WIP Wed.: Footy Fever


I can’t believe that it’s been a week since my last post. I have absolutely no excuse: I haven’t been that busy, I’ve been doing a lot of knitting, etc. I SHOULD have been posting. Oh well, all’s well that ends well.

As far as my Zest Cardigan goes, it’s still sitting in a corner, mostly finished. I even wove all of my ends in! I still need to solve the button problem, however. I don’t have any buttons yet, and I’m afraid to get any until I figure out how I want to do it. The pattern calls for a couple of button loops around the top so the sweater can flare out, but I usually don’t really like that look. Plus, I went up a size, so there’s considerably more ease then I think the designer intended. I am considering doing afterthought buttonholes so I can wear it like a regular, button-up cardigan. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Candy Skein Yummy in Arctic Mint

In the mean time, I seem to have caught sock fever. I finished my striped socks last Saturday, and immediately started looking for another sock pattern to pair with stash yarn. After settling on my leftover skein of Candy Skein Yummy in Arctic Mint, I browsed through the sock patterns in my ravelry queue. By the way, did you know that you can organize your queue by tags? I’ve done it so that I have separate lists for socks, things I want, and present ideas. It made life a lot easier!

Pillars Socks

From that list, I picked out the Pillars Socks. Of course, me being me, I had to convert it to toe-up, which I think may have messed with the design. Or maybe it’s just how I knit. But as I almost finish the first sock, I keep thinking to myself that I would have been much better off with another pattern, maybe these. Anyway, here’s my goal: without stopping, I am going to finish this pair of socks. I will not rip. I will not be disenchanted. It will happen, and then I will move on to the pattern that I want. I promise!

I dunno. I just think it looks a little…strange.

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  1. I’ve been battling some sock fever myself! I don’t know what’s happened, because I am only wearing flip flops and sandals – – it is way too hot to wear socks, not to mention handknit socks – – but I’m really thinking about socks.

    The afterthougth buttons sound like a nice idea. Or you could use a belt or a sash to wrap it around. I’m not sure exactly how much positive ease your sweater has, but maybe just wearing it as an open / casual cardi might work.

  2. I don’t think it looks strange. It may not look exactly like the designer’s, but it stands on its own nicely. How do you like working with Yummy? I’ve been thinking about ordering some…

    • The yarn base definitely is one of the least soft sock yarns that I’ve ever used, but the colors are to die for. It might be worth it to upgrade to her M/C/N blend, although the yummy will probably make some pretty hard-wearing socks. I hope that helps!

  3. I think it looks great! And incidentally, I am also a constant converter to toe up. I’ve just gotten used to knitting my sock patterns upside down. Don’t care. They make happy!

  4. Perhaps a sash, as Jennifer suggested … I have a flared-out cardigan meant to not be buttoned at all, and there is a lot more around bottom than top!

    I too had a sudden attack of sock-itis … in August, in sweaty, steamy Baltimore … what gives? !

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