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Catching up and Interweave Review


My internship is over, so I finally, finally have the time to sit down and write a long post. I’m going to miss it, but I do look forward to all of the knitting and blogging time in my future!

I finished the Molly hat just in time to give it away…and not enough time to take any pictures with it (or even block it). Still, the recipient loved it, so I think that I will survive! I’m back to working on my Zest Cardigan. I just CO the first sleeve. It’s a bottom up raglan, so after than I’ll just have to do the yoke, block, and sew up- easy peasy! (Famous last words)

But none of those projects are the reason that I felt obligated to post. Two days ago, the Fall 2012 Interweave Knits hit my mailbox. Okay, so it probably hit my mailbox at school days before that, but campus mail was nice enough to forward it to my parents’ house, so now I finally get the chance to talk about it with you. There’s something about this issue that I’m not completely in love with. There’s not a single pattern in here that I JUST HAVE TO KNIT, which is really strange for me, especially considering that this is a fall, not summer or spring, issue. In fact, I don’t think that I’m going to make anything in here. Most of the pieces either feel like they’re for someone much older than me, or that they drastically miscalculated what 20-somethings like to wear. Let’s take a look, and I’ll show you what I mean.

Take, for instance, these three pieces from the Stitches Go to Town Collection. Besides the strange construction of the Blooming Forest Pullover (won’t sideways ribbed sleeves stretch a lot?), I feel like all three of these patterns are for people way, way different from me. The Petit Four Pullover is growing on me as something that would be great for work, but the lines of the second two aren’t very modern at all. I guess they’re all just too conservative, but especially since I think of hip and urban when I hear “go to town,” not 40 year old suburbanite.

These socks (from the “On the Road” collection) strike me as the most modern and forward-thinking piece in the magazine…and they’re socks. They remind me of a toned down version of the bubbles socks that I made a couple of months ago. Maybe I’ll give them a try. Maybe.

Next are the Roam Tunic and Sweetheart Pullover, also from the On the Road Collection. I guess it gets cold enough in some parts of the world for tunics and pullovers made from chunky yarn in some parts of the world, but I don’t think it ever gets that cold here. Ever. Plus, I don’t think that a tunic is the shape for me, and the picot edging on the pullover…to cutesy. But I do love the cables of both of them, which is just making me think of OTHER patterns, not either of these.

Amstel Hat

While I think that I would love knitting this hat, I’m not sure that I, or anyone else that I know, would ever wear it. I think it goes just past that hip/homemade look- not something anyone wants. That’s just my opinion, though. If I end up making a hat for a fashion-forward friend, I would definitely show them this pattern (although I admit that I would be surprised if they picked it!).

I think that this pattern might be the least of the evils in the All Wool and a Yard Wide collection. I guess it was aiming for English Country Garden (maybe that’s why there are so many rain-related patterns?), but I think it was a miss. Once again, I would show this to a fashion-forward friend, but I would probably be surprised it they picked it!

If I can ever bring myself to learn how to do colorwork, I would definitely make this as a warm and cozy rainy day cardigan (because I don’t have enough of those). This might be one of the few patterns in here were the vintage feel actually worked- maybe because the styling of the rest of the picture feels so modern. I don’t know.

So, what do you think? I’m excited to read everyone else’s reviews of the magazine- maybe someone can convince me that it wasn’t as horrible as I thought! And I completely promise to be back on Wed. with an update on the Zest Cardigan. It’s probably been over a month since I’ve taken pictures!



WIP Wed: Molly


After a life of crazyness both at school and in the computer arena (long, long story that I will probably post some other time), I finally have a WIP post for you guys! Sorry about the crappy photography, but I took the pictures at work.

Molly Hat

I’m currently working on a Molly hat using some Malabrigo Merino Worsted from my stash, or “babies,” as one of my students put it. The hat is a gift that is going to be given this Saturday, so it’s been going pretty quickly. I went up a needle size for more drape. I didn’t end up changing this stitch count at all, as my guage is still pretty close and my recipient will probably LOVE a really, really big hat.


The puppy got to the ball of yarn this morning as it sat next to my backpack waiting for a new work day, so it’s a little deformed. I think that it was revenge for not letting her go back to sleep in my bed. Hopefully it isn’t tangled! I know that it’s a really, really short post, but I only have a few minutes, and there’s not really that much to say about this hat. Hopefully I’ll have a full report on Fri. for a FO Fri. post!

For more WIP Wed. posts, check out Tami’s.

New Design: Chrolla Hat


Chrolla Hat

The Chrolla Hat is a light-weight hat made in less than 100g of fingering weight yarn. The sample is made from Knit Picks Chroma Fingering, and it’s single-ply structure blooms wonderfully with the lace. Plus, I completely love the striped effect- it doesn’t overwhelm the simple styling at all!

Wide View

The unique textured mesh is punctuated by a 2×2 cables and the slouchy, beret-style makes Chrolla the perfect choice for stylish knitters! I totally zenned out while working on it. Even with fingering weight yarn, the sample seemed to take no time to make.

From the back

Additionally, the wide array of sizes—child (teen, adult small, adult large)—makes it a very versatile pattern. Try it for yourself or a gift!

If you would like to make it, you can find it on ravelry, here. You can also see the test knits made in a couple of different yarns. Eventually it will also be available on the Knit Picks Independent Designer Program. For the next two weeks (until Aug. 3, 2012), it will be a free pattern to reward all of the early birds and blog readers. After that, it will go up to $1.99.

New Design: Swirch Hat


So, my parade of new designs is finally coming to town! I finished my sample for the Swirch hat over a month ago, but with the testing (thank you to all of my WONDERFUL testers) and some computer problems, it’s taken me until now to post it.

Swirch Hat

The Swirch Hat is made from 2 skeins of Knit Picks Swish DK (100% Superwash Wool, 50g). It’s super slouchy, although the sample is made a size bigger for EXTRA slouch. It’s available in four sizes: child, teen, adult small, and adult large. The are charted AND written directions, so whatever your preference, I’ve got it 🙂

Closer up of the cable pattern

The unique, swirly cable, matched with the adult large size, make it a great gift for the hard to shop for males in your life, and the smaller sizes make simple, stylish accessories for everyone!

Awkward “how do you model knitwear???” picture

For the next two weeks (until July 27), the Swirch Hat will be available for free, but after that time it will go up to $1.99. Find it on ravelry here or directly download the pdf here. Eventually, it will also be up on the Knit Picks Independent Designer’s Program, also for $1.99.

Enticed By Something New


So it’s Monday morning, and  I just spent what feels like the entire weekend working on my Zest Cardigan. Ok, to be honest, it was probably on a couple of hours. I’m at the part of my first sleeve where it’s just the one lace, lace, lace pattern for what feels like miles. Can I confess to you that my gaze is wavering? I’m usually a pretty monogomous knitter, so this is definitely a change for me. And it’s not even acceptable wavering to something completely different, like socks.

Candy Skein May Colorway of the Month- currently screaming to be made into a shawl

Oh no, I’m still on the lace track. And it’s not even complicated lace- I have a design idea in my head. Right now, I think that it would be a really nice gesture to use some of the Candy Skein Yummy that I won. More exposure for an indy-dyer is a good thing, right? I was being all zen about this yesterday, but then I realized that if I can get the pattern knitted and written up quick enough, I still have a little over a month until submissions are due on the Knitting Pattern a Day Calendar Contest. I’ve already put one design in- maybe I should try for a second? I guess we’ll see how motivated I am to wind the skein once I get home!

Poetry in Motion


No new knitting content, but I found this poem for my creative writing class and thought that all of the knitters out there might enjoy it!


Ode to My Socks

Pablo Neruda

Translated by Stephen Mitchell

Maru Mori brought me

a pair

of socks

which she knitted herself

with her sheep-herder’s hands,

two socks as soft

as rabbits.

I slipped my feet

into them

as though into




with threads of


and goatskin.

Violent socks,

my feet were

two fish made

of wool,

two long sharks

seablue, shot


by one golden thread,

two immense blackbirds,

two cannons,

my feet were honored

in this way





They were

so handsome

for the first time

my feet seemed to me


like two decrepit

firemen, firemen


of that woven


of those glowing socks.



I resisted

the sharp temptation

to save them somewhere

as schoolboys



as learned men


sacred texts,

I resisted

the mad impulse

to put them

in a golden


and each day give them


and pieces of pink melon.

Like explorers

in the jungle who hand

over teh very rare

golden deer

to the spit

and eat it

with remores,

I stretched out

my feet

and pulled on

the magnificent


and then my shoes.


The moral

of my ode is this:

beauty is twice


and what is good is doubly


when it is a matter of two socks

made of wool

in winter.



-From Americans’ Favorite Poems, ed. by R Pinky and M Dietz, (New York: W. W. Norton and Company, 2000) 200-202.

Yarn Swag!


Does it count as swag if you got it from a blog contest? All I know is that my winnings are completely amazing. For those of you who don’t remember, a couple of weeks ago I was the grand prize winner on Tami’s blog for the anniversary of her yarn company, Candy Skein. I’ve bought from Tami in the past and absolutely loved her yarn (most of my skein of Arctic Mint went into these socks) so I was increadibly excited to see that I have another chance to work with her wonderful yarns at a price that works pretty well with my tiny, tiny budget…FREE! I was so excited to see that package in my mailbox when I got home from work the other day.

April Colorway of the Month

First of all, there are two skeins of her sock yarn, Yummy. She does a colorway of the month kind of deal (Arctic Mint was January, I believe) and I’ve been eyeing them as each month goes past and I can’t afford it. Ok, I can afford it, but if I ended up getting it then I would have to eat a whole lot more pb&j’s. Anyway, I got both the April (above) and May (below) colorways. Butter Mint on top and the special anniversary colorway, 1st Birthday. They are both bright and gorgeous. I know that they will make some pretty fantastic socks (I’m not even going to lie and pretend that I am planning on making something else with these babies).

May Colorway of the Month

The other part of this prize was two sets of mini-skeins. I got both the older set of greens and a preview of the may set! At first I wasn’t quite sure what I could make with about 14 mini-skeins, but now I think that I might try and make a striped shawl with a solid color in the middle. I was gifted a copy of the Technologic Shawl a while ago (wow, aren’t I lucky!), so I think that I may be able to work with the stripes already in that to make something very unique and special. What do you guys think?


Sorry guys, but that’s it for me. With work and my computer in the shop, it’s been really difficult to keep track of my favorite blog posts. I’ll try better for next week!

Unnamed Set