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Ok, I’ll admit it. The reason that I’ve been knitting a mile a minute in the past couple of days (5 days for a shawl! 4 days for a sock!) isn’t because I have deadlines in a major way or that I’ve had plenty of time in the past couple of days. Oh no, that’s not it at all. It’s the stress. You see, I’m in the last couple of weeks of my second to last semester of college. Even though I know what I’m going to do with my life (which seems to be a step above many of my peers), there’s so many questions related to it. Along with the regular heavy load of higher-level classes in my History Major, I have the added stress of my Education classes.

I don’t know how to explain why these classes are so stressful. It’s not that the work is particularly difficult. I think it might have to do with the pressure that my coursework here will directly affect my (hopeful) job next year, and then, after that, my career. Honestly, teaching my lesson tomorrow to 3 classes of 6th graders shouldn’t be that big of a deal. I’m pretty confident in my ability to teach- I’ve honed my craft over two summers and have done my best to soak up everything my professors and cooperating teacher have taught me. I’m incredibly excited to begin my student teaching semester. That hasn’t stopped me from being up half the night because I’m way too freaked out to sleep. I feel, well, nervous. I guess this is normal. I mean, real life is coming, and I’m growing up. There’s jobs and references and the things I do matter. There’s no more “bombed this assignment, I’ll do better on the next one.” It’s stressful, right?

Thank you guys for reading this. I know that most of you come here for the knitting, but I take such comfort in your support. You are outside people, totally unconcerned with any of the things that everyone I talk to seems to have buzzing around in their ears. I know I’ll get through the next couple of (completely stressful) weeks and move on to my last break as a lazy student. There’s just one day of teaching, one 8 pg. paper, one 12 pg. paper, two final exams, and numerous little assignments between now and then. Lucky for me, there’s also socks and hats and KNITTING, too.

Blog Week in Review: 10/1- 10/8


Woow. Today was a doozy. I had to take my PRAXIS content knowledge test to become a teacher, which took place over an hour away (this was after they closed the testing site closer to me). Luckily, it was in the same direction as my parent’s house, which meant that I had somewhere to decompress afterwards. Still, the weather was HORRIBLE all day, so I’ve done well over three hours of solo driving, plus the test, plus my evening class. I don’t have much energy, so I’ll go through my Blog Week in Review pretty quickly. Oh, it was a computer test, so I know that I passed! Now I have all of my tests done for liscensure, so I just have to finish my schoolwork and student teaching. Just.

If you want to see a beautiful fall shawl just off the needles, you have to check out Remily’s Catkin. I love her color choices- I would never have picked them, but they go so well together!

Pretty Little Fiber Co’s Sweet Fern Mitts are simple and adorable. ‘Nuff said.

Next, there’s Learner’s Per-Knit’s Rustling Leaves Campaign. I own the book that the pattern is from (Coastal Knits, the home of the ever-popular Rocky Coast Cardigan) and have been meaning to made this pattern forever. Seeing examples like this only has me looking around the stash for yarn- a dangerous predicament this close to the holidays.

Finally, there are the socks. There’s Savannah Chick’s Coupling Socks. I love how her colors transition using the yarn. I definitely need to get my hands on some yarn like this! But there’s also Cloudberry’s Swirl Socks and Kalkette Knits’ Vine Lace Socks. Just yum. Let’s cast on a pair of socks, too!

Post Possible?


I had a post planned. I swear, I did. But then I went to work, and we had a TON to do. I’m a teaching intern a Breakthrough Collaborative, and it is honestly the best job in the world (maybe this is why I want to be a teacher?). Breakthrough is a summer academic program for high-achieving middle school students throughout the country. Best of all, it is completely free, so all students, regardless of economic status, can get the push they need to put them on track for college. It’s a great opportunity for students, and it’s also a great opportunity for the teachers, all of whom are around college age. We’ve just finished up with our week of teacher training and the students come tomorrow. We’ve decorated the halls, organized our summer theme, and planned our lessons. Now all we need is students…and some sleep  before they come 🙂 I promise to have a SPECTACULAR WIP post for you this Wed., but in the mean time, that’s all she wrote.

Slow Going


I don’t really have much to say today. I’ve been working on the button band/shawl collar for my Locke Cardigan, but it’s slow going. Those long rows can take FOREVER.

I’m also just jumping in to the finals craze, so I don’t have a ton of time for knitting or, you know, blogging. So, just be prepared. Blogging might get irregular, or you know, stop. Just look for a couple of these super-short posts in your future! Until next time.



I don’t really have much to tell you today. The secret project is taking a lot longer than I thought it would, and I’m not even sure how I feel about it. I’m pretty much designing it from scratch, and I don’t have a lot of experience with some of the elements that I’m using. The yarn has been a lot more fiddly than I was expecting it to be, which is really, really unfortunate. I feel like I’m a little out of my depth with this one, but hopefully I’ll be able to pull through. We’ll see.

I just finished a rather huge group research project on Teen Pregnancy, which is such a relief. The project itself was BIG, but our Professor basically had us re-do the entire thing after she read our draft, so that was a lot more work than we were thinking it would be.  To celebrate, my group is getting a box of wine (College Budget) and doing a Teen Mom marathon. I feel like this may be the perfect example of the prestigious college experience.

Anyway, I hope the knitting is going a lot better for the rest of you, and I hope to have some content for you guys on Thursday. Maybe I’ll check out the knitting section at the Library and do a review. Hmmm….

Blog Week in Review


I finally finished the sweater back! It’s looking good, although I’m a little worried about how long it is- hopefully I’m just judging it wrong, considering I’m holding it up to my front and not the back!


Anyway, besides that I’m just going to point out a couple of other blogs and then head off. It’s my Birthday tomorrow (21!) so I want to get as must work finished today as I can so that I can fool around tomorrow morning BEFORE my parents come up. I am definitely taking advantage of my free drink at Starbucks, and I think I’ll stop at Trader Joes on the way back. They’re supposed to have good beer, right? Anyone have any suggestions?

My first fav from the week is the Gwendolyn Cardigan that Knitting to Stay Sane just finished. It’s gorgeous! I love the cables, and I think the contrasting color on the edge really works well.

Next, Smoking Hot Needles‘s Polyhmynia’s Triangle is just beyond words. It’s complex and creative and fun and something that knitters love to knit, but also looks like it is completely wearable. You have to see it- I just love it so much.

Finally, Elephant Juice‘s simple striped socks have me eyeing my sock knitting dpn’s. Their simple cozyness has me dreaming of a pair of stockinette socks in one of the crazy-er hand-dyed skeins ruminating in my stash. Maybe just a real quick pair before I start working on the fronts of Locke…

Just so many things going on…


Sweater back!

I’ve got a million things going on right now. It’s a little insane. For knitting, I’ve finally reached the armhole decreases on the Locke St. Cardigan. Finally. After this, it’s only another 7″ to go…that’s a lot more knitting than I thought it was. I’m not even thinking about the fronts, the collar, and then ALL THAT FINISHING WORK!

Armhole...or the beginnings of one, anyway.

The other ‘knitting thing’ is a another proposal for the Knit Picks Independent Designer Program. I have been dying to play with the stripes in their Chroma yarn, and I think they might be looking for more patterns using it. Hopefully it’ll go through- I really like the idea! If it does, you’ll see more about it in the coming days…and if it doesn’t it might take longer, because I’ll have to buy my own yarn. I’m not letting them not choosing to sponsor the pattern stop this one from getting published! I also have another hat pattern ruminating in my mind, but I think I might do that one on the sly and then submit it to a magazine. Sorry, but I am trying to focus on getting published in something special soon!

As for not-knitting ‘things’ I’ve got an assignment to design and deliver a lesson plan for one of my classes in the School of Education. Things are not going well. My cooperating teacher is really stressed by her Benchmark Tests (sort of like midterms for the state tests), so she really does not have a lot of room for me, and just sent me a rather ominous email.

I’ve also got another HUGE paper going on, and this one is a group project, so it’s a lot harder to just do some work on it on my own. All of the girls in my group (oh yeah, all girls. Hallmark of the education program) are super busy, so we end up having to meet at rather strange times. Hopefully, it will turn out OK.

In addition, my roommate and I have basically figured out where we are living next year, so now we have to go through all of the motions of signing the lease, paying our deposit (in cash??), and dealing with the ‘lock-out’ where they lock us out of the apt. during the summer and only ask for half rent. It is complicated and stressful.

Luckily, however, my Birthday is this weekend! It’s the big 2-1, so I’m really, really looking forward to it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the rest of this STUFF finished up so I can just enjoy myself Sunday! I hope everything is going well with you guys, and that you are slightly less stressed than me.