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WIP Wed.: Almost Finished


The end is finally in sight for my Coquette vest/tank/thing. On Sunday I finished the knitting, binding off on the final arm strap. I wasn’t able to block until Monday, but it was totally worth it.

Seeing it on the floor, I love how this is coming out…I think. I do think it might be a bit big for the fitted look that I wanted, and I didn’t even have to stretch the lace that much. If this were a lace shawl or scarf, I would have stretched it a lot more to open those eyelets up. Still, the fabric is a bit more dense this way, which is probably what you want for a top.

It’s only lace-weight, so I should be able to pick it up tomorrow. All I have left is sewing the straps and my ends. If all goes well, I should be able to get some FO shots for Friday. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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Cast On Monday


Over the weekend, something magical happened. On Sunday afternoon I finished the yoke that would never end. I was so excited by this, that (after awkwardly trying on the unblocked lace sweater which was, of course, too small) I blocked my Zest Cardigan right away. Go me!

closer up

You may notice that one of the sleeves is shorter than the other one. I’m a little concerned by this- they both used the same amount of repeats, but something about the angle of how I was blocking them on the floor made it a lot harder to get length out of one than the other. We’ll see what happens when they’re finished- I can always re-block it!

Just a toe

In order to give my hands something to do while the Olympics are on and the sweater is still blocking, I’ve just cast on a quick pair of socks. This is just the beginning of a toe. I only have one skein of Knit Picks Felici, so I guess they’ll just be anklets. Although with my small feet, they’ll probably go up past my shoes a little.

Felici, already halved

Felici is an incredibly soft self-striping sock yarn. I just looked at the label, and it’s 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon, so that explains it. I’m using the Moonlit colorway, which is stripes of purple, violet, blue, teal, and lime green. I have no idea how it will look, so it’s probably best that they will be safely tucked into my socks! I took the time to half the skein with my teeny-tiny yarn scale. The measurements aren’t exact (there’s one ball of 25.1g and one of 24.3g), but it will probably be a good indicator of when to stop. In any case, I’m using the smaller ball first, so I won’t have to do too much ripping!

Just Another Mostly Kinda Sorta Finished Object Friday


I got home just in time this afternoon (Spring Break!) to do some blocking. The baby blanket is blocking on my floor, and can I just say that it GREW. At this point, it is well over 2×3 feet, so I feel like it will be fine.


On the other hand, I’m a little worried about the washability. I chose Plymouth Encore because of the high acrylic content (and very reasonable price). I figured that anything for a newborn would be better if it could just be thrown in the wash and dryer. I don’t know, however, how the lace will look after dryer. Hopefully, the agitation will work to stretch it instead of leaving it all scrunched up and un-lacey. Oh well. I’m going to go jet and take a nice relaxing nap. I deserve it after the week that I’ve had.

And then small. Btw, the yellow isn't quite this violent- that's my lights 😉

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What I’m working on…now


So, as I showed off in the last post, my big project, the Livingstone Cardigan, is sitting on my floor blocking. Wet blocking and chunky wool will take another day or two to finish drying, so in the mean time I’m not giving much thought to it. Well, I am worrying about my yardage. It would literally take a miracle for me to finish this cardigan without buying another skein of wool. And because I’m using Cascade Eco, which comes in 250g skeins, I really would like to avoid that…The yarn is widely available, and I know my LYS here (I’m at home, not at school) has it, but I don’t remember ever seeing it at the LYS up there. Hopefully, I’ll know FOR ABSOLUTELY SURE that I need another skein BEFORE I go back…this coming weekend.

mostly finished hat

While I was waiting for the blocking to finish, I decided to cast on another hat. In keeping with my resolution to knit more from sources (books, mags, etc.) that I already own, I picked up the Edge of Lace Hat from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders. Of course, I had to make it with my own twist. Part of that twist is that I *forgot* (sheepish) to do the little garter stitch border that goes around the lace portion. Woops. I didn’t notice that until it was already on the floor, wet blocking next to the sweater, so that’s just plain out the window. The pattern also told you to just stop knitting and do a 3 needle BO instead of a crown, which I was not about to do. I made up some decreases that seem like they turned out OK. It fit my head, at least! You can check out my ravelry project page for the exact decrease pattern I used, it was pretty simple.

just a wee bit left

All in all, this hat was a pretty great stash-buster. It used just a wee bit less than the 45g of Paton’s Classic Wool that I had left over from my Nantes hat. I don’t think that I’ll keep it for myself, but I’m trying to start a drawer of knits that can be used for gifts if I *forget* about another occasion, so I think I’ll just drop it in there after it gets off the floor and I get some actual beautiful pictures.

about an inch of ribbing, and the color is pretty true! now if I could just have remembered to lean back so that my shadow didn't show so much...

Speaking of beautiful pictures, I wish I had a FO SO BADLY today because it’s the first day in a while that it is bright and sunny and beautiful outside. Instead, all I have is this picture of some ribbing. It’s going to be the brim of a new hat design that I’m working on. I know that it’s going to be a slouchy hat knit using some Cascade Alpaca Lana D’Oro (50% Alpaca, 50% Wool) that I picked up at my LYS a couple of weeks ago. Still, about every five minutes I change my mind about the stitch pattern. I’m pretty sure that I want there to be some sort of twisting/traveling stitches (tentative title- ‘Twist and Slouch’), but I can’t decide how many. Plus, I have swatches from two other options blocking on my floor. The top part has a garter stitch background, but the bottom is only reverse stockinette. I like how the stitches in the garter pop so much, but I think the reverse stockinette has a simplicity that’s also charming. Any ideas?

top=garter, bottom=reverse stockinette. thoughts?

WIP’s and FO’s


2 socks! Count 'em, 1-2!

Yesterday I finished my second nutty sock. I will hang my head in shame, because while I was bitching and moaning about the cast on, I ended up just doing it about half an hour after I posted. After that, yes, I knitted a sock in less than a day. It just flew off of the needles! I’m blaming the combo of the malabrigo sock and the nutkin pattern, which was so KNITTABLE and luscious. I literally finished ALL of the yarn, which was pretty fantastic. No left-overs, no nothing.

I have no idea why my camera is having such troubles with these socks...

I spent a couple of hours knitting outside of our college bookstore. I was actually listening to a very awesome podcast that I found online. No, no, it is not about knitting. Almost a year ago, the British National Museum started putting together a series of radio shows on the History of the World in 100 Objects. Each object gets a 14 min. show, and they posted them online for FREE! Of course, they’re also publishing a book to go along with it, and that’s totally going on my wish list.

Heel detail

The other podcast I listened to while knitting my socks is the Playful Day Podcast. I first started listening to knitting podcasts a really long time- I have listened to the eminent Cast On almost since it first started airing. Along the way, I picked up a couple of other podcasts that I listened to fairly regularly, but around the time I left for college, I fell out of the podcast-listening bug. I’m not quite sure where I found Playful Day, but I decided to give it a listen while I was working on the first sock. Obviously, I liked it. There’s something soothing about actually listening to someone talk about their knitting successes and failures, especially when you are succeeding…or failing. I’d forgotten that feeling. Plus, she has a perfect British accent that I can listen to all day and she has a great storytelling talent.

artsy unfocused upside-down/ looking down the side of the sock shot...

So, now that I think I’ve gotten rid of the sock bug, I’m starting to work on my mother’s new scarf. It’s the one I talked about last time, using my new Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet. Sometime soon, I’ll devote a whole post just to this scarf…at least one whole post.

swatch blocking. Yes, I realize you can't see the pattern very well...it's a problem in person, too

Plus, the other day I suffered* through a trip to the local Jo-Anne’s for some T-Pins, and now the scarf/hat design duo are lightly blocking on my floor. Hopefully they’ll be dry by the time my room mate comes back, and I can have them unpinned and photo-ready in time for me to get some great pictures on my back deck!

the scarf stretches over 7 1ft. blocks...this may be a problem...

*Yes, suffered. First, the only package of T-Pins I could find was not on the right hanger, so I had no idea what the price was. Luckily, they turned out to only be $3.50, and I had a half off coupon. Once I got to the register, the ONE cashier was helping this lady who had about five questions about her fabric and eventually made her go back and check the price. There were about 5 people in line before the lady behind me went to find someone else to help us. Eventually, the manager came up with two more cashiers. I think the original lady got chewed out, which she should have…



So, I’m home for “Fall Break,” which is really just an extra long weekend designed to cut the midterm frenzy in half. It worked- I completely needed the break, and I am feeling much, much better!

As a result of my convalescence, I watched a lot of TV and got a lot of knitting done, including the now-completed scarf! This morning I decided to begin blocking it. Of course, then I remembered that, while I keep a few of my blocking mats at home, I had left all of my T-Pins at school. Never fear! I tore the 50% off coupon out of this morning’s paper and made a quick trip to Michaels.  While the store was not too busy, there were about fifteen people in line with only two cashiers, which I thought was a little strange and…annoying.

Anyway, I eventually made it home and started the blocking! Here we have the whole scarf- see how it grew. I knew it would stretch. It’s a couple of inches over 4 feet, which I think is an entirely respectable…scarfette. Anyway, please ignore the fact that the few blocking mats I keep here clearly is not enough- the cow towel is doing its best.


I don’t know if you can tell, but I ran out of blocking wires (soldering rods that my dad grabbed for me) about 2/3 of the way up the second side. Good thing I bought the 60-pack of pins- I used at least 25 trying to keep the edge from scalloping too much.

And here is a nice little close up. The stitch pattern is really opening up with the blocking, and I am so glad I ended up switching to the size 10 needles. I KNOW the 8’s wouldn’t have made such an airy fabric!

up close!

As soon as it finishes drying (hopefully BEFORE I leave), I’ll post some finished object pix for you guys!

Sweater Heaven, or the Sweater Saga Part 4


The last time we saw the darling body of my sweater, it was blocking, looking something like this.

Well, actually, this is a picture I took right before I unpinned it. But it pretty much looked like this. I swear!

So, two days ago I finally decided to pop in my local library’s copy of Little Dorrit on DVD (highly recommended, by the way) and just get to work. I unpinned the sweater, unfolding it to reveal a only slightly noticeable crease.

I mean, really. Who is gonna notice this? And it will probably go away when I block it a second time, right?

And then got to work. Or, at least, I tried to get to work. I couldn’t find a single yarn needle (I have to own AT LEAST ten, but they are never around when I need them), which finally resulted in me dumping out my pencil cup and looking in the bottom. My pencil cup is pretty full with the usual pens, pencils, and scissors, but it also houses a few spare dpns, the fake flower I was giving during my serenade during freshman orientation (one of our best traditions, in my opinion. Boys halls practice songs together and serenade girls halls. And then they have awkward mixers…), etc. But, way in the bottom, I found a yarn needle. Unfortunately, it has a bent tip. For some reason, I have trouble making a straight edge with a bent-tip needle. I suppose they are really good for sewing in ends, but not so much for this. I would just have to work. Anyway, I got to work sewing up the shoulder seams…

Shoulders! And bent-tip yarn needles!

And then I began preparations to block out my sleeves. My awesome, infallible plan (famous last words) was to block the sleeves separately from the sweater, but still be able to use the already-blocked and shoulder-seamed together sweater as a template to make sure I shape the armholes correctly. Sorry if this sounds confusing, and sorry if the pictures are a little blurry. As you can see, my set-up is a little cramped.

The entire set-up. Mixing bowl of water and un-blocked sleeves on a rubbermaid bin. Blocking mat, semi-finished pieces, and a pile of blocking pins on the bed (good thing I didn't forget any!). Please ignore the miscellaneous laundry.

A wet sleeve. It sort of looks like the blob that ate...something.

Pinning the sleeve.

Sorry for this super-crappy shot of me trying to fit both armholes together. Believe it or not, it's hard to get an amazing shot in low light, while trying to hold wet AND drying knitting in place. Who would've thought?

Finally, two sleeves, all pinned out and ready to dry!

This is when it was all put under my bed for me to forget about.

And then, when that was all over, I sat down, paying only slightly more attention to Little Dorrit, and seamed up the sides. This was surprisingly unproblematic- maybe it was karma’s way of saying sorry for the sleeve-blocking fiasco!

Final product...ish. You can't tell, but I'm actually standing on my desk chair, trying to get a good shot of the sweater in the mirror over my sink. Because that is the only mirror I have.