WIP Wed: Welcome to Hat Town


So I’ve been keeping up with my summer goals pretty well, I think. Specifically, I’ve been working on the two designs that were accepted into the Knit Picks Independent Designer Program. It’s going pretty well!

First of all, there’s Swirch. I was thinking about combining both traveling cables and ribs, and I was fooling around for a while until I came up with this swatch:

Swirch swatch- alliteration!

Since the swatch came out pretty good in leftover Swish DK, I figured that would be what I made the hat out of. For a superwash wool, it feels soft and wooly, which I really, really like. Plus, the finished hat is going to be slouchy, and the elastic properties of wool will make sure it doesn’t just fall down your head, which is always a plus. And the name? Swish + Slouch= Swirch (sort of). Anyway, I like it, and I guess that is all that matters. The pattern is currently up for testing, so if you would like to give it a try PLEASE check it out in the ravelry free pattern testers group. Please. Right now my sample is still blocking (there may have been an incident where I left it out in the rain), but here’s what it looks like!

Swirch sample… blocking

The next design is also a hat. This one is something that had been running around in my head just a little bit longer. Ever since it came out, I’ve wanted to get my hands on Knit Picks’s striped Chroma yarn. When they came out in a fingering weight version, I knew it would be perfect for a light-weight hat…also slouchy! I was still on the cable kick, but I was thinking that, instead of putting the cables on a standard purl background, I could try to experiment with some mesh lace. Thus, this swatch was born.


Although settling on a lace pattern was pretty easy, it took me a while to decide which cable to use. At the begging, I was leaning more towards a 3×1 cable (center), but I think it’s just a little too matchy-match with the stitches that are passed over in the lace. It was getting a little lost, especially when you add in the color repeats. Instead, I chose the 2×2 over 6 rows (left). I think it stands out much better- it’s dense enough to provide a different texture than the lace, but not so dense that it looks like a larger version of the lace.


God, those stripes are pretty.

So far, I’ve gotten through the ribbing and about half an inch of patterning. Still, I did decide to make the largest size (which I usually do, just to make sure that there is enough yarn) and it’s been a pretty enjoyable knit. I’m looking forward to it taking some time to chug through- it’s been a while since I’ve had an interesting long-term project! Oh, and my tentative name is Chrolla, a sort of feminine take on Chroma. Thoughts?

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  1. Chrolla is a great name! pattern names are so hard, but Chrolla sounds good to me. The swatch with the traveling ribbing looks lovely.

  2. Well done you! Your thought process sounded good, and they look like really lovely patterns. Chrolla sounds like a fun name. If you like it, go with it!

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