WIP Wed: Molly


After a life of crazyness both at school and in the computer arena (long, long story that I will probably post some other time), I finally have a WIP post for you guys! Sorry about the crappy photography, but I took the pictures at work.

Molly Hat

I’m currently working on a Molly hat using some Malabrigo Merino Worsted from my stash, or “babies,” as one of my students put it. The hat is a gift that is going to be given this Saturday, so it’s been going pretty quickly. I went up a needle size for more drape. I didn’t end up changing this stitch count at all, as my guage is still pretty close and my recipient will probably LOVE a really, really big hat.


The puppy got to the ball of yarn this morning as it sat next to my backpack waiting for a new work day, so it’s a little deformed. I think that it was revenge for not letting her go back to sleep in my bed. Hopefully it isn’t tangled! I know that it’s a really, really short post, but I only have a few minutes, and there’s not really that much to say about this hat. Hopefully I’ll have a full report on Fri. for a FO Fri. post!

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  1. Looking lovely and I bet that hat will be warm & cosy! I find Malabrigo hard to untangle (my kitties love to tangle it!!) so I wish that yours is ok after the doggie adventure.

  2. Don’t you just love Malabrigo? So soft and colors so saturated. I ventured here from the comment you left on my Icelandic Brights Cowl. Thank you for leaving me a compliment.
    BTW, I love the layout of your blog page, the header is so pretty.

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