Starting Something New


Yesterday, I started a new project. I dug through my school yarn bin, and found a bunch of different scraps of sock yarn. I was actually looking for a full skein to do a more intense project, but I figured that school might be a little too crazy for something that requires too much attention. The smallest was only about 3g, but the biggest is somewhere around 30g. I’m really excited about what is going to happen with this yarn!


First, I made a toe. I used just a wee bit of dark green Knit Picks Sock Yarn to start the toe, and it came out a little something like this. As per usual, I’m going toe-up using DPN’s and a stockinette body with a slip-stitch heel.

Sock yarn scraps!

And then here’s all of my scraps. Clockwise, from left to right, we are starting with some hand-painted stroll sock yarn (Knit Picks), then the blue and grey/silver from Knit One, Crochet Too with a little bit of silk. I have the most of that yarn (that’s the one with 30g), so maybe I’ll use it for the gusset section. The lime green yarn is Spud and Chloe sock, and then there is some more stroll, this time in grey and blue. There’s just a couple of grams of a sea cell blend that I used FOREVER ago to make a shawl, and the last little bit of the Twilight Sock Yarn in the Duchess Colorway. That’s it! It measures to about 65g, and with the toes in another yarn that should be more than enough to make some me-sized socks.


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