FO Friday: Windschief


So, I did what just about every knitter has done before me: caved into the amazingness that is Stephen West. Luckily, I was able to cave in a useful way. This Windschief is destined to be a Hanukah present for my father. Hopefully, this will be the first of many FO’s destined to be gifts. I mean, unless I get distracted…

Sorry about the crappy pictures; I’m still trying to find my “spot” in the new apartment.

Not only did I make the large size, but I ended up having to go up a needle size in order to make gauge. While the hat is noticeably big on me, I’m hopeful that it will actually fit my father! I only ended up using about 65g of my skein of Windswept Farm Knitter’s Choice (100% Merino) in Cinnamon, a lovely…Cinnamon… color. I thought that I was buying a 100g skein, but it turns out that it is more like 130g, leaving about half for another hat. Maybe one for me? It is rather soft and lovely.

flat on the floor

For the most part, it’s a fairly well-written pattern. I had to do a little bit of my own math when I was starting the crown decreases. While that was no problem for me, a newer knitter might have had trouble with it. I must admit, I was expecting a little more description in a $6 pattern. Still, I figured it out in the end, and the hat just seems to flow so smoothly from the brim up to the crown. Who knows, there may be another one in my future 🙂

close up

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  1. Stephen West is pretty fantastic. The hat turned out fantastically, I’m impressed that you already have holiday knitting done. I can’t see past the weekend let alone into December.

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