Blog Week in Review: 11/18-11/26


And now we are back to our regularly scheduled Blog Week in Review! Looking at my list, I think I’ve been a little remiss in favoriting FO’s. Oh well! It’s been a busy week for many of us.

First of all, Craftivore has one of the coolest hats that I’ve ever seen. It’s made using the Bohus sticking style, which looks pretty damn cool. And it was a gift, the lucky lady!

Next, there’s Smoking Hot Needle’s Metro Hat. I love how she matched the sections of the hat to the color changes in her handspun, which looks amazing, by the way. If I could spin, this is the kind of project I would dream of making!

Moving on to the garments, there’s All Knit & No Sheep’s Moksa cardigan. It’s a really cute pattern that goes awesomely with her yarn, and it looks like it fits wonderfully. Yet another FO to be envious of!

Finally, there’s Good Enough’s Gavotte. This is one of those patterns that looks exactly like something that you would find on the racks in a trendy women’s wear store, except it’s handmade, so it’s softer, warmer, and better fitting. Just all around awesome!

That’s about it. Sorry for the short post! I’ve gotta go run a ton of errands, although I am considering bringing the pair of socks that I impulse Cast On this morning with me. I mean, I can’t go on to my next Christmas Knitting Project until I grab a skein of yellow worsted, so there’s not much else to do 😉


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