WIP Wed: Coquette Vest Part 3


Full view, all scrunched together

I’ve been steadily getting some work done on my Coquette Vest. I was thinking that I would put it away while I worked on holiday presents, but I can’t really bare to do it. Right now, the plan is to use the breaks that I have to take anyway (there’s only so much time I can spend working with lace weight before my hands hurt) to make little accessories. When I get to the part where I divide for the back and front, I might have to put it away so I can work on some of the bigger projects I have in the works.

A little bit better detail shot of the lace

Still, it’s going really well. I’m on about row 155 of the lace chart, and I think that I’ll divide around row 200. That’s a little before what the pattern calls for, but I’m going to have to mod for my more petite figure. With a fitted garment, I’m trying to be very careful that I don’t make anything too long. Most of my problems with machine garments, especially fitted tank tops and camis, have to do with different parts being too long, especially straps. So I’m going to keep a very careful eye out for these problems while knitting, and I expect a pretty stressful blocking session as I stretch out my lace to such exact measurements in the future.

What’s left of my first skein

I’ve been keeping an eye on how much yarn I have left. The pattern calls for 2 skeins of Zitron Filigran (100% merino lace weight), which I bought on a complete coincidence. I am definitely happy that I did- it’s pretty amazing to work with. I’m still on my first skein, and if you can read the yarn scale, I have about 25g left. At the rate I’m going, I’ll probably have to use some of the second skein, but probably not too much of it (leftovers!). That’s a little strange because the next size up needs a third skein of yarn. I guess the designer just wanted to be on the safe side with her estimates!

For more WIP Wed., check out Tami’s. And I will definitely be back on Friday, because I have something to show you all!


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  1. I was having that same thought about patterns and the amount of yarn they call for– I think designers assume knitters would rather have too much than too little. The latter does leave one with fewer options than the former!

    Lovely lace 🙂 I look forward to seeing it all blocked out.

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