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Blog Week in Review: 6/2- 6/10


Drumroll, please- it’s time for the Blog Week in Review! Yeah! We have a lot to talk about, so let’s get started.

To start off, we have Knit the Hell Out’s Lolita. It’s such a stylish knit, and the lace detail (dropped stitches, right?) really add an extra dimension to the knit. It looks like something that would work up really quickly and then work with a bunch of different outfits.

I really like My Sometimes Crafty Life’s simplest sweater. It’s a plain pullover with a little bit of lace detailing around the neck, but the best part is how obviously ecstatic she is about the FO, even though she won’t be able to wear it for a couple of months. The fit seems perfect and exactly what she wanted. And we all know that is not such an easy thing to achieve.

Autumngeisha’s Nanook is divine. I love the detailing around the collar- the stitch pattern creates such a great effect. And it looks all roomy and cozy- perfect for snuggling under during a cold winter.

And for the last of the sweaters, look no further than Kiwiyarns’s Snuggly. It look’s perfect for the southern hemisphere’s coming winter!

Nook’s new Honey Cowl looks amazing. I swear, I’ve seen a dozen different variations of the pattern, and they’ve all come out fantastic, no matter what yarn was used.

Remily Knit’s Rodekool de Kool is just…so cool! I just love how the brioche lace looks…I may have to try my hand at that technique sometime soon 😉

As always, if you’re interested in doing a Blog Week in Review, please click the Mr. Linky right above here to show it off! I know that I would love to see it, and I’m sure the rest of the blog-o-sphere would love to see  what inspires you, too.

Blog Week in Review: 4/14- 4/21


Although I don’t have much work of my own to show you, I have plenty of other people’s beautiful FO’s. Yes, it is, once again, time for blog week in review. As always, I encourage you to also post about your inspiration from around the blog-o-sphere. Then, click the Mr. Linky at the bottom of the page and register your post! Even if you don’t get a chance to do your own write-up, PLEASE click the Mr. Linky and see what other people are doing. Hopefully, after exams are over, I’ll do some conversions and find a way to make my blog compatible with the Mr. Linkies where you can post directly on the page. Hopefully.

My Sometimes Crafty Life just finished a Mizzle Shawl. She made it with 2 different skeins of laceweight held double, and the color variation really is fantastic. From the pictures, you’d just think it’s a pink yarn speckled with a rust color, but if you zoom in you can see so much more. It really is rather fantastic!

Next, With These Hands is showing off a gorgeous Clapotis using Noro Yuzen. I think I just got into the serious knitting online world just after the worst of the Clapotis fever, so I haven’t seen TOO many of these. And, can I just say, they are gorgeous. Although she complains about the texture of the Noro a little (and lets be honest, who hasn’t?), the colors really are worth it!

Moving away from shawls, Knitting Love’s newest pair of socks are worth giving a look. She used the Bubble Stream pattern, and I love how the stitch pattern travels over the top of the foot from side to side. I’m not doing it justice- go take a click. I just added that pattern to my favorites…maybe it would work for the Candy Skein yarn I got a couple of weeks ago?

Finally, yet another shawl. Knit The Hell Out (one of my favorite blog names, by the way) finally got the chance to get some good pictures of her Stripe Study Shawl to post. Can I say how jealous of this I am? Purple and green are my two favorite colors in the world, and I’ve been contemplating making a shawl for wearing while I am studying and working on the computer. Although the Mizzle looked pretty cozy, too…