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FO Friday: Zest Cardigan


Front side

It’s finally, finally finished. I can’t believe it! It feels like I’ve been working on this cardigan forever. Ok, that’s not exactly true, but a lot has happened to me since I started the project on May 30, which is probably part of why it took so long 🙂

From the front, mostly unbuttoned

For the concrete details, this is the Zest Cardigan by Jennifer Thomas (Fern Knits). Jenn was gracious enough to gift this pattern in a contest, and I was lucky enough to win it! I immediately bought the requisite amount of yarn for the 38″ cardigan: 6 skeins of Knit Picks Palette in black. I ended up barely dipping into the 5th skein, but that could be because of my tight gauge. I don’t know 🙂

Back- over the shoulder!

As a yarn choice, Palette worked out OK. It is definitely a workhorse yarn (as the price suggests), but, occasionally, I would split the plies with my sharper needles as I was doing the lace or cables. And black was probably not the best color to choose, as it made it a lot harder to see.

Detail of the lace on the sleeve

There were a couple of different mods on the sweater. For the “purposeful” mods, I changed a couple of things. First, instead of doing seed stitch in between the front and back, I did a 1×1 ribbing. I was slightly afraid that going up to the 38″ would be too much for me, so that would pull it in a little. Turns out I didn’t need it! I changed a couple of other minor things, mainly shortening the sweater to make it fit my petite frame.

From the front, buttoned

Now for the not so on purpose mods. I didn’t realize until after I finished that I would probably like buttons running all the way down the front, and that there would probably be enough extra material (because I had gone up a size) to use the button band for this, instead of creating the loops called for in the pattern. I grabbed some cheap buttons from Hancock Fabric (and when I say cheap, I mean cheap) and tried my hand at afterthought buttons. I think they ended up OK, but I’m just slightly afraid that they will get bigger the more I wear the sweater. I guess we’ll see. Beyond that, the buttons aren’t exactly even (or placed well), so they gape. At this point, I would just rather wear it with only the top buttoned then do the math to fix this.

Detail of the cable on the back

The other accidental mod has to do with the cable detail on the back. I started this portion while on an airplane (only me), so I ended up totally messing up the chart. I didn’t figure it out until I had completely finished the cable and had done a couple of repeats of the lace. By that point, I was so tired of the cables (black fingering weight cables in airplane light? BAD IDEA) that I didn’t feel like frogging. It came out OK, I think. Besides, it’s not like I will see it very often.

Flat detail of the cables on the back

There’s not much more to talk about this sweater. I’m really excited to finally have a hand-knitted transitional sweater. I’m sure I’ll wear it a lot…as soon as the weather drops down from 89 degrees.

All folded up. C’mon, weather, don’t let it be this way for long!

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WIP Wed: Zest Part 3


Progress on the Zest Cardigan has been slow, but actually pretty steady. I’ve already finished the cable pattern on the back and have moved up a couple of lace repeats past it. Unfortunately, MY cable motif does not actually look like the one in the pattern, or what I wanted it to look like.

To tell the truth, it’s probably my fault. I decided to take this project with me on vacation because I was so excited about working on it, and that might have been my downfall. I printed out the pattern in black and white because that’s all my printer does, and I was not willing to go through all of the hassle of printing the pattern off somewhere else just to have pretty pictures. That would probably have been fine if I had gone ahead and taken a look at the cable pattern (I hadn’t started it then)…but I didn’t

While the chart is a rectangle, the part of the pattern that is repeted and the part that just shows the edging isn’t (did that make any sense?). Jennifer marked that border in bright red, which hardly showed up at all in my black and white copy. I was half-way through a coast to coast plane ride before I realized my mistake. At that point in time I just made the executive decision to go with it. I was not about to rip over an inch of a cable and lace sweater made with black fingering weight wool in the middle of a plane.

It didn’t come out looking like anything artistic, and I may kind of hate it, but, as of now, I’m just going with it. Right now life is kind of hectic and I JUST NEED SOMETHING TO KNIT ON. Plus, the cable pannel goes on the back, so the only time I’m going to be able to see it is when I crane my neck in the mirror. And that’s assuming I can figure out what is going on with all of that dark wool 🙂

Either way, I’m enjoying the process of knitting it. The lace pattern is definitely addictive (although I kind of hate the purl side lace row- too many p2togtbl’s) and it’s zooming off the needles. Pretty soon I’m going to have to ditch the body for the sleeves- we’ll see how that works out.

Sorry for the miserable lack of pictures. Right now I can’t seem to summon up the energy! But next time, I promise you’ll get to see it with your own eyes. For more WIP Wed. posts, check out Tami’s.