WIP Wed: Something Simple


After straight designing for what feels like FOREVER, I need something simple to cool down. Of course, I can’t just go from something really complex to a mile of garter stitch. Oh no, I’m somewhere in between.


These are Wendy Johnson’s “Mock” Cable Socks from Socks from the Toe Up, my sock knitting bible. These patterns always turn out great, and I use the basic templates just about every time I make socks. I’m not quite sure why they are mock cables- there are actual cable crosses involved. It’s a little strange. I was actually going to make another pair of Trilobite Socks, but I saw these before I could flip to the pattern in the book. I thought there must have been some really cool technique for making fake cables, but you just do a bunch of small crosses. Oh well, it’s still a really cool pattern, and I love how it’s interacting with my variegated yarn.


Speaking of yarn, this is the last of my Candy Skein Yummy in Butter Mints. It’s just a little bit more pastel than the picture shows, but I really, really love it. I raved about Candy Skein the last time I worked with this skein, but I can’t say this enough: CANDY SKEIN IS GOD.

For more WIP Wed posts, check out Tami’s. She’s also the creative force behind Candy Skein, so you can definitely link-hop from her blog to her web store!

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