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WIP Wed: Crickets?


I’ve been working on a lot over this holiday break, but, unfortunately, it’s mainly design projects that I’m not quite ready to talk about yet. And, to be honest, I don’t have a whole lot of energy right now. My battery died this morning, which ended up just being one of those problems that is not all that aggravating but sets your day off- you know what I mean, right? So, instead of writing a whole lot about my woes, I’ll just give you a quick shot of a stitch pattern.


Bam- that’s it! Let’s make this interesting. Whoever guesses what kind of pattern this is (be specific) will get a promo code for a free download for any of my pay patterns. You can see them all at my ravelry store or click the “designs” tab at the top of the page. Don’t forget to leave me some way to contact you. Good luck!

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Guess what came in the mail today?


So, early this morning I FINALLY got an email that there would be a package waiting for me at our campus post office. I got my slip, waited in line for a long, long time, and finally got this:

Super apologies for the lighting; it doesn't matter that it is 2:00, it's still winter!

It is a skein of the Yummy Series (75% Merino Superwash/ 25% Nylon) Sock Yarn from Candy Skein. Tami, who does the WIP Wed and FO Friday links, is the magician behind candy skein. When I saw the January Sock Club colorway, Arctic Mint, I simply fell in love with it, and when I heard her sale promotion on the Playful Day Podcast, I couldn’t resist. The yarn is a lot softer than some of the others that I’ve tried, and it doesn’t have that superwash feel. By that alone, I would really consider making a lace scarf out of it instead of socks…but the colors are so, so vibrant that I’m afraid that it might be too bright for a scarf. Even so, I’m sure to get at least one pair of rocking socks out of this! It really is a fantastic yarn, priced very reasonably. I’m sure I’ll go back to Tami for another colorway sometime soon.


Besides the new yarn, not much has been going on. I’m still working on re-knitting the first sleeve of my Rocky Coast Cardigan, but progress has been slow. I’ve just discovered that I’m going to have four papers due in the week before Spring Break, so I’m going to get started on that. On top of the usual madness, I’m a member of my Hall Council, which is like Student Government for the dorm, and the shit has really hit the fan there. I’m supposed to be planning a big event on Sunday, but none of the executive board has offered to help me out, which is making it really, really difficult. Hopefully, I’ll be able to pull it off! And even if I don’t, I have plenty of yarn to console me 🙂

It's starting to look like a cardigan!

Now, I’m finally going to go a week back and reveal the winners of my contest! Katie guessed correctly: I do go to the College of William and Mary. Katie, if you check your email, you’ll see one from me! I’ve included a promo code to get a free pattern from my design shop on ravelry. As a heads up to you and everyone, I’ll have at least two new patterns out by the end of the month, so you might not want to cash it in right away…

WIP Wed: Rocky Coast Cardigan


I’ve been trying to fit in some time on my Rocky Coast Cardigan from Coastal Knits, but it’s been difficult lately. Life has been pretty hectic- lots of homework, my classes are spread all over campus so there’s a lot more travel time, I’m hooked into a pretty good book and so many events are going on right now. It’s my school’s charter day this weekend, where we recognize the signing of our royal charter. Yes, you read that right: my AMERICAN University has a royal charter. In fact, it’s the only University in America that has one. Go us!

Sorry about the bad light, this was taken at 7:00 before I headed over to the school of education for the day...

So, this weekend there’s a concert, and a speech by our newest chancellor that I am really, really excited to go see. Plus, CNN is filming on our campus! Here’s a little mini-contest for you guys. Anyone who leaves a comment guessing my school correctly can get a free version of any of my paid patterns (right now I only have one up, but if you wait a couple of weeks, there will be at least one more). I think that I can find a way on ravelry to use some sort of coupon code, instead of just gifting you a patter, so you can use it whenever you want. Googling is permissible…so good luck!

a little bit of a closer up of the awesome stitch pattern...

Unfortunately, all of that does not equal me getting a lot of knitting done. What little bit of TV time I’ve had has usually been more ‘pass out and stare at a screen for 45 min.’ more than knitting time. Still, worsted weight yarn on size 10.5US needles makes for some pretty quick knitting, even with the cable pattern every 4 rows. I’m almost to the end of the patterned part of the body, which has me really excited. If you remember, I have a kind of strange yarn combination. I have 350g of reddish Galway Highland Heather that I frogged from a really, really ill-fitting cardigan, plus an extra 100g of the same yarn in a lightish brown color. My game plan is to use the red on the body and sleeves, with the brown for the ribbing on the bottom and the shawl collar/button band. So, after I get to the bottom of the pattern I’m going to utilize my super-awesome Knit Picks Interchangeable Needles in a new way: I’m going to unscrew the tips and use the little stopper things that they come with to basically turn my cable into a stitch holder. That way I can move on to the sleeves, trying to use up all of my red yarn before I switch to the brown. I’m slightly afraid that I’ll run out of brown, so I may have to extend the red and shorten up the ribbing. All in all, I have about 50g more yarn than the pattern calls for, but I don’t know what color that’s in, if that makes any sense. I’ve tried to see if anyone has done their ribbing in a different color on ravelry, but with upwards of 400 projects it’s a little hard to browse…

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