Enticed By Something New


So it’s Monday morning, and  I just spent what feels like the entire weekend working on my Zest Cardigan. Ok, to be honest, it was probably on a couple of hours. I’m at the part of my first sleeve where it’s just the one lace, lace, lace pattern for what feels like miles. Can I confess to you that my gaze is wavering? I’m usually a pretty monogomous knitter, so this is definitely a change for me. And it’s not even acceptable wavering to something completely different, like socks.

Candy Skein May Colorway of the Month- currently screaming to be made into a shawl

Oh no, I’m still on the lace track. And it’s not even complicated lace- I have a design idea in my head. Right now, I think that it would be a really nice gesture to use some of the Candy Skein Yummy that I won. More exposure for an indy-dyer is a good thing, right? I was being all zen about this yesterday, but then I realized that if I can get the pattern knitted and written up quick enough, I still have a little over a month until submissions are due on the Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar Contest. I’ve already put one design in- maybe I should try for a second? I guess we’ll see how motivated I am to wind the skein once I get home!


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