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Blog Week in Review: 11/26-12-3


Before I jump in to this week’s Blog Week in Review, I just wanted to say thanks for all of the awesome comments from my last post. In case you couldn’t tell, it was written in the middle of a wee little FREAK OUT SESSION. But I’m feeling better now, thanks in part to you guys’ reassurance. Ya’ll are the best!

Now, for the knitting. First of all, I love Sezza Knits’s New Design, the Hunt Valley Hat. It has stripes and chevrons and is just one of those clever patterns that I’m pretty sure I have to knit. Take a look!

Keeping to the accessories, I love Knitted Bliss’s Tannenbaum Mittens. It might be the bright red or the wavy cables, but they’re just one of those patterns that looks like they’re interesting to knit AND not too crazy to wear.

Knitting in Color showed off TWO pairs of socks that she’s giving away. All I have to say is that those are some pretty lucky recipients!

Now, we’re on to the garments. Looking over these, I’m pretty tempted to Cast On a sweater for myself. I must resist this urge as I have a couple of gift knits that I need to get started on ASAP. Oh well, something to look forward to 😉

I love Chronicles of my (Sometimes) Crafty Life’s Simplest Sweater. She combined handspun on the yoke with a Cascade 200 body, and it looks great! So snuggly.

Compositions of Wool just finished another simple sweater, too. I love Spindrift’s clean lines and detailing on the back. Another one of those patterns that looks pretty interesting to knit but fun to wear, too.

Finally, Peacefully Knitting just finished her Aidez Cardigan. I’ve been watching her progress, excited to see the FO, and it does not disappoint! I love her modded cables. It seems like it came out perfectly.