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FO Friday: Dunkelipa



I finish the Dunkelipa Hat! In fact, I finished it so quickly that I had time to wet block it AND let it dry before this morning’s impromptu photography session with my room mate (and what are room mates for, if not to model knitwear?). Of course, that is probably helped by the fact that it’s been in the 80’s for the past couple of days. Not that I’m complaining or anything, but, because our dorms are on some sort of mast heating/air conditioning schedule, they only turned off the heat a few days ago, and we have no a/c, which is rather…problematic.

Half Flipped up from the right

Anyway, back to what you’re here for: the knitwear. To me, the hat blocked out pretty nicely, getting rid of any unevenness from the purl ridge diamond pattern. Even with the brim all the way folded up (on both sides), it pretty much covers my ears, so I had to ask my room mate to model the half up/half down shots. I think she did a pretty good job…maybe she’ll get the hat in the end? Her Birthday IS coming up 😉

Half flipped up from the right

And for those of you just tuning in, this was the Dunkelipa Hat in the 20″ size (but I never really checked my gauge, so it might not ACTUALLY be in the 20″ size) using Plymouth Yarn Galway Highland Heather (100% Wool- heathers are discontinued) in a red/pink/maroon/changes with the light color, as Erica pointed out to me in the last post. It was a really quick, fun knit, and the design is certainly very creative. I highly suggest that you check it out! Plus, it goes from a sort of child/teen size up to an adult large that would probably fit a guy, so it’s nice to keep it in mind for Christmas and Birthdays!

Lying flat...and it looks a lot more red, here??

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Dunkelipa pt. 1


So, instead of casting on the back for my Locke St. Cardigan, I did something…else. I cast on for the Dunkelipa Hat. If you remember, I was considering this for a while, but I really didn’t think I had anything suitable in my stash. Well, I might have been wrong about that. I found about 70g of Plymouth Yarn Galway Highland Heather (discontinued- 100% wool) lying around leftover from my Rocky Coast Cardigan.  It’s a little bit less than the pattern requirements, but I think it will be fine. I don’t really have any red hats, and it might go well with the Blue North Face Fleece that I wear pretty continuously in the winter. And so, I cast on.


The pattern is actually pretty interesting. You start by knitting about 2 inches of garter stitch flat for a sort of split brim. I’m not quite sure how I’ll style the finished product, but Becky usually seems to fold one side up, giving it a rather jaunty look that I think I might like.

Flipped up?

So after you finish the garter brim, you join into a circle and begin the stitch pattern, which uses double purl stitches to make diamonds. When I first started I had a little bit of trouble keeping the pattern in my head, especially around the end of the row. I forgot to grab a stitch marker to mark the edge…bad me!

Double Purl Diamond Stitch Pattern

Still, I think I’ve got it pretty down in my head, and I’ve been chugging away pretty quickly. You only have to do a little less then three repeats before you start the decrease stitches, which is not much at all when you think about the fact that the repeat is only 12 rows (I think?). The pattern also comes in a couple sizes, ranging from kids to an adult large suitable for a guy. I’m thinking a Christmas present for my dad, although I don’t really know how well the brim would go over. Oh well, we’ll see 😉

Where I am as of this morning...

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Sorta Finished Object Friday


Even though it isn’t at the wearable stage, I’m still gonna call my Rocky Coast Cardigan finished. I mean, the knitting is all done. It needs a really heavy block to make sure everything is a little more…proportional…but I’m sure that will work. As of now, I don’t even want to show you a picture of how it looks on me, the fit is so strange. Instead, I’ll give you this:

Rocky Coast Cardigan, pre-blocking

and promise to show the post-blocking pictures after I get a chance to do it over Spring Break. And trust me, I am so much more anxious for these next two weeks to go by then you are. Trust me.

Baby Chalice Blanket. And I promise that there is NO green tinge to the yarn, it is a pure, baby yellow.

In the mean time, I’ve moved on to a quick little baby blanket. This is the Baby Chalice Blanket. I’m using Plymouth Encore Worsted (75% Acrylic, 25% Wool) in a light yellow color. I’ve done a little modding, but so far it’s looking pretty nice, and knitting up really quickly. I’m sorry to FO and go, but, really, paper writing calls!

WIP Wed: Rocky Coast Cardigan Numero Dos


Rocky Coast Cardigan

For my second WIP Wed. on the Rocky Coast Cardigan I have some major progress to show you. The last time you got a picture, I don’t even think I had started on the second sleeve. Now, I’ve finished both sleeves, the body, and I’m about half way done with the button band/shawl collar. Here it is.

Sleeve, bottom edging, and collar/button band thing

As always, I’m only part way sure that I have enough yarn. I only have one skein of the brown that I’m using for all of the ribbing, but hopefully it will work out. I think the color combo looks good, although I would be much happier if the red was slightly less pink. In case you were wondering, this is Plymouth Yarn Galway Highland Heather (100% wool- discontinued) that I bought way back in the day. I made a sweater out of it, but frogged it and now we’ve got a beautiful Rocky Coast Cardi. Well, mostly.

More of the same- this time on the left!

Remember when my sleeves were way too narrow? I ended up casting on an extra six stitches over the arm pit and not doing any decreases until right before the ribbing. It’s still a bit tight at the top, but not excessively so. I mean, if I can get it over my arms unblocked, I’m calling it a win. Hopefully, blocking will add some ease.

I wish I could write more, but as classes are taking over my life, I’ve got to run. Check out Tami’s for more WIP Wed. posts!

Still working on the Cardigan…


Rocky Coast Cardigan Body

As my title may suggest, I’m still working on the Rocky Coast Cardigan. After getting to the end of the pattern in the center part of the cardigan (it’s a top-down, seamless raglan) I decided to just put my stitches on hold before I started the ribbing. Remember, I’m doing the ribbing in a contrasting color, and I want to make sure I have enough of that for all of the ribbing and the shawl collar/button band thingy. Luckily, I was using my Knit Picks interchangeable needs, so putting all of those stitches on a holder was pretty easy. All I had to do was unscrew my needles and put the little stoppers on in their place.

Yeah, that's a sleeve.

Next, I put my needles on an extra cable and picked up my stitches off of waste yarn for the sleeve. I’m a little concerned about how narrow the sleeves are- my arms have their fair share of flab. I’ll probably try it on after I finish this one and see how it fits. Hopefully, it’ll be just fine. Still, I’m really enamored with this sweater, so I hope I won’t be afraid to rip! I’m doing the sleeve in the round, but I kind of wish I was working it flat. I’m using magic loop instead of DPN’s (DPN’s sometimes give me tighter gauge) and it is kind of making me knit slower 😦 Still, I’ve got a movie for the afternoon plus a Super Bowl Party, so hopefully it won’t take me too long.

Plymouth Encore Worsted

And finally, I have a yarn shop purchase from A WEEK AGO that I have yet to tell you about. One of my favorite Professors announced that his wife is pregnant and due in a little less than two months. Of course, this means I’m making a blanket! I always loved the baby blanket my grandmother knitted me, so I hope this kid has the same experience I did. I picked up 4 skeins of Plymouth Encore Worsted in a pale (unisex!) yellow. I figure the heavy acrylic content means easy washing, and won’t the wool keep it from bursting into flames? Right now, I’m leaning towards making a Chalice Blanket. I’m kind of feeling some light lace, so hopefully it will be a pretty enjoyable pattern. Hopefully, I’ll have enough time to make it after I finish the Cardigan.

Baby Chalice Blanket. Picture sniped from ravelry; please don't sue. I have no money...

While I was at Knitting Sisters I, of course, had to pick up a little something for myself. I just grabbed a skein of Malabrigo Merino Worsted in the colorway Polar Morn, a lightish grey. The malabrigo was hiding underneath a bunch of cubbies of Manos, otherwise I probably would have sniffed it out earlier. The only malabrigo I have ever worked with was Sock. Although I loved that, I’m really excited to try out a yarn that has such a good reputation. I’m thinking that I might go with a scarf or cowl. I haven’t made something to go around my neck this year, and the grey would match my favorite jacket…

Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Polar Morn

That’s all the news from here. Next post, I’ll announce the winners of the contest, so keep your eyes open for that (or if you’d like to enter, check out the post and take a guess!). I’ll also probably have some book reviews to keep you from languishing from the boredom of watching me slowly, slowly work my way through the Cardigan.

WIP Wed: Rocky Coast Cardigan


I’ve been trying to fit in some time on my Rocky Coast Cardigan from Coastal Knits, but it’s been difficult lately. Life has been pretty hectic- lots of homework, my classes are spread all over campus so there’s a lot more travel time, I’m hooked into a pretty good book and so many events are going on right now. It’s my school’s charter day this weekend, where we recognize the signing of our royal charter. Yes, you read that right: my AMERICAN University has a royal charter. In fact, it’s the only University in America that has one. Go us!

Sorry about the bad light, this was taken at 7:00 before I headed over to the school of education for the day...

So, this weekend there’s a concert, and a speech by our newest chancellor that I am really, really excited to go see. Plus, CNN is filming on our campus! Here’s a little mini-contest for you guys. Anyone who leaves a comment guessing my school correctly can get a free version of any of my paid patterns (right now I only have one up, but if you wait a couple of weeks, there will be at least one more). I think that I can find a way on ravelry to use some sort of coupon code, instead of just gifting you a patter, so you can use it whenever you want. Googling is permissible…so good luck!

a little bit of a closer up of the awesome stitch pattern...

Unfortunately, all of that does not equal me getting a lot of knitting done. What little bit of TV time I’ve had has usually been more ‘pass out and stare at a screen for 45 min.’ more than knitting time. Still, worsted weight yarn on size 10.5US needles makes for some pretty quick knitting, even with the cable pattern every 4 rows. I’m almost to the end of the patterned part of the body, which has me really excited. If you remember, I have a kind of strange yarn combination. I have 350g of reddish Galway Highland Heather that I frogged from a really, really ill-fitting cardigan, plus an extra 100g of the same yarn in a lightish brown color. My game plan is to use the red on the body and sleeves, with the brown for the ribbing on the bottom and the shawl collar/button band. So, after I get to the bottom of the pattern I’m going to utilize my super-awesome Knit Picks Interchangeable Needles in a new way: I’m going to unscrew the tips and use the little stopper things that they come with to basically turn my cable into a stitch holder. That way I can move on to the sleeves, trying to use up all of my red yarn before I switch to the brown. I’m slightly afraid that I’ll run out of brown, so I may have to extend the red and shorten up the ribbing. All in all, I have about 50g more yarn than the pattern calls for, but I don’t know what color that’s in, if that makes any sense. I’ve tried to see if anyone has done their ribbing in a different color on ravelry, but with upwards of 400 projects it’s a little hard to browse…

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WIP Wed: waiting


Right now, I’m pretty much waiting for an order to come in from Knit Picks. And it’s not like I’m JUST waiting for a skein of yarn: I’m waiting for supplies for three separate projects that I have in mind. So, just to pass the time, I’ve cast on a quick hat in my Freedom Spirit. I know I’ve talked about doing the Spoked Hat from last year’s Interweave Knits winter, but after obsessively browsing the project pages, I think the bobbles are just too big for me to actually wear the hat…at all. I’ve already done about an inch of ribbing, but I think I’m going to convert to stockinette. The yarn is just so busy that only stockinette can do it real justice.

the yarn is a bit lighter, but you can how tell all over the place it is here

Besides working on the hat, I’ve been covertly planning the projects I’m going to work on when that package FINALLY comes in. To start, we can talk about this old cardigan.

slightly, you know, tiny

It was a Garter Yoke Cardigan from the now-dead Knit.1 Magazine. I made it within months of getting the magazine, so that dates it to 2008. Let me tell you, it was pretty small three years ago, and I’ve only gotten bigger (don’t judge- Freshman 15. Completely legit.). It’s always been too short. You can’t tell, but the grey T-Shirt I’m wearing underneath it goes for about another four inches, and I usually like my sweaters longggggg. I made it before I really knew anything about ease, or swatching, so it’s pretty much too tight all around. I had to use a bunch of buttons to keep it from gaping, and they just look a little big. I probably could’ve used some smaller ones for a bit of balance. And then there’s the neck. It’s way too big. I don’t know if it’s because it is a raglan or what, but it has the hugest neck I have ever seen. It would be find if I work collared shirts that kind of peaked out, but I don’t, and it just looks strange.

the yarn is definitely more red than how it looks in this picture...it's like in between this one and the one of the old cardgian

Anyway, judging from the fact that it’s been sitting in the drawer for about two years, I decided it was time to frog. So now I have about 350g of Plymouth Yarns Galway Highland Heather in colorway 746. It’s just a bit pinker than it looks in the picture- almost like a lipstick that’s between pink and red. I don’t know how to describe it. Anyway, I’m adding a skein of the same yarn in a light brown for a little bit of contrast. It’s going to become one of the sweaters in a book that is hopefully coming in the Knit Picks order (all books 40% off- who can beat that?), and I’m really, really excited to make it!

Bobsled Mittens, picture courtesy of ravelry (link below)

My other WIP plans include a new pair of mittens. I’m not a huge fan of knitting mittens, which is probably why I’ve been using the same pair for the past four years. It’s time for a change. Some of you might remember that I won a copy of Judy Becker’s Beyond Toes: Knitting Adventures with Judy’s Magic Cast On. I was pretty entranced by the Bobsled Mittens, and I’m happy to say that I also grabbed some yarn that I’m pretty hopeful will work with these. It’s luscious and warm, but simple enough to show of the interesting construction. Excitement!

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