Blog Week in Review: 5/26-6/2


I just have a quick Blog Week in Review for you guys! I’m actually visiting a friend at school, so I’m taking a quick break from our festivities to highlight some of my favorite posts from last week. And if you, too, are doing a Blog Week in Review, please don’t hesitate to click the Mr. Linky at the bottom and enter in your blog- I’m really excited to see what inspires YOU!

First of all, we have Master of a Thousand Things’ super-awesome new shawl, Hypernova. It looks huge and roomy, and I love the shot of it stretched out against her fence- it seems ginormous!

A lot of bloggers have really gotten taken up by the toy knitting bug. It hasn’t gotten me yet, but there are a couple of FO’s that are just too adorable to pass up. First, Never Not Knitting’s Birdie and Bunny are perfect quick knits, and her children really seem to enjoy them 😉 Minding My Own Stitches’ little Owlet is also adorable, and I love how the designer got the perfect essence of a pretty cartoonish owl into such a little package.

Stitched Together is sending off her newest shawl to her contest winner. In case you guys missed it, during Knit and Crochet Blog Week she had people vote on the order of the stripes in the shawl, and she picked one lucky voter to win the FO. You should definitely take a look at it- it’s such a cool idea for a collaborative, community effort!

Chronicles of a Fiber Engineer’s new Tappan Zee is really, really pretty. I love the yellow yarn, and the lace detailing around the shoulder is a perfect touch. A great spring cardigan (even if we are pretty much finished with spring!).

Finally, Don’t Drool on the Wool seems to be in a little bit of denial about the weather, but that doesn’t mean her new sweater is any less awesome. She pretty much designed it as she went, and I love the big, juicy cable on the front. It’s completely impressive, and I loved reading about her struggles as she went along.



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  1. I liked Stitched Together’s Blog Week shawl so much I bought some oatmeal Cascade 220 to go with stash yarns so I can make one, too. Thanks for the link to her blog. And I have a Tappan Zee about half-done myself.

  2. Thanks for the comments! I wore it Friday and while it was on the cooler side here, I was definitely sweating in it! I think it will be put away until colder weather comes back to Nebraska!

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