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WIP Wed.: Footy Fever


I can’t believe that it’s been a week since my last post. I have absolutely no excuse: I haven’t been that busy, I’ve been doing a lot of knitting, etc. I SHOULD have been posting. Oh well, all’s well that ends well.

As far as my Zest Cardigan goes, it’s still sitting in a corner, mostly finished. I even wove all of my ends in! I still need to solve the button problem, however. I don’t have any buttons yet, and I’m afraid to get any until I figure out how I want to do it. The pattern calls for a couple of button loops around the top so the sweater can flare out, but I usually don’t really like that look. Plus, I went up a size, so there’s considerably more ease then I think the designer intended. I am considering doing afterthought buttonholes so I can wear it like a regular, button-up cardigan. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Candy Skein Yummy in Arctic Mint

In the mean time, I seem to have caught sock fever. I finished my striped socks last Saturday, and immediately started looking for another sock pattern to pair with stash yarn. After settling on my leftover skein of Candy Skein Yummy in Arctic Mint, I browsed through the sock patterns in my ravelry queue. By the way, did you know that you can organize your queue by tags? I’ve done it so that I have separate lists for socks, things I want, and present ideas. It made life a lot easier!

Pillars Socks

From that list, I picked out the Pillars Socks. Of course, me being me, I had to convert it to toe-up, which I think may have messed with the design. Or maybe it’s just how I knit. But as I almost finish the first sock, I keep thinking to myself that I would have been much better off with another pattern, maybe these. Anyway, here’s my goal: without stopping, I am going to finish this pair of socks. I will not rip. I will not be disenchanted. It will happen, and then I will move on to the pattern that I want. I promise!

I dunno. I just think it looks a little…strange.

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Wip Wed: Olympics Edition



I have something pretty stupid to admit to you guys: I just spent an hour and a half in a doctor’s office, and I did not bring a single thing to do. Not the book that I just picked up from the library or the second sock that I have just started. Nothing. And what is even worse? After waiting that long, I literally saw the doctor for a grand total of 3 minutes when he renewed my prescription. It was just a horrible way to spend a morning. In consolation, I stopped at Dunkin on the way back and bought an unreasonably large Medium iced coffee (coupon for any coffee for $1!) and will enjoy it for the next couple of hours 🙂


After giving the coffee a couple of minutes to set in, I began the process of taking all of the pins and wires out of my sweater and picking it up off of my blocking mats. I’ve been watching the Olympics (women’s gymnastics on the floor, volleyball, and everything nice in life) while sewing up the side seams. I was going to continue to do the button loops, except I just remembered that I HAVEN’T BOUGHT ANY BUTTONS. I’ll have to find some- probably something really simple to not take anything away from the wonderful lace. Maybe in white? Would that pop too much? What do you guys think? I’m always really hesitant when I pick out buttons.

Striped Socks

Also, remember those socks that I cast on while the sweater was blocking? Well, I finished the first one in a record two days (admittedly, they’re only anklets and I’ve spent plenty of time glued to the TV) and I will probably start the next one soon. I’m going up to school with my mom to check out some things in the apartment, so that’s 2 hours of knitting time in the car, and probably more from traffic.

Cast On Monday


Over the weekend, something magical happened. On Sunday afternoon I finished the yoke that would never end. I was so excited by this, that (after awkwardly trying on the unblocked lace sweater which was, of course, too small) I blocked my Zest Cardigan right away. Go me!

closer up

You may notice that one of the sleeves is shorter than the other one. I’m a little concerned by this- they both used the same amount of repeats, but something about the angle of how I was blocking them on the floor made it a lot harder to get length out of one than the other. We’ll see what happens when they’re finished- I can always re-block it!

Just a toe

In order to give my hands something to do while the Olympics are on and the sweater is still blocking, I’ve just cast on a quick pair of socks. This is just the beginning of a toe. I only have one skein of Knit Picks Felici, so I guess they’ll just be anklets. Although with my small feet, they’ll probably go up past my shoes a little.

Felici, already halved

Felici is an incredibly soft self-striping sock yarn. I just looked at the label, and it’s 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon, so that explains it. I’m using the Moonlit colorway, which is stripes of purple, violet, blue, teal, and lime green. I have no idea how it will look, so it’s probably best that they will be safely tucked into my socks! I took the time to half the skein with my teeny-tiny yarn scale. The measurements aren’t exact (there’s one ball of 25.1g and one of 24.3g), but it will probably be a good indicator of when to stop. In any case, I’m using the smaller ball first, so I won’t have to do too much ripping!



There’s no finished object yet, unfortunately. The yoke on my Zest Cardi is just taking a lot longer then I expected- maybe it’s that lace and black fingering weight yarn combo. Hmmm. I must ponder this.

Chrolla Hat

But in the mean time, I just wanted to remind you that today is the last day to download the pattern for my Chrolla Hat for free. Tomorrow morning, I’ll up the ravelry charge to $1.99.

Swirch Hat

Also, Knit Picks was kind enough to include me in their Independent Designer Program, so both the Chrolla and Swirch hats are there, if you would like to purchase them. Designers do get 100% of the profits from knit picks, so that is a little better then ravelry, which takes out a small percentage. Thanks!

WIP Wed: Zest Cardigan, Part 4


Well, it’s been over a month since I last talked about my Zest Cardigan in any depth, and the end is in sight! With the crazy-ness of my internship I didn’t exactly have a lot of time for knitting, but in the last couple days I’ve been watching the Olympics nonstop, and knitting for most of that time. As a result, I’ve gotten through the entire second sleeve! It’s a bottom-up raglan worked in mostly 1 piece, so this morning I had the chance to join all of the pieces together. I used my Knit Picks interchangeable needles for everything, so putting everything together was pretty easy. I would just unscrew the needle from the part I had been knitting from and put it on the next part, using those little end things to keep myself from losing any stitches. Pretty painless, considering how badly it could have gone. Right about now, it looks something like this.

Back of the sweater, including the cable panel in the middle and the mesh lace everywhere else

I apologize for the strange pictures, it’s storming outside, so the light is a little spotty, and this is all my camera could do. I do assure you that the Knit Picks Palette that I am making this out of is BLACK, not charcoal or some other shade of grey. I promise. Did you notice that the cable panel on the back is looking a lot like arrows at this angle? I wasn’t planning that AT ALL- this mainly comes from me trying to do tricky knitting on a plane. It’s still not as awesome as the cables on the original pattern, but its a lot better then I was expecting- yeah me!

from the side- you can actually see how this is going to be a sweater!

Anyway, that’s about all I have to talk about. I’m going to go jet off to watch some beach volleyball (which I didn’t know was so fun to watch- I’m such a big fan now!). For more WIP Wed. posts, go check out Tami’s.