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FO: Wanderer


There have been a couple of projects that I’ve all but finished while you guys weren’t paying attention. One of which was this:

Wanderer was a pretty easy but engaging pattern to knit. The cables kept my attention, but the garter rib was pretty mindless, too. For some reason, the combination worked!  The only mod I did was to knit another couple of rows for a slouchy-er hat. No stress there!

Photo Courtesy of Ravelry- Just picture a longer version in lime green with a pom-pom!

Photo Courtesy of Ravelry- Just picture a longer version in lime green with a pom-pom!

I cast on for this pattern when I knew that I needed some portable stress knitting the weekend before I began student teaching (I began on a Wed.). I was casting off during my second to last undergraduate class, three days later. I even had time (ok, I was so bored, we were all doing 10 min. presentations and it was HORRIBLE) to make my first pom-pom in class to use up those last little bits of yarn. I think it came out pretty well!

The yarn is a little limey-er, too.

The yarn is a little limey-er, too.

Although the FO is pretty cute, I think I’m giving it away to a friend who has been waiting for a Birthday present for, oh, three months. Woops! I used up an entire 100g stash skein of Spud and Chloe Sweater (55% wool, 45% cotton). I’m not kidding- the whole skein. No leftovers! I was afraid that the cotton content would make it harder on my hands to knit, but that didn’t really happen. Still, it is too cotton-y for me to want to steal it for myself, so I’m perfectly happy passing it on.

Unfortunately, it seems that I have temporarily misplaced my camera at my parents’ house. Sorry about that! Hopefully I can find a substitute until I get that back from them (along with my heavy coat, which I also seem to have left there).

New Pattern: Telescopic


What is this, two new patterns in one week? Trust me, that’s not actually the case. I’ve had these patterns finished for a LONG time, but it’s taken me until now to, you know, summon up the energy and willpower to actually publish them. (For those of you just tuning in, I’m also talking about my Eclectic Shawl, which is only available for free on ravelry until this Wed., 2/27, so snap it up while you can!)


This new pattern also goes around your neck, although in a slightly different way. I have, just for you, the Telescopic Cowl. I used the same cable and textured mesh stitch patterns as my Chrolla hat, but have combined them to make a slightly different shape.


Telescopic is knit in the round with three sizes available: a cowl, a small eternity scarf, and a large eternity scarf (the sample pictured is the large). All three loops are 6” tall after blocking, although you could certainly continue for longer if you have the yarn! The pattern has both written and charted options for the stitch pattern, making it incredibly versatile.

As part of the Knit Picks Independent Designer Program, the sample is knitted using 1 (2, 3) 50g skeins of Knit Picks Galileo (50% Merino Wool, 50% Bamboo), a sport weight yarn with a devastatingly wonderful sheen. Seriously, when you see this yarn you’ll think they added shiny acrylic. It’s amazing!


As a thank-you to all of my amazing blog readers, for just the next week (until Monday, March 4), you can get Telescopic for FREE on ravelry. No code required (honestly, you don’t have to read the blog. You just have to come across the pattern!). After that, it will go up to $1.99 and be posted on the Knit Picks site, under Independent Designs. While you’re on ravelry, I highly suggest that you snoop around the samples that my testers made. They are seriously wonderful and worth taking a look!

New Pattern: Eclectic Shawl


Normally, I would reserve a Wed. post for a WIP. To be honest, though, my entire life feels like a WIP right now. But I don’t want to get into that right now! Instead, I’m just going to come out and show off my newest pattern, the eclectic shawl.


Eclectic is a shawl pattern very close to my heart. The idea originated several years ago when I put together a quick shawl pattern for my Aunt, who had just been diagnosed with cancer and needed something to keep her warm. I hadn’t even been planning on writing this pattern up, but a couple of months ago her disease, which had been in remission, came back. We all knew the end was near, and I wanted a more tangible connection to her.


And that is when I started thinking about putting together the pattern. Since I gave her the original Eclectic, she wore it almost every time I’ve seen her. My Aunt’s personality is nothing if not eclectic so I hope you enjoy this interesting combination of different stitch patterns. P1010028

This shawl includes two different stitch patterns. Each pattern includes both charted and written instructions, so we all get to do our own thing 😉 To make the shawl, you need 100g of fingering weight yarn (the sample is knitted in Knit Picks Imagination Hand Painted Sock, which creates a lovely halo), US6 needles, and an assortment of stitch markers. P1010040In order to thank my lovely blog readers, I’m offering this pattern for free just for this coming week (until 2/20/13), and then it will go up to $1.99. Of course, you can always just add it to your ravelry library here and download it later! I highly suggest that you check out the project pages of my test knitters- they’ve come up with some beautiful FO’s. The pattern is also part of the Knit Picks Independent Designer Program, and will, eventually, be up on their site as well.

WIP Wed: Something Simple


After straight designing for what feels like FOREVER, I need something simple to cool down. Of course, I can’t just go from something really complex to a mile of garter stitch. Oh no, I’m somewhere in between.


These are Wendy Johnson’s “Mock” Cable Socks from Socks from the Toe Up, my sock knitting bible. These patterns always turn out great, and I use the basic templates just about every time I make socks. I’m not quite sure why they are mock cables- there are actual cable crosses involved. It’s a little strange. I was actually going to make another pair of Trilobite Socks, but I saw these before I could flip to the pattern in the book. I thought there must have been some really cool technique for making fake cables, but you just do a bunch of small crosses. Oh well, it’s still a really cool pattern, and I love how it’s interacting with my variegated yarn.


Speaking of yarn, this is the last of my Candy Skein Yummy in Butter Mints. It’s just a little bit more pastel than the picture shows, but I really, really love it. I raved about Candy Skein the last time I worked with this skein, but I can’t say this enough: CANDY SKEIN IS GOD.

For more WIP Wed posts, check out Tami’s. She’s also the creative force behind Candy Skein, so you can definitely link-hop from her blog to her web store!

Blog Week in Review:


It’s time for another blog week in review! This one is pretty quick- I think most knitters are still recovering from holiday knitting 😉

First there is Through the Loop’s Kanagawa Rainbow Mittens. These might be the coolest colorwork mittens that I’ve ever seen. Well, at least they’re the most interesting!

Next, Being Careful Not To Twist made two pairs of socks out of one skein of yarn: one for her father-in-law and one for her baby. It’s so cute!

Finally, there’s Knit the Hell Out’s Howlcat. It is BOTH a cowl and a hat. I know- such a genius idea; it blew my mind, too. You definitely need to check this design out.

That’s all I have for you guys! Be sure to check in on Wednesday- hopefully I’ll have a lot of progress on my newest design to show you guys. I just got back to school, but I’m not sure if that means more or less knitting time. Luckily, I have almost a week and a half until classes start!

2012 in Review: Designs, Garments, and Resolutions


First up, I have my 2012 designs. They can all be found in my ravelry store, and a few are also available from Knit Picks. I would say 6 new designs in one year is pretty good, considering the amount of time it takes for me to put my thoughts down on paper. I learned a lot about designing over the coarse of the year, but there’s still a lot that needs to be done. Over the new year, I really want to think about putting together a collection. I already have a bunch of ideas about it, so, hopefully, by this time next year I will have something to show you all!

Finally, there are the garments. There were definitely some hits and some misses, with several in between. The biggest disappointment was probably my Rocky Coast Cardigan. I didn’t find the errata until after I had finished my sleeves, and they were way, way too small. I still haven’t been able to bring myself to re-knit them. I’m starting to think the yarn is just a little cursed- it had already been frogged from a sweater that was too small!

Projects that turned out OK were my Corona (which really only needed finished), Zest, and Coquette. I’ve worn most of these a few times. They’re not exactly the first garments I turn to, but once in a while they seem to fit the bill. Plus, they were all a pleasure to knit, so who cares!

But my absolute favorites are my Livingstone and Locke St. Cardigans. I guess I just love cozy cables and shawl collars! I wear both of these all of the time (Locke a little more, since Livingstone is so heavy). The are warm and lovely. I can wear them to class or student teaching, and easily dress them down for time around the house. So much fun!

In the next year, I definitely want to continue this trend with experimenting with different garment styles. I tend to wear Cardigans a lot, so a few more of those will be nice, but I also want to push the boundaries and work on some more pullovers or tee’s. And I definitely want to try my hand at designing a garment!

Blog Week(s) in Review: the Best of Christmas, PLUS This Year’s Accessories


Well, why don’t we start with the Blog Reviews? I’ve loved looking at all of the Holiday Presents everyone has been churning out. There is some serious eye candy out there!

First, the shawls. Of Audry’s “Parade of Knits,” I think my favorite was probably the Aestlight. Of course, it might be her fantastic photography- you all have to take a look at that picture. There’s also Pretty Little Fiber Co’s Birthday Shawl. This is another Mizzle Shawl. I know that I’ve talked about this before, which must mean that I really, really like the pattern. I definitely have to hunt down some perfect fingering weight for this pattern.

Keeping with the theme of keeping those necks warm, there’s Gynx’s Wallpaper Cowl. Not only is the pattern really cool, but I love the colors she chose. I would never have picked those out for myself, but they fit so well together! There’s also Fridica’s Millwater Cowl. The garter stitch and cable combo looks so textured and cozy!

I have two completely unique hat projects to share. Really, when you see these projects, you’ll know these bloggers are great at searching out the perfect pattern. First, there’s Cloudberry’s Angry Bird Hat. What little boy wouldn’t want that as a gift? Then, there’s Smoking Hot Needles’s Raxtur. This is one of those patterns that non-knitters won’t believe you made (“you made THAT???”). Honestly, it’s intricate and gorgeous and everything that you would want to show off your skills.

Now, onto the garments. Fern made this vest pretty much by guestimating- and it’s beautiful! (Scroll down, because she saved the best FO for last). I can’t wait until the pattern comes out. It’s just lovely.

Threadpanda’s Roam Tunic has got me browsing chunky yarns online to make my own, it looks so wonderful on her. When I saw the pattern in the magazine I liked it, but I wasn’t sure how it would look on. Her version has me convinced- it’s going in the queue.

Last but not least, if you want to do some cooing, check out Life on Laffer’s Christmas Sweater. That is one cute baby, but it’s also one wonderful sweater.

And now, onto the Year in Review- ACCESSORIES!

Left to right, top to bottom:
Dunkelipa in Plymouth Yarn Galway Highland Heather,Windscheif in Farmswept Yarns Knitter’s ChoiceGreenery in Berocco Vintage DKPup Tent in Valley Yarns NorthamptonChalice in Plymouth EncoreDishcloth in Rowan All Seasons CottonCitron in Malabrigo LaceAutumn Gold in Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label FingeringChevron Lace Fingerless Mitts in Northern Lights Fiber Co. Solar Flair SockEdge of Lace in Patons Classic Wool.

A lot of these projects ended up being gifts, but my absolute favorite of my knits from the past year that I kept has to be the Dunkelipa Hat. I get so many compliments on it! Plus, it’s very warm and comfy. I absolutely enjoyed making it, and I suggest you all go check the pattern out- it’s definitely something I recommend. Tune in tomorrow for Designs and Sweaters, plus some resolutions!

Wip Wed: Addictively Knitting Socks


Second Sock

Shhh- can’t stop now. I’m ready to turn the heel of my second sock! In case you’re wondering, they’re By the Seine River Socks in Candy Skein Yummy. I am loving how the pattern is meshing with the yarn. They’re tons of fun to knit, and I just can’t stop myself. More details when they’re finished- probably this Friday! For more. WIP Wed. posts, check out Tami’s.

Blog Week in Review: 11/18-11/26


And now we are back to our regularly scheduled Blog Week in Review! Looking at my list, I think I’ve been a little remiss in favoriting FO’s. Oh well! It’s been a busy week for many of us.

First of all, Craftivore has one of the coolest hats that I’ve ever seen. It’s made using the Bohus sticking style, which looks pretty damn cool. And it was a gift, the lucky lady!

Next, there’s Smoking Hot Needle’s Metro Hat. I love how she matched the sections of the hat to the color changes in her handspun, which looks amazing, by the way. If I could spin, this is the kind of project I would dream of making!

Moving on to the garments, there’s All Knit & No Sheep’s Moksa cardigan. It’s a really cute pattern that goes awesomely with her yarn, and it looks like it fits wonderfully. Yet another FO to be envious of!

Finally, there’s Good Enough’s Gavotte. This is one of those patterns that looks exactly like something that you would find on the racks in a trendy women’s wear store, except it’s handmade, so it’s softer, warmer, and better fitting. Just all around awesome!

That’s about it. Sorry for the short post! I’ve gotta go run a ton of errands, although I am considering bringing the pair of socks that I impulse Cast On this morning with me. I mean, I can’t go on to my next Christmas Knitting Project until I grab a skein of yellow worsted, so there’s not much else to do 😉

Blog Week(s) in Review: 10/29- 11/19


I’ve been bad. Really, really, really bad. It’s been almost two weeks since I last posted, and I don’t have any knitting progress to show you. It’s not that there hasn’t been any (that sweater in the last post? It’s just a block and seam away from being finished!), but in between all of that Holiday knitting and the crazy-ness in school, I just haven’t had time to photograph and post. Silly me. Instead, I have for you a quick blog week(s) in review. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures for you soon!

I have three gorgeous finished sweaters for you. It’s actually four if you count the fact that KiwiYarns just posted two (2!!!) finished sweaters. Honestly, that woman puts us to shame. Her Dolman looks comfy, warm, and perfect for cuddling up in during the middle of winter. Good thing she also finished a beautiful Windsor Sweater, which is probably much more suited for her spring weather.

I also love the simplicity of For Making Sake’s Green Sweater. The interesting construction probably makes it a great knit, but it looks like a simple garment once on.

Finally, I am slightly in love with Knit York City’s Maxfield Cardigan. It’s just so, so, so, so cool. I don’t know how else to describe it!

Threadpanda’s Urchin Hat is adorable, although probably not as adorable as her expressions in her pictures. That looks like one of those photo shoots that you just can’t help but giggle it away.

Master of a Thousand Thing’s Kool Hands are one of those awesome hybrid patterns that make the rest of us jealous. She took a basic fingerless mittens pattern and added the stitch pattern from Koolhaas. Inspired!

My shawl kick has morphed a little bit: I know have infinity scarf envy. Honestly, it’s a little embarrassing. I saw Oftengrumpy’s Grey Cowl and couldn’t help but to start going through my stash. I resisted the urge, although I’m not sure how much longer I can take it!