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Thanksgiving Knitting


This thanksgiving, I am absolutely thankful for knitting. It is perhaps the only thing keeping me sane. Unfortunately, my deadlines are actually driving me crazy. Hanukah is really, really early this year, and we decided to celebrate it tomorrow while the whole family is in town. So, let’s go through the list of knitted presents.

Daniela Cowl

First, my Daniela Cowl. This is the sample for my newest design. It was inspired and named for my sister, so it’s no accident that it is going to her this Hanukah. I used just less than 2 skeins of Knit Picks City Tweed DK to make the medium size. I don’t know if she’s ever had an eternity scarf before, so I hope she likes it. If you would like to check the pattern out, I suggest here on the Knit Picks site.


I made my father a Windscheif in some wonderful Windswept Farms Knitter’s Choice. It’s luscious and warm, so if my father doesn’t like it, I will definitely steal it. The good news is that I have over 60g left, so I’m definitely making myself something!

Turn of the Glass

My mother’s Turn of the Glass Cardigan is currently blocking. It is almost entirely dry. I may have to take it off while it is still slightly damp, but I didn’t really have to do much tugging to get it to the right dimensions, so I am OK with this. I used a little less than 4 skeins of Berocco Vintage DK, which is a perfect gift yarn: hard wearing but comfortably soft. All I have left to do is seam the arms and sew in the ends. Lets hope that I have enough time for that!


Finally, there’s my Aunt’s Citron. I have been marathon knitting this since I cast on Sunday. I’m on the final ruffle of the pattern. So close! Of course, there are only 540 stitches in each row, and I still have at least 5 to go. Depending on how this afternoon goes, I might try to add another couple of rows for just a little more length. But I’m still going to have to get it on the blocking board by this evening if I want it dry to give. Luckily, Malabrigo Lace won’t take anywhere near as long as DK weight!

Cast on Monday and an Incredibly Belated Blog Week in Review (8/27-9/3)


This Cast On Monday part of this post is easy. I’ve cast on all 376 stitches in LACE WEIGHT for the Coquette Vest from this past summer’s Interweave. I’m actually not at all worried about the timing of when I will finish. You definitely have to wear something under the vest, so I don’t think there will be much of a problem weather it is a long sleeve T or a cami. Anyway, I’m using the requested yarn (entirely by accident): Zitron Filisilk. I’ve never worked with lace weight before, so it’s probably going to take a while to get used to just how little yarn there is to grip. The colorway is a fuschia pinky purple. It wasn’t my first choice, but they only had one skein of the navy blue in stock at Knit Wits, my LYS back home. Still, this will probably be really nice, especially against a light background.


Yesterday morning I finished my gauge swatch, which easily nudged into the right dimensions. I’m hoping that this means it will come out great. And then, I cast on. For another first, this is the first time I’ve used stitch markers to divide up a cast on and make it easier to count. I did every 50 stitches, and it helped a ton. Oh, and can you tell how perfectly I made my tail? The tail was just beginning to get too short to grasp on my second to last stitch. That never happens to me! I usually end up having to rip it all out at least once or twice whenever I’m casting on more than 100 stitches (OK, well, I did rip once, but I had given myself WAY too short of a tail, and realized it before I was even half way finished, so that doesn’t count).

Cast on…and that’s it

The second part of this post requires a bit more explaining. Remember way back before the summer started, when I did a Blog Week in Review where I linked to some of my favorite posts from the past week? And then I started my crazy (awesome) internship? And then I had computer problems? And they stopped happening? Well, yeah, I apologize for that. Everything that could interrupt Blog Week in Review happened at once, and I just didn’t feel up to it once I got everything straight. But now I’m back! And here it is, your Blog Week in Review.

Of course, what would Blog Week in Review be without a little lace envy? Fern Knits just made a new sample of her design Dreaming Shawl, and I love it. Her photo location is nothing short of divine, too!

Threadpanda also has just tested a new design. I love her version of the Bristol Hat. It has plenty of patterning to keep the knitter busy, but it’s not so crazy that a non-knitter wouldn’t wear it. (Honestly, some of the things they refuse to wear. Don’t they understand how fun cables and lace are?)

I love Feel Good Knitting’s Pole. It’s such a roomy and warm sweater, but it’s totally stylish, too. Now that’s a great combination!

And then, there are the socks. There’s the Pretty Little Fiber Co.’s Vorticity, Minding my Own Stitches’s Morning Glory Socks, Misadventures in Craft’s Star Power, and Tami’s Amis’s Horcrux Socks. So much inspiration. Maybe I should just give up on all of this lace vest silliness and give in to the socks? Hmmmm. We’ll see.

Daniela Cowl

Before I close, I just wanted to let you guys know that I finished my sample for the Daniela Cowl. There are a ton of sizes, so if you are at all interested in testing (pretty, pretty please) the pattern, please click on over to the post in the Free Pattern Testers group on ravelry. I would be eternally in your debt!

WIP Wed: Daniela


Eternity Scarf!

For those of you just tuning in, I’m working on a new design, the Daniela Eternity Scarf. New designs always take a little bit longer to knit, so it’s pretty slow going. Two days ago, I got to what I thought was half way through the pattern, decided that I didn’t like it, and ripped. Woops. I’m almost back  to where I was before, and I think that I’ll like the finished effect a lot better. Basically, I got rid of the border, and now just do the stitch pattern twice. I think this will provide more flowy-ness, making the ribbing a little less jerky. I guess we will see after I block the finished object 🙂

Close up of the first half of the stitch pattern on the outside.

But, besides that, the project is going really, really well. The yarn, Knit Picks City Tweed DK, is so light and fluffy, with just a little bit of a halo, that I was afraid that there would be problems ripping. There weren’t, and I was even able to pick up the stitches on the second row instead of ripping all the way back to the begging. Trust me, I was avoiding having to cast on over 190 stitches. Such a pain.

Close up of the stitch pattern on the reverse side.

That’s about all that’s going on in my knitting world. My attention has been stolen (just a wee bit) by classes starting up. I had my first this morning, and it was so nice to see some of the people in my program (education) again! I ended up having lunch and spending most of the afternoon with them, which severely cut into my knitting time. Still, if I’m almost half way down with the eternity scarf, I think that I’m doing quite well. But if you want to read any other (cough, longer, cough) WIP posts, check out Tami’s!

Cast On Monday: New Design!


I’ve started working on a new design. My sister is a self-proclaimed scarf whore, so I thought I would work on a signature pattern just for her. I’m calling it Daniela. She’s fairly fashion-forward, so I decided on doing an infinity scarf instead of a plain old rectangle. From there, I submitted a proposal to Knit Picks’ Independent Designer Program (which is officially the coolest thing in the world), and they sent me back 2 skeins of City Tweed DK (55% Merino, 25% Alpaca, 20% Acrylic) in Basil, a nice light green, to work with.

The swatch in what I swear is GREEN

It really is a lovely yarn, perfect for a scarf. It’s going to be light and drapey, but the fiber contents will probably give it plenty of warmth, which is completely perfect for my sister, as she is currently attending school out in the mountains, and I’m pretty sure she has no intentions of moving to a tropical climate anytime soon. The stitch pattern is a lacey rib that I’m pretty sure is from my own head (that is, it didn’t come from another pattern or a stitch dictionary). In the final product there will be a slight difference from the swatch (the decreases on the top knitted rib section will come from the outside), but it will match a little bit more with the wrong side. While it’s not identical on both sides, it is pretty reversible, which is always nice in a scarf.

I have a whole inch to show for myself!

My biggest problem has been coming to a decision about the sizing. Eternity Scarves are such a new fad that there doesn’t seem to be any standard sizes floating around out there. As of now, I’m including three options: a 22″ cowl, 45″ medium (what the sample is going to be), and an extra cozy 68″ large size. They’ll all be 7.5″ from top to bottom. If any of you have knitted anything like this, do those sound like standard sizes? Don’t be afraid to let me know if they seem strange- I’m perfectly happy to rip!

Finished Object: Danielle’s Scarf


I know it’s been a couple of weeks, but I wanted to give you the final update on my sister’s Hanukah Scarf. For those of you just tuning in, I made this using a gorgeous skein of Manos Silk Blend bought at the wonderful Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg. Eventually I settled on a small feather and fan pattern on size 10 US needles. It made a lovely wavy pattern, and the colors (blues and greens and purples) reminded me of the beach, which I thought was perfect. My sister is currently in graduate school to be a Physicians’ Assistant in the mountains, so a little reminder of her beach-hometown couldn’t hurt.

Close up on the stitch pattern...

I finished the project a couple of days before my long weekend/fall break and managed to get it all pinned out and blocked then with minimal drama. While I was home it was pretty gloomy out, so my shots aren’t that good (forgive me!), but I think this scarf came out pretty good in the end.

Another close up

This yarn was pretty spectacular, too. Usually single plies drive me insane with their splitty-ness, but I think this manos just blinded me with the pretty. Also, the openwork lace feel of the scarf lends itself to the kind of single ply, thick-and-thin yarn that manos specializes in. I am VERY tempted to invest in another skein for myself…except I have about twenty scarves already. Crap.

In all of its finished glory!



So, I’m home for “Fall Break,” which is really just an extra long weekend designed to cut the midterm frenzy in half. It worked- I completely needed the break, and I am feeling much, much better!

As a result of my convalescence, I watched a lot of TV and got a lot of knitting done, including the now-completed scarf! This morning I decided to begin blocking it. Of course, then I remembered that, while I keep a few of my blocking mats at home, I had left all of my T-Pins at school. Never fear! I tore the 50% off coupon out of this morning’s paper and made a quick trip to Michaels.  While the store was not too busy, there were about fifteen people in line with only two cashiers, which I thought was a little strange and…annoying.

Anyway, I eventually made it home and started the blocking! Here we have the whole scarf- see how it grew. I knew it would stretch. It’s a couple of inches over 4 feet, which I think is an entirely respectable…scarfette. Anyway, please ignore the fact that the few blocking mats I keep here clearly is not enough- the cow towel is doing its best.


I don’t know if you can tell, but I ran out of blocking wires (soldering rods that my dad grabbed for me) about 2/3 of the way up the second side. Good thing I bought the 60-pack of pins- I used at least 25 trying to keep the edge from scalloping too much.

And here is a nice little close up. The stitch pattern is really opening up with the blocking, and I am so glad I ended up switching to the size 10 needles. I KNOW the 8’s wouldn’t have made such an airy fabric!

up close!

As soon as it finishes drying (hopefully BEFORE I leave), I’ll post some finished object pix for you guys!



Sorry for the late update! I suppose this week can be aptly described as Midterm madness part 2. It’s the week between fall break (which is only a four-day weekend), so it feels like most of my Professors tried to slip in a little something extra. I just finished my Anthropology midterm (did you know that Awlad ‘Ali is the town where Lila Abu-Lughod did her ethnographic study? Don’t worry, I didn’t either, and I got the question wrong…), so I thought I would give you a little update on the knitting.

I knit about 10 inches on the scarf using the size 8 needles when I realized something– it was feeling a little stiff. I groaned and grumbled for a couple of rows, but eventually I used the little hole in my needles and some dental floss to put a life-line in. And then I used that hole again to unscrew my size 8 options and put in the 10’s. After knitting a couple of repeats it looked something like this.

So. Much. Better.

Do you see how the lace opened up a little and the whole piece looked more…undefined and wavy? It was pretty much as fantastic as I could want. So I snapped the floss with my fingers (grrr. I am hulk! I destroy bad knitting!) and ripped back the entire 10 inches. Oh well…