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FO Friday: Coquette


It is finally, finally finished. Yesterday, after a long, long day of classes, I managed to dredge up the energy required to unpin it from my blocking mats, sew up the armholes, and sew in all of the ends (well, most of the ends. I promise that you cannot see the little one I missed around the armhole). So I can introduce you to a finished version of Coquette.

Everything about this pattern was pretty much a surprise, mostly in a good way. I don’t usually enjoy summer patterns, but Interweave Knits Summer 2012 was pretty good, and I ended up falling in love with this vest/tank top by Adrienne Larson. By complete accident, I ended up purchasing the required yarn, Zitron Filigran (100% wool). This may be the first time that ever happened!

As for mods, I did shorten the pattern considerably. Even though I did a guage swatch, I think my tension must have changed while I knitted. I blocked almost entirely for length, and the tank is overall looser than I expected. This was actually a happy surprise, as I was expecting something very fitted, and now I may even be able to wear this while working! Besides that, the pattern did call for an icord finishing, but I’m scrapping that. The selvage along the edges is plenty even, and I really, really do not feel like making lace weight icord for a year.

Also surprisingly, I have over 3/4 of a 100g skein left, which is pretty impressive considering the next size up requires you to buy an extra skein. I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with it, but it might make a very pretty summer shawlette. That is, if I ever feel like working with lace weight again!

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Now that I’m finally finished with the vest, I’m really excited to move on to some other long-term projects. My mom wants a sweater for the Holidays, so I should probably get seriously started on that. I have the yarn, and I’ve even make a swatch- I just need to block it. Plus there’s the short-term hat on my needles (another present).

And I can’t stop thinking about a design collection that I’ve got stuck in my head. Now is probably not the time to start thinking about something this long term, but it’s an idea that I really, really like. I’m considering approaching Knit Picks about an ebook, although I have no idea what that process looks like. The other option would be self-publishing on ravelry, and I also don’t have much of an idea how that would go, either. Do any of you have any advice for more about that?

WIP Wed.: Almost Finished


The end is finally in sight for my Coquette vest/tank/thing. On Sunday I finished the knitting, binding off on the final arm strap. I wasn’t able to block until Monday, but it was totally worth it.

Seeing it on the floor, I love how this is coming out…I think. I do think it might be a bit big for the fitted look that I wanted, and I didn’t even have to stretch the lace that much. If this were a lace shawl or scarf, I would have stretched it a lot more to open those eyelets up. Still, the fabric is a bit more dense this way, which is probably what you want for a top.

It’s only lace-weight, so I should be able to pick it up tomorrow. All I have left is sewing the straps and my ends. If all goes well, I should be able to get some FO shots for Friday. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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Review: Pom Pom Magazine


I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but I’m a fairly monogamous knitter. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been blogging about my Coquette Vest/Tank/thing, and it’s still coming along great. In fact, I’ve already separated at the armholes and am almost halfway up the back. The end is in sight! Still, nothings really changed enough for me to take pictures, so I figured that I would blog about something else today.

A couple of weeks (months?) ago, I participated in the Playful Day Podcast’s post-Ravellenics Knit Along. I managed to win a copy of the super-awesome Pom Pom magazine, a UK publication that has been in the podcast several times but I was not able to get my hands on. It came in the mail a few days ago, so I thought I would blog my thank you to Magazine and Podcast for such an awesome gift. Thanks!

First of all, the wonderful ladies over at Pom Pom wrapped my copy in tissue paper with a personalized tag, which was a wonderful touch. I really appreciated that!

And after I ripped that tissue paper off, here’s what I found. Surprisingly, it feels a little more like a booklet then a magazine, at least in size and binding. They used matte paper (instead of glossy, which is what most magazines use), too, which was something different. It definitely fit their aesthetic  was probably more economical, and I don’t think it took anything away from the magazine. Overall, it was probably a smart choice.


Like all Knitting Magazines, my definite favorite part is the patterns. Onda was one of my favorites! This publication follows the whole pictures and brief information in the front, pattern in the back model, which was something to think about as I flipped through. I don’t think it’s my favorite way to go about things, because I might fall in love with a sweater and get really excited, only to realize that it uses a method or construction that I don’t like further down the road. Still, it doesn’t make these patterns any less yummy!

Speaking of patterns, I wanted to give you a little glimpse at the layout Pom Pom uses. It is definitely not what you see in most magazines! I really enjoyed how the schematics actually showed what the garment looks like. Plus, they’re plenty big. The type and charts is bigger than what you find in most magazines, too, which was a pleasant surprise. It felt much more like I was getting a pattern out of a book or the internet!

The next most awesome thing about this magazine was the variety of features. To top off the crafty-ness, there is also a Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead, a Mexican holidy) theme going on here. They included a recipe for Chili Chocolate Cake and a Skull Embroidery Pattern, along with a small section about the holiday. Coming from 4 years of High School Spanish (and even some Elementary School Spanish!), this is definitely a holiday that I know a fair amount about. Still, I’m not sure how familiar someone from the UK would be with it, probably making it a very original idea!

Overall, there are definite plusses and minuses to this magazine. Still it’s a very original approach to a knitting publication, so I encourage you guys to check it out. Thanks again to the publishers of Pom Pom and the Playful Day Podcast for letting me win a copy- I’m really enjoying it!





WIP Wed: Coquette Vest Part 3


Full view, all scrunched together

I’ve been steadily getting some work done on my Coquette Vest. I was thinking that I would put it away while I worked on holiday presents, but I can’t really bare to do it. Right now, the plan is to use the breaks that I have to take anyway (there’s only so much time I can spend working with lace weight before my hands hurt) to make little accessories. When I get to the part where I divide for the back and front, I might have to put it away so I can work on some of the bigger projects I have in the works.

A little bit better detail shot of the lace

Still, it’s going really well. I’m on about row 155 of the lace chart, and I think that I’ll divide around row 200. That’s a little before what the pattern calls for, but I’m going to have to mod for my more petite figure. With a fitted garment, I’m trying to be very careful that I don’t make anything too long. Most of my problems with machine garments, especially fitted tank tops and camis, have to do with different parts being too long, especially straps. So I’m going to keep a very careful eye out for these problems while knitting, and I expect a pretty stressful blocking session as I stretch out my lace to such exact measurements in the future.

What’s left of my first skein

I’ve been keeping an eye on how much yarn I have left. The pattern calls for 2 skeins of Zitron Filigran (100% merino lace weight), which I bought on a complete coincidence. I am definitely happy that I did- it’s pretty amazing to work with. I’m still on my first skein, and if you can read the yarn scale, I have about 25g left. At the rate I’m going, I’ll probably have to use some of the second skein, but probably not too much of it (leftovers!). That’s a little strange because the next size up needs a third skein of yarn. I guess the designer just wanted to be on the safe side with her estimates!

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Wip Wed & Yarn!


I’m chugging away on my Coquette Vest. The lace pattern is pretty intuitive, and I think it’s coming along nicely. My progress was somewhat impeded by the dog getting hold of the yarn and tangling it up a little while I was home last weekend, but I straightened that out pretty quickly. I’ve probably gotten another 3ish inches since last week, which is pretty impressive considering I’m using lace weight Filigran and haven’t had a whole lot of knitting time.

Coquette Vest

Unfortunately, it’s probably going to have to go on the shelf for a while in favor of Christmas Knits. I finally got the HUGE order that I put in at Webs a couple of weeks ago, so now it’s time to start working on that.

Berocco Vintage DK

First, there’s a single skein of Berocco Vintage DK (50% Acrylic, 40% Wool, 10% Nylon- 288yds/100g). It’s much more of a cranberry color than you can tell in the picture, I promise. This is destined to be a beret for a friend. Ok, it’s for her Birthday, which was a couple of months ago, but it still counts. Honestly, we were on opposite ends of the state, so I like to think that I’m doing ok.

Valley Yarns Superwash DK

Next, there’s about 9 skeins of Valley Yarns Superwash DK (100% Extrafine Merino- 137yards/50g) in a minty green color. This was more of a guilty purchase for me than anything else- I think I’m going to use it to make myself a sweater! It’s incredibly light and lofty, so I bet it will make a comfy cardigan.

Berocco Vintage DK

This is another 6ish skeins of Vintage DK in fuchsia (a little darker then this) for a Hanukah sweater for my mother. She picked out the color online, so this time she can’t say that she doesn’t like it!

Valley Yarns Northampton

Next, there’s a single skein of Valley Yarns Northampton (100% Wool- 247 yards/100g) in Lake Heather. It’s much greener than the picture! This will probably make someone a hat at some point in time- it’s a just-in-case yarn. Ok, so it will probably end up in my stash. What’s wrong with that?

Valley Yarns Huntington

Last but not least, there’s two skeins of Valley Yarns Huntington (75% Fine Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon- 218 yards/50g) for future socks. Yes, this is also stash, but let’s be honest- I make a lot of socks! They would go really well with one of my crazy-er yarns to make the Stitch Surfer socks from the new Knitty, wouldn’t they? Those socks are really cool, so if you haven’t seen them yet, check them out!

That’s about all for me on this WIP Wed. I know that I haven’t been blogging a lot recently, but life has been really hectic. I’m trying! Hopefully, I’ll have a long overdue blog WEEKS in review this weekend. Hopefully. If you want to see MORE WIP Wed. posts, check out Tami’s.

WIP Wed.: Coquette Tank


This WIP Wed. post is brought to you by the Coquette Tank.

Right side= pretty

Believe it or not, a lace-weight tank is not the quickest project ever. Who would have thought? Still, I’m getting used to working with lace weight and enjoying the process along the way. I may have to abandon this project for holiday knitting, but I think that I will be happy to come back to it. Besides that, school has been a little bit insane, so I don’t have too much time to talk. I hope your week is going a little better!

Wrong side=ugly

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Cast on Monday and an Incredibly Belated Blog Week in Review (8/27-9/3)


This Cast On Monday part of this post is easy. I’ve cast on all 376 stitches in LACE WEIGHT for the Coquette Vest from this past summer’s Interweave. I’m actually not at all worried about the timing of when I will finish. You definitely have to wear something under the vest, so I don’t think there will be much of a problem weather it is a long sleeve T or a cami. Anyway, I’m using the requested yarn (entirely by accident): Zitron Filisilk. I’ve never worked with lace weight before, so it’s probably going to take a while to get used to just how little yarn there is to grip. The colorway is a fuschia pinky purple. It wasn’t my first choice, but they only had one skein of the navy blue in stock at Knit Wits, my LYS back home. Still, this will probably be really nice, especially against a light background.


Yesterday morning I finished my gauge swatch, which easily nudged into the right dimensions. I’m hoping that this means it will come out great. And then, I cast on. For another first, this is the first time I’ve used stitch markers to divide up a cast on and make it easier to count. I did every 50 stitches, and it helped a ton. Oh, and can you tell how perfectly I made my tail? The tail was just beginning to get too short to grasp on my second to last stitch. That never happens to me! I usually end up having to rip it all out at least once or twice whenever I’m casting on more than 100 stitches (OK, well, I did rip once, but I had given myself WAY too short of a tail, and realized it before I was even half way finished, so that doesn’t count).

Cast on…and that’s it

The second part of this post requires a bit more explaining. Remember way back before the summer started, when I did a Blog Week in Review where I linked to some of my favorite posts from the past week? And then I started my crazy (awesome) internship? And then I had computer problems? And they stopped happening? Well, yeah, I apologize for that. Everything that could interrupt Blog Week in Review happened at once, and I just didn’t feel up to it once I got everything straight. But now I’m back! And here it is, your Blog Week in Review.

Of course, what would Blog Week in Review be without a little lace envy? Fern Knits just made a new sample of her design Dreaming Shawl, and I love it. Her photo location is nothing short of divine, too!

Threadpanda also has just tested a new design. I love her version of the Bristol Hat. It has plenty of patterning to keep the knitter busy, but it’s not so crazy that a non-knitter wouldn’t wear it. (Honestly, some of the things they refuse to wear. Don’t they understand how fun cables and lace are?)

I love Feel Good Knitting’s Pole. It’s such a roomy and warm sweater, but it’s totally stylish, too. Now that’s a great combination!

And then, there are the socks. There’s the Pretty Little Fiber Co.’s Vorticity, Minding my Own Stitches’s Morning Glory Socks, Misadventures in Craft’s Star Power, and Tami’s Amis’s Horcrux Socks. So much inspiration. Maybe I should just give up on all of this lace vest silliness and give in to the socks? Hmmmm. We’ll see.

Daniela Cowl

Before I close, I just wanted to let you guys know that I finished my sample for the Daniela Cowl. There are a ton of sizes, so if you are at all interested in testing (pretty, pretty please) the pattern, please click on over to the post in the Free Pattern Testers group on ravelry. I would be eternally in your debt!