It’s a sweater!


I finished the second front on my Locke Cardigan! I really am very excited- the end is near. Although the pictures don’t show it, I’ve actually sewed the whole monster together, and am hoping to get some work done on the button band this weekend. With any luck, the cardigan will be finished by the end of finals, and I can just give it a final block and do the last of the finishing work when I get home.

Laid out on my bed.

The only problem that I had with sewing up happened, predictably, around the armholes. The sleeve cap was just way, way too short for the 8″ armholes that the pattern called for on the fronts and back. For some reason, the fronts actually seemed longer, so I just picked out the bind-off and ripped those back a little. The sleeves were a bit more difficult. I ended up picking out the bind-off and then knitting about 6 more rows, binding off one or two stitches at the edges of each. It made a pretty ragged end, but you can’t really see that after it’s sewn up. When I have pictures, I’ll make sure to show you a close up of the sleeve. I’m not completely happy with how it looks, but hopefully blocking will take care of the worst of it.

A close-up of how the fronts will look when it's finished.

Despite this, I’m still loving how this sweater looks. The cables are cozy and intricate and generally awesome. Even though you can’t really tell from the pictures, the color is a deep heathered green, but it’s still light enough that the cables are very obvious. I can already tell that this is going to be a sweater that will get a lot of use…when it gets cold enough, in 4 months.

Long view!

By the way, did you guys notice that I changed the theme? Maybe it’s the fact that it’s 85 degrees today, but the old theme just seemed to dark for my mood. I’m feeling the bright colors a lot more today. Eventually, I’ll probably upgrade my wordpress account to the professional service (not in the least because I can do a real mr. linky for the blog week in review), and maybe I’ll make some sort of signature look, with a knitting picture or something. We’ll see. And, for all of you bloggers, don’t forget to keep track of your favorite posts of the week to join me in the Blog Week in Review!


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  1. I like your new blog look. It feels so much more cheery.

    And inevitably, as soon as the cardigan is done, we will all have a heat wave. The warmer the sweater, the hotter the heat wave.

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