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Blog Week in Review and a FO!


Just as I predicted, I grafted the toes on my socks together this morning. I don’t have much to say for them, other than the fact that they’re made from Candy Skein Yummy in the Arctic Mint colorway (that was the January colorway of the month) using the Bubble Stream pattern. I just love them, and they fit really, really well. Since I don’t have too much to say, why don’t you look at the pictures in between all my featured blogs. Sound good?

One sock, two sock, red sock, blue sock!

Can you guys tell that my brain is a little fried right now? I gave myself most of yesterday evening and this morning off after finishing a pretty rough paper, but now I’m back into the groove of another one. I don’t think my brain actually had time to recover…right now I’m up in the attic lounge of my dorm. Considering how busy our library gets during finals, I figured it would be my best chance of getting a whole table to myself. Judging from the fact that the other two tables are occupied by one guy eating Qdoba while studying and another person who is taking his afternoon nap with his head on his textbook, I don’t think I’m wrong.

From the side. I know it looks like it is slouching a little, but I think it’s just how I’m pointing my foot.

And now, before I forget, Blog Week in Review! I’m going to keep this pretty brief, because I do have to pick a couple of books up from the library today and my battery is at about 20% power.

First up, the Yarn on the House’s finished Flukra shawl is everything that lace should be: light, airy, intricate, beautiful. I could go on and on, but you should really check it out yourself!

Next, Peacefully Knitting’s Cotton Raglan Cardigan looks like a perfect cover-up for cool spring and summer nights. I’m a little jealous about her seasonal correctness: I can’t ever seem to finish pieces in time to ACTUALLY use them for the right season. This year, I vow to knit a pair of mittens BEFORE it gets cold. Promise!

Looking down from above. Artsy!

Knit York City just made a Pomme de Pin Cardigan, which I actually really like. The light-weight lace with long sleeves would probably have been perfect for the weather here a couple of weeks ago. Woops.

Learner’s Per-Knit is showing off a finished pair of jay-walkers. I know just about everyone in the world has done this pattern, but I can’t seem to get enough of looking at it. Plus, her yarn choice is really perfect, and if Blue Hands Fibers wasn’t out of business I would probably be browsing their online shop right now.

Now I look like a ballet dancer!

Well, that’s it for me! Mr. Nappy in the corner just woke up, so I guess that is my cue to try and get out of here. If you would also like to participate in my Blog Week in Review, PLEASE click on the Mr. Linky below and add your blog. I would love to see it, and I bet other people would, too!

Review: Slipped Stitch Studios Needle Nook


So, as promised, I’m reviewing my new Needle Nook from Slipped Stitch Studios. Before I start, I just wanted to say that I am in no way affiliated with Slipped Stitch Studios. I had to pay for my Needle Nook fair and square, including shipping! That said, it was pretty reasonably priced. $13.50 plus $3.25 came out to just under $17, and that shipping was really, really quick. I think it got across the entire country in three days!

Nook in Action.

Onto my description. You guys are going to have to forgive me, because I don’t know very much about sewing terminology, beyond the fact that this baby is really, really well constructed. You can’t see any of the seams, inside or outside, and there have to be several layers of fabric. My super-sharp US 1 DPN’s could even get through this fabric, and I’ve had them poke me through my heavy-duty LL Bean camping backback, my Vera Bradley quilted purse, and basically anything else I’ve tried to keep them in. There are three snaps on the inside, with two on one side and one on the other to accommodate for shorter DPN’s. I probably don’t need to, but I always end up using all three. They do make a very satisfying snap!

Inside and Out (love the polka dots!)

Slipped Stitch Studios does her products in a TON of different fabrics. It was a tough choice (second choices were a more abstract pattern and sock monkeys on pogo sticks), but I finally settled on the penguins wearing knitwear, which is just plain adorable. The inside lining makes a pretty contrast, and I really appreciate that detail. Also, I don’t even remember if it said this online, but she added a zipper in between the two layers to make a side pocket. Unfortunately, my zipper is a little broken, but it still works very well. Definitely not worth the trouble of returning it! The only thing I don’t like about the pocket is that it covers the whole nook, not just a certain area. The yarn needle that I slipped in there ended up in the opposite corner as the zipper, but I found it with a relatively quick feel around.

Broken Zipper. It’s usable, and the fabric covers it up so you can’t really tell unless you’re looking. I’ll live.

In the end, I would definitely recommend this product for those of you who make socks on DPN’s as often as I do. As long as I actually use this, I’m sure there will be no more accidental self-stabbings! The flaws in the design and definitely outweighed by the construction and attention to detail. At just under $17 after shipping, this thing is practically a steal!

Bubble Sock No 2!

And if you’re here for a progress report on my Bubble Socks, I’m about halfway through the foot of the second one. As long as nothing changes, they should be done by my next post. Or are those famous last words?