Summer Goals


So, I’m finally getting settled into some sort of routine after an especially hellish finals week. Ok, so after that, I needed another week to recover. But I think things are back to normal. I have a little less than a month before I start my summer internship, so I thought I would set myself some goals.

First, I need to work on some designs. I already have yarn support from Knitpicks for two hats (one of which you’ll see Wed.), and there’s an idea for a bolero/cropped sweater thing in my head. The sweater might not get done anytime soon, but I want to get the sketch down on paper sometime soon.

Corona Sweater

Second, I am WIP busting. Specifically, there are two projects that have been sitting in my stash for a couple of months now, and I need to decide what I am going to do with them. First, I have a Corona Sweater made in Knit Picks comfy. I modded out the hood, so I think this might make a great winter-time sweater. Still, my gauge may have been off, and it’s a little tighter than I expected. Still, at this point all I have left is to sew up the sleeves and graft the underarms and it’s done. It can’t hurt to finish it up before I make my final decision on what to do with this.

cable detailing on the collar of corona

There’s also my heavily modified version of the Gemini Cardigan that has also been sitting around, mostly finished, for a really long time. It might be too long, but I’ll never know until I really get it on. First, I’m going to sew the sleeves in, and then we’ll take a look at the button band. I made it up as I went along, creating a separate button band and shawl collar. I’m not too sure it works. Once I get the sleeves in, I may just rip the collar and button band out and just start from scratch. We’ll see.

gemini cardigan, which I called the cobblestone cardigan in my pattern notes, for some reason

I also have the Locke Cardigan to finish, although I’m just waiting for it to finish drying before I sew in the ends and add the buttons. After I finish all of these projects, I might just get a chance to finally make the Zest Cardigan in Knit Picks Pallette I’ve been planning on doing forever. And then maybe a shawl out of my Dragonfly Fibers Dragon Sock yarn. Oh well, a girl can dream!

Dragon Sock- The bright sun took out a little bit of the depth of colors, so it’s actually MORE beautiful than that, if you can believe it!

My last goal is to start planning now for holiday presents. I’m going to make a list of knit-worthy people, and start thinking of projects for them now. In some cases, I already have ideas. In others, it will probably take me six months of ruminating to figure out what I want to do 😉


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  1. I’m impressed — all your WIPS are substantial projects and you’re well on your way to getting them finished. I’m just working on shawls which feel teeny tiny compared to yours!

  2. I know what it’s like to have things linger in wip land! But it feels so good when they’re done. I waited for months to finish a hoodie because I thought it was going to be too small – turns out it fit perfectly! The holiday challenge has been good for me so far. I always procrastinate and this is helping me stay focused.

  3. Oh my. Getting quite a jump start on holiday knitting.

    And I think you should see if you can block the Corona Sweater bigger. I find that hot water will help relax fiber a bit more. You just have to be careful not to agitate it. Unless you are into felted sweaters, of course.

    Good luck on finishing up those WIPS!

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