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Scarf Bonanza


Predictably, I finished the mini-scarf (50g of Plymouth Happy Feet Sport weight) for mom while I was at home. Also predictably, most of my blocking supplies are at school, except for the wires, which I keep at home. So, long story short, it won’t get blocked for another week and a half, when I come home for winter break. So, for now, it’s just gonna look like a jumbled mesh of bright colors in a vaguely scarf-like shape. When it blocks out it’ll probably be at least four feet long and somewhere between six and eight inches across. Hopefully, most of the gain will be lengthwise and not width-wise. Fingers crossed.

I know it doesn't look like much, but I'll block it hard...and hopefully that'll help!

Because I’m designing this project as I go, I really wanted another version of the scarf in a more solid yarn as a sample. Luckily, I have these socks that I made a long time ago out of Frog Tree Alpaca Sportweight that really are too small. I think they’re Serpentine Socks from Wendy Johnson’s Socks from the Toe Up. In any case, they’re one of the first pairs that I’ve ever made, and I don’t think I checked my gauge AT ALL on them. Additionally, when I can squeeze my feet into them, I find the Alpaca oppressively itchy- I guess I just can’t stomach it against my skin.

that's the leg, but I promise that if they're too small for MY feet, they're too small

So, I frogged. Of course, I’d forgotten how tricky unpicking a sewn bind-off is, but eventually I got it. Now I have 100g of sport-weight pure Alpaca in a nice teal-ish green color to make into a scarf. I think it’s going to be a winter birthday/Christmas present for one of my best friends. She’s a quilter/sewer, so she’d honestly appreciate something handmade. And I don’t think she’s as allergic to alpaca as I am…always a win! I cast on this weekend, and I’ve already done a couple of pattern repeats. I don’t know why they’re so addictive. I guess it’s  a great combo- the pattern is intuitive enough to be easily memorize-able, but it takes enough rows that it keeps your attention. For me, each repeat (10 rows) takes about 10 minutes, so ‘just another repeat’  really isn’t that bad!

Just the beginnings- hopefully it'll block out wonderfully!