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Blog Week in Review: 11/26-12-3


Before I jump in to this week’s Blog Week in Review, I just wanted to say thanks for all of the awesome comments from my last post. In case you couldn’t tell, it was written in the middle of a wee little FREAK OUT SESSION. But I’m feeling better now, thanks in part to you guys’ reassurance. Ya’ll are the best!

Now, for the knitting. First of all, I love Sezza Knits’s New Design, the Hunt Valley Hat. It has stripes and chevrons and is just one of those clever patterns that I’m pretty sure I have to knit. Take a look!

Keeping to the accessories, I love Knitted Bliss’s Tannenbaum Mittens. It might be the bright red or the wavy cables, but they’re just one of those patterns that looks like they’re interesting to knit AND not too crazy to wear.

Knitting in Color showed off TWO pairs of socks that she’s giving away. All I have to say is that those are some pretty lucky recipients!

Now, we’re on to the garments. Looking over these, I’m pretty tempted to Cast On a sweater for myself. I must resist this urge as I have a couple of gift knits that I need to get started on ASAP. Oh well, something to look forward to ūüėČ

I love Chronicles of my (Sometimes) Crafty Life’s Simplest Sweater. She combined handspun on the yoke with a Cascade 200 body, and it looks great! So snuggly.

Compositions of Wool just finished another simple sweater, too. I love Spindrift’s clean lines and detailing on the back. Another one of those patterns that looks pretty interesting to knit but fun to wear, too.

Finally, Peacefully Knitting just finished her Aidez Cardigan. I’ve been watching her progress, excited to see the FO, and it does not disappoint! I love her modded cables. It seems like it came out perfectly.

Blog Week in Review: it feels like forever


This was going to be a Cast On post, and then a WIP post, but something happened. You know those projects that go so quickly, where you just have to get another round, and then you’re almost finished with the repeat, and then there’s just one more left, so let’s do that, and then, before you know it, you’re casting off. But why don’t you block it? Uou have time! So now that will be a Finished Object post on Friday.

Instead, I have a long, long overdue Blog Week in Review post. Because life just kept catching up to me and I just kept finding cool FO’s, there is quite a lot on this list. Let’s start with those oh-so-addictive things to put around your neck.

As the pinnacle of nerdy knits, there’s Threadpanda’s Loki Scarf. It is a lace weight, double knit version of the colorwork scarf that Loki wears in the Thor/Avengers movies, and it is everything awesome in the world. Oh yeah, and it’s knit with COTTON. EVERYTHING AWESOME.

If you’re as nerdy as me, you should probably just stop reading there. However, if you’re just a plain knit-nerd, take a look at Smoking Hot Needles’s Barndom shawl, a test knit for Stephen West. Yes, you read that right. A test knit for West knits (rhyme!). Go click over, it’s as cool looking as you would think.

Now, moving on to the sweaters. There’s nook’s Classic Raglan, which is a plain, simple, pretty, classic stockinette raglan. Project Stash also did a simple sweater, although her’s is more of the trendy box-shape.

A baby girl is going to get the coolest Sunnyside cardigan from Anyone Can Knit. I swear, I’m actually jealous.

And for beautiful technical pieces, look no further than A Friend to Knit With and Knitted Bliss. The first’s Anhinga is just plain sculptural and cool. Now that is the type of pattern that I look at and think “wow- that’s something new.” And best of all? It actually looks good on. Knitted Bliss’s French Chestnut is a little bit more classic of a design, but it’s perfectly executed in a beautiful yarn. I swear- cables, lace,¬†variegation, drape; there’s nothing better.

Everyone has to be talking about Snapdragon Crafts’s Snake Socks. They are socks that are made to literally look like snakes and I literally lover them ūüôā

If you’re loving the socks, there’s also Knit the Hell Out’s Prufrock Socks. They’re a new design, and I like to think that they symbolize everything awesome about knitting socks. The ability to use GREAT yarn with cool patterns and still have it be wonderful.

The Knitting Squid’s Peggy Blanket is a completely awesome, cool, spectacular knitted blanket. She made a square by knitting out from the center, and everything just works so well.

And, finally, while it is not a FO, if you’re a college knitter like me (or even just a work knitter, etc.), check out Untangling Knots’ 5 Tips and Tricks on Balancing School and Crafting. It’s an interesting read, even if you are like me and don’t have the coordination to knit and read at the same time.

Blog Week in Review 5/19-5/26


Before I get to the Blog Week in Review, can I take a chance to talk about my current WIP? I’m sort of designing it as I go, and I kind of love it. I’m making the Chrolla Hat out of some Knit Picks Chroma fingering, a self-striping, single-ply yarn. The colors are electric, and they seem to be working really well with the somewhat repetitive pattern. I love the stitches that I picked, and it’s been going pretty quickly considering the fact that there are over 200 stitches and the stitch pattern is pretty intensive!

a lace mesh and cables and everything nice in the world

Right now, I’m almost to the point that I’m going to start the decreases. I’ve already decided not to make the crown too pointy as I’m trying to go for a beret kind of look, but what I can’t make a decision about is exactly how I want to do it. Right now, I’m thinking that I’ll decrease starting with the meshy part in between cables, but I don’t know if I want to do it from one side so the decreases spiral, or over both so the cables come together a bit more evenly (squarely?). Do you have any thoughts? I’ll probably pick one, but put in a lifeline before I start so it will be pretty easy to pick up once I decide that I don’t like it ūüėČ

I feel like my baby’s growing up!

Anyways, before we get to the main event, I just wanted to do some shameless pleading for test knitters. Right now my Swirch Hat only has one tester, and I would really, really, REALLY appreciate a couple more eyes on the pattern to make sure all of the numbers work out and everything. If you are at all interested, please check out the page on the Ravelry Free Pattern Testers group. Thanks!

And now, for the moment you have all been waiting for, the Blog Week in Review! This week has been¬†incredibly¬†inspirational, so I have a lot to show you guys! As always, if you would also like to participate in the Blog Week in Review, please click on the Mr. Linky below and add your site. I’m really excited to see what inspires YOU!

I don’t know if it’s the¬†weather¬†or what, but I have a bunch of baby knits to show you. First, Knitted Bliss talked about her trials in trying to get her kitten hat to fit her newborn. Adorable pictures abound (both with and without the hat), and it’s pretty much just adorableness!

Being Careful not to Twist (great name, btw) is showing off her new baby vest, which, beyond the adorably baby pink colors, has a row of elephants running across the bottom. Everyone, say it with me- awwww!

I don’t know if this counts as a baby knit or not, but Rip It Good’s Bouncy Rabbit is¬†incredibly¬†adorable. I haven’t been hit with the urge to knit a toy since my¬†disastrous¬†adventures making a sock monkey, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate something as cute as this.

To get away from the baby-theme, Chronicles of a Fiber Engineer’s Hat for a Sister-In-Law is beautiful and lacey and everything you would want in a gift from a knitter. Just, sigh, beautiful.

I love Minding My Own Stitches‘ new shawl. I don’t even know how to describe the color (beyond purple-ish)…I just know that I like it! And the yarn sounds like a knitter’s dream (whatever Karakul is, I’m sure that it’s soft and yummy!).

And if you want to see four (yes, FOUR!) pairs of fantastic finished socks, you have to head over to Knitting in Color. Combined with the fact that they are all made with wool-less yarns, and I can’t help but be impressed.

1 Week of Blogging all Rolled Up into One Post


This past week has been killer. That’s not to say that I haven’t been knitting- oh no, there’s been knitting. But it’s been more of the ‘frantic stockinette to soothe my nerves’ than the ‘look, pretty! let’s take a second to stop and show the blog.’ That would be why there have been no posts. Still, today, I have a bunch of stuff to make up for the madness. The procrastination has taken hold! First, I’ll show off my finished Scrappy Socks. For those of you just turning in, I made these socks entirely out of leftover sock yarn that’s been chilling in my stash. Green! Eco-Friendly! Yeah!

Sock numero dos: completed yesterday morning-ish.

They don’t fit extremely well, which is a tad bit¬†disappointing. I would have thought that I have my perfect sock recipe down by now, but I’m blaming it on the slightly different¬†gauges¬†of the fingering sock yarn. The light green is spud and chloe sock. Let me say, that stuff is like super-sock-yarn, which is why I chose it for the heel. The silk content + the way it is spun (magic?) + the slightly thicker than normal yarn= a pretty hard wearing sock. It might be a little baggy, but I’m perfectly happy with it.

Can you spot the difference?

Well, CAN you see it? I ended up switching the yarn for the toe on the second sock. The first one was the knit picks sock yarn that I just have lying around for contrasting/coordinating toes and heels. By the time I finished that sock, though, I knew that I would have a TON of the bluish yarn left. That’s Knit One, Crochet Too something or other, and it’s a pleasure to work with. I seem to remember that there is some silk in there (maybe?), so it just flows through your fingers like…silk. Anyway, I still have about 15g left of it, so it will probably make some very nice toes in the future, too. And one final picture, just for your pleasure…


Of course, no weekend is complete without a blog week in review. We’ve got some good ones! First, Minding My Own Stitches finished her Santa Fe socks. Normally, I wouldn’t get so excited about a seemingly simple pair of socks, but I just wanted to honor her¬†perseverance¬†with the colorwork. Her first try came out WAY TOO TIGHT, but did she send them to the frog pile of shame? No, she kept at it. And that’s much more than I’ve ever done for colorwork.

Next, Gynx’s Aphrodite 2.0 is really, really cool. And when I say cool, I don’t mean cool construction, or cool technique, or cool yarn (even though it is all of those things). It just looks like something that someone much cooler than me would wear. And this is also a re-boot of a previous project, too!

Knitting Sandwich, always one of my favs, made a baby sweater…knit on the bias. Oh yeah, it’s like the baby is wearing a v-neck, except it’s just really clever construction!

While Don’t Drool on the Wool’s red cabled cropped pullover is not something that I would personally wear, it certainly has style. And cables. Oh, the cables.

Erin-Kate’s slouchy beret-style hat is entirely her own invention, and very, very unique. Instead of ribbing, she added holes to thread a ribbon through on the pattern. From the pictures, it looks like the cloud slouch sits pretty well on the head, too. No more slouchy hats falling off at odd times!

Finally, Knitted Bliss’s Alluvial Cowl is squooshy and cabley and cozy and everything right in the world. Trust me, you have to see this baby.

As per usual, if you’re doing a blog week in review (someone join me, please!), don’t forget to click the linky above and add your blog. And if you’re looking for some more blogs to read, check to see who else has joined! Thanks for stopping by, guys, and hopefully I’ll be able to talk to you soon!

Weekend Blues


I’m really sorry for the lack of posting over here. I haven’t been feeling the knitting these past couple of days; speed-knitting the design project really took a toll on me. Still, I have some progress on Locke to show you. That’s the right front! I’ve just started decreasing for the neck, and the armhole is only half an inch away. It’s been going pretty well. Even though I’m not grooving on simple knits, I’ve been really enjoying cables lately, which makes Locke the perfect project to work on.

Sorry for the crappy picture- I went home for the weekend and forgot to bring my camera!

But, if you want some inspiration, boy do I have some blog posts for you. First, Knitted Bliss just finished the brightest, most wonderful baby blanket in the world using a very cute and creative slip stitch pattern.  That is one lucky baby.

Next, Stitched Together‘s lace-weight circular shawl is to die for. I’m always jealous of those people who can deal with a lace-weight shawl. The best I’ve ever done is fingering, and even then I always end up getting bored. Kudos!

Learner’s Per-knit also just finished a lace project, too, although this one uses some bright red worsted yarn. Congrats to her!

And the final shawl? That’s from Being Careful Not to Twist. Honestly, the shawl is pretty, but her gorgeous, but the photography? FANTASTIC! It looks like she took her pictures during a vacation in Hawaii, and all it’s making me do is want to be somewhere warm and sunny with a beach. Sigh.

Do you guys enjoy the Blog Week in Review segment? I really do, plus I feel like it’s a great way to find new blogs that are putting some great stuff out there. I’m considering doing a Mr. Linky widget, in the hopes that other people are willing to do a Blog Week in Review. What are your thoughts? Are you willing to participate? Let me know!

Locke pt…?


Finally, finally, finally, I have two sleeves finished. For those of you just turning in, I am questing to complete the Locke St. Cardigan using Knit Picks Swish DK (100% Superwash Wool). The pattern calls for you to make the sleeves first, and, let me tell you, that was no easy job. Here they are:


I don’t know if I’m going to move right on to the back, or if I might squeeze in a quick project in between. I did offer to blog about the Dunkelipa Hat Pattern for Becky, so that might come next. I love the diamond purl pattern on the body of the hat, and the garter stitch rim looks like it might be fun. I don’t know what yarn I’ll use for it, though…uh oh! So, I guess you’ll see in the next post what I decide to do.

I thought I would do a quick round up of some of my favorite blog posts from the last week. First, Kiwiyarns finished her Autumnal Cardigan, and it is gorgeous.

And Gynx, who dyes some gorgeous yarn, finished a shawl that really looks spectacular, or that may just be the great photography. And it’s only her first shawl ever!

I love the last two projects that Smoking Hot Needles has blogged about. The first was a blanket, and then a shawl. They both use different varieties of two-color knitting. Her color choices are unique and fantastic- I highly recommend you give it a look!

Next, you need to see how Knitted Bliss is ‘upcycling’ an old, plain cream cardigan into something much more fashionable and modern! She’s added a knitted portion onto the sleeves, and you can see her embroidery in this post, too. You definitely have to check it out.

Finally, Becky (the same Becky from the Dunkelipa Hat above) has come out with a new fingerless mitts pattern that really is very, very cool. I bet that’s going to be next on my list of designs from her!

In the mean time, I’m going to leave it at that. It’s my first day back on campus after spring break, so I think I’m going to walk around the city for a while and enjoy myself!