more from sources (books, mags, etc.) that I already own, I picked up the Edge of Lace Hat from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders. Of course, I had to make it with my own twist. Part of that twist is that I *forgot* (sheepish) to do the little garter stitch border that goes around the lace portion. Woops. I didn’t notice that until it was already on the floor, wet blocking next to the sweater, so that’s just plain out the window. The pattern also told you to just stop knitting and do a 3 needle BO instead of a crown, which I was not about to do. I made up some decreases that seem like they turned out OK. It fit my head, at least! You can check out my ravelry project page for the exact decrease pattern I used, it was pretty simple.

just a wee bit left

All in all, this hat was a pretty great stash-buster. It used just a wee bit less than the 45g of Paton’s Classic Wool that I had left over from my Nantes hat. I don’t think that I’ll keep it for myself, but I’m trying to start a drawer of knits that can be used for gifts if I *forget* about another occasion, so I think I’ll just drop it in there after it gets off the floor and I get some actual beautiful pictures.

about an inch of ribbing, and the color is pretty true! now if I could just have remembered to lean back so that my shadow didn't show so much...

Speaking of beautiful pictures, I wish I had a FO SO BADLY today because it’s the first day in a while that it is bright and sunny and beautiful outside. Instead, all I have is this picture of some ribbing. It’s going to be the brim of a new hat design that I’m working on. I know that it’s going to be a slouchy hat knit using some Cascade Alpaca Lana D’Oro (50% Alpaca, 50% Wool) that I picked up at my LYS a couple of weeks ago. Still, about every five minutes I change my mind about the stitch pattern. I’m pretty sure that I want there to be some sort of twisting/traveling stitches (tentative title- ‘Twist and Slouch’), but I can’t decide how many. Plus, I have swatches from two other options blocking on my floor. The top part has a garter stitch background, but the bottom is only reverse stockinette. I like how the stitches in the garter pop so much, but I think the reverse stockinette has a simplicity that’s also charming. Any ideas?

top=garter, bottom=reverse stockinette. thoughts?

FO Friday


I finally finished something in time to do a FO Friday! Yeah!

Nantes Hat, a late X-Mas/B-day gift for a friend

For those of you who haven’t guessed, I finally finished my Nantes Hat from the last issue of Interweave Knits. I used cheap-o Patons Classic Wool (100% Wool) in a light green color from my stash, which, although it is slightly scratchy, really showed off the intense cable and lace patterning. I’m happy to report that, despite what the weather channel said, today is sunny and is in the low 60’s. Therefore, good pictures! The color is pretty much dead on. Enjoy!

close-up on the detailing

Although I’m pretty happy with this project, there are a couple of things I might do a little differently if I do it again. First, does anyone remember how excited I was that the decreases continued the pattern? Yeah, well it turns out that there are about 5 rounds way at the top of the hat that need to be cabled, where she didn’t add any decreases. As you can probably tell, it looks pretty ridiculous when flat. You pretty much can’t tell at all when it’s on, but if I made the pattern again I would probably do something about it. Also, I’m not quite sure what the switching from size 6’s to 8’s after a couple of inches of the pattern did. I’m sure it didn’t hurt the hat, but I didn’t have a good size 6 circular needle around, so I was using one where the cable part just didn’t want to loop correctly, so it took FOREVER…and I now realize it was pretty unnecessary. Oh, well.

In other news, I turned this…

slouch-rib cardigan

Into this…

I was going to take them outside to get some good pictures, but then you lose the perspective of how many little balls of yarn there are...

That was my Slouch Rib Cardigan out of Cascade Eco. I talked all about how it didn’t fit a couple of weeks ago. Now its about a dozen balls of differing sizes of solid brown wool. I’m looking forward to making the Livingstone Cardigan, a cozy, cabled sweater again out of the last issue of Interweave Knits, sometime soon from it. Hopefully I won’t run out. It’s a pretty popular yarn, so I’ll probably be able to find some in a pretty close colorway somewhere if I do. I can always use that for the collar/button band and call it a contrasting color!

But before I do that, I’ve cast on something new. Can you guess what it is? Here’s a hint: I’m trying to use the Knitting Pattern books I own more…I’m not sure if that is going to help you very much, but good luck guessing. I wish I could give out a prize, but as a poor college student (who hand-made most of her Christmas Gifts) all I can give out is kudos!

something new...

For my christian readers, have a Merry Christmas, may my Jewish friends have a Happy Hanukah, and let whoever I’ve forgotten have a happy holiday season!

WIP Monday?


Today I want to finally get back to talk about what I’m knitting RIGHT NOW, instead of introducing patterns that I actually knitted DAYS, if not WEEKS ago. So, let’s get started! I ended up marathon knitting my second slanted sock. It’s not that I wanted to work on it. In fact, I had a little but of second sock syndrome. Shhhh. Don’t tell. I just wouldn’t let myself work on anything else until I finished the socks. Couple that with a “How I Met Your Mother” Marathon on netflix, and by the time I was halfway up the foot I was feeling the pattern again.

the first sock, completed a couple of days ago- of all of the pictures of this sock, this one is closest to the actual colorway. It just needs a bit more green.

Of course, this was only the second time I’ve used Judy’s Magic Cast On for toe up socks (and the first time was the first sock in this pair!). I somehow managed to turn the sock inside out on the first row, giving it a single purl ridge right at the tip of the toe. Honestly, it doesn’t look that bad. I was so happy that I had finally gotten the right number of stitches without flip-flopping the direction of the yarn that I didn’t rip it out right at the beginning, and I’m certainly not ripping it now. And if I was doing a more textured sock, I might even purposefully do it!

purl ridge toe

In summary, these socks are made out of Knit One, Crochet Two Croc-O-Dye in a light blue/light green/white colorway. I used the Basic Slip Stitch Heel sock pattern from Wendy Johnson’s Socks from the Toe Up with just a couple of mods. Taking into account my super-tight sock knitting tendencies, I made up a size between the Med. and Large, changing the stitch count. To get the slant waves, I used a yo, k2, ssk, k5 stitch pattern on one sock (alternating with knit rows), and a k2tog, k2, yo, k5 knit pattern on the other sock (also alternating with knit rows), making two socks that go in opposite directions. It ended up being a fun little knit. The stitch pattern was simple enough to do while watching TV, and the yarn was a great colorway. It did get a little splitty at times, but that might have been my unreasonably tight/OCD guage.

second sock- goes in the opposite direction from the first one!

In other news, after talking about it for what seems like FOREVER, I’ve finally cast on the Nantes Hat, the lacey/cabley confection from the last issue of Interweave Knits. I’m just making it out of Patons Classic Wool (100% wool) from my stash in a slightly darker than lime green colorway. The yarn isn’t anything special (in fact, I think I originally bought it for felting but never actually did anything with it), but it will show off the crazy awesomeness of the pattern pretty well. Here’s the ravelry link to my project page. Still, in the end, I think I’m going to give it away. As much as I think I’ll love it, I just have too many hats, and I do have a recipient in mind. My friend has an early January Birthday, so I was going to ship her a double Christmas/Bday present sometime soon. She’s already getting my green sample Flying Home Scarf (new pattern!) in Frog Tree Alpaca sportweight, so adding a hat will really make it a nice, round double present!

Nantes Hat