WIP Wed: Zest Cardigan part 2


In the past couple of days, I’ve gotten a couple of chances to work on my Zest Cardigan. It’s gone from this:

The last time I talked about this was almost a week ago, and it has grown so much!

to this: (in just about a week)

forgive the horrible pictures…I’m on vacation and I don’t really have anywhere else to take it. Plus, it is so hard to take pictures of black yarn!

For those of you just tuning in, the pattern calls for fingering weight yarn, so I’m using Knit Picks Palette (100% Wool) and US 6 needles (up a size to accommodate for a pretty tight swatch). I actually won a copy of this pattern in one of Jennifer’s blog contests way back in January, and I bought the yarn right after that. It’s been sitting in my stash all this time, and now that it’s summer I want my light and airy summer sweater to wear, thank you very much! (You know, I think that I’ve finished almost all of my big projects a season behind this year. Oh well. Next year I’m going to have some delicious sweaters to wear!)

I don’t even know if you can tell, but this is a close up of the stitch pattern.

I think that I may have accidently skipped a lace row somewhere along the way; there are 2 lace rows per pattern repeat, and I’m somehow counting an odd number even when I know that I’ve finished the pattern, which is a problem because this part is worked flat, and the lace rows are worked on two different sides of the knitting. Long run-on sentence made short: I’m not too worried. The lace should stretch out considerably when blocking, and I was going to mod the sweater to be shorter to fit my more petite frame anyway.

For the most part, it’s a pretty zen knit. The repeats are fairly simple, and the rows are long enough to really get into the rhythm of the work. Still, I was a little concerned about the fact that the whole bottom half of the sweater is worked in one piece without seaming. Ok, to be honest, this post from Sally Melville (knitting legend/god/everything that I want to be in the world) was what really had me concerned. But then I really got thinking, and my 100% wool is pretty darn hardy. And if I’m going to stretch and pull lace, at least I don’t have to worry too much about seams not lining up or a strange dense bit in the middle of a light and airy sweater. It’s going to be good. I know it.

Chrolla Hat

Oh, and if you are at all interested in test knitting my Chrolla Hat, click on over to the Free Pattern Testers forum on Ravelry and take a look. I really, really liked how this turned out, and I’ll have some more great FO pix to show you on Friday!

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  1. Even thought it is black, you can still see the beautiful stitches. Love it!
    I wish I didn’t have everything on the needles, then I could test knit that brilliant hat. Well done you. 🙂

  2. Another sweet hat! Also, you might use the chart for the sleeves instead of the one for the body. I didn’t think to suggest this earlier, but it just occurred to me in reading this post. The chart for the sleeves is modified to be worked in the round.

    • Actually, I think that I’m going to do the opposite and work the sleeves flat using the body chart, too. For some reason I’ve really been digging working things flat lately. I don’t actually enjoy seaming, but the finished product just seems more sturdy!

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