FO Friday: Chrolla


I finally got the chance to finish up my sample for my newest design, the Chrolla Hat. To be honest, it wasn’t until I actually started the knitting that I fell in love with this hat. While I was working on that interminable ribbing on the US 2’s, it felt like it would take FOREVER. But then I jumped up to the 4’s for the cable and lace patterns, and I just fell in love.


To me, at least, the stitch patterns become very intuitive and rhythmic without being boring- all of those passing 1 stitch over the next 2 stopped driving me crazy after I finally got the hang of it. At first, I had problems working with the Chroma Fingering, a single ply, but eventually I just realized that I had to take my time and pay attention on to the yarn. And the extra cable every six rounds just added a little spice of flavor to end the monotony! If I may say so myself, those two stitches really ended up being a perfect combination.

Side view! Cables and lace.

Can I tell you a little bit about my FO shots? My wonderful model is my roommate. Unfortunately, we are spending the summer apart. She got hired by our school for some office work, and they gave her FREE housing, so how could she turn that down? On the other hand, I’m living at home as that is FREE and near where my internship is. So, anyway, after spending a year together I was going through separation anxiety, and I managed to drive up and spend last weekend together. It was completely and utterly awesome, and, of course, I brought up some design samples to get some modeled shots 😉

From the back. It looks just a little flower-y, right?

My school is actually right across the street from Colonial Williamsburg, which, in case you don’t know, is a restored colonial city, complete with people walking around in colonial clothes and horse poop on the road and everything. CW is nice enough to give students free access to everything, which we greatly appreciate. Ok, so the reason most students go down there is the Cider Mugs. They’re your standard promotional mug, and you get free refills throughout CW on basically anything. I usually get cider, either cold or hot depending on the weather, but we heard rumors of a magical summer-only place where they have ICE CREAM and ROOT BEER (and a combination of the two). These shots were taken in the garden next to the shack where you can get that magic. Trust me, it was as glorious as it sounds 😉

and now we move into the awkward poses stage of this evening’s entertainment

Anyway, I’m still looking for people to test the Chrolla Hat. If you are at all interested, please check out the page in the Ravelry Free Pattern Testers Forum. I’d love to have you!


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  1. I love the Chroma hat. Slouchy hats are just so cute.

    So, you go to William and Mary? Did I get that right? My brother is a law professor there and I’ll be out in July!

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