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FO Friday: Dunkelipa



I finish the Dunkelipa Hat! In fact, I finished it so quickly that I had time to wet block it AND let it dry before this morning’s impromptu photography session with my room mate (and what are room mates for, if not to model knitwear?). Of course, that is probably helped by the fact that it’s been in the 80’s for the past couple of days. Not that I’m complaining or anything, but, because our dorms are on some sort of mast heating/air conditioning schedule, they only turned off the heat a few days ago, and we have no a/c, which is rather…problematic.

Half Flipped up from the right

Anyway, back to what you’re here for: the knitwear. To me, the hat blocked out pretty nicely, getting rid of any unevenness from the purl ridge diamond pattern. Even with the brim all the way folded up (on both sides), it pretty much covers my ears, so I had to ask my room mate to model the half up/half down shots. I think she did a pretty good job…maybe she’ll get the hat in the end? Her Birthday IS coming up 😉

Half flipped up from the right

And for those of you just tuning in, this was the Dunkelipa Hat in the 20″ size (but I never really checked my gauge, so it might not ACTUALLY be in the 20″ size) using Plymouth Yarn Galway Highland Heather (100% Wool- heathers are discontinued) in a red/pink/maroon/changes with the light color, as Erica pointed out to me in the last post. It was a really quick, fun knit, and the design is certainly very creative. I highly suggest that you check it out! Plus, it goes from a sort of child/teen size up to an adult large that would probably fit a guy, so it’s nice to keep it in mind for Christmas and Birthdays!

Lying flat...and it looks a lot more red, here??

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