Blog Week in Review: 4/8-4/15


Ok, so we’re doing something new today! I don’t know how many of you have ever used a Mr. Linky (probably those of you who found me on Tami’s, right?), but it allows you to link your blog to mine, and have it show up in a list. I think we’re going to give it a try (I hope it works!). So, here’s how it’s going to go. I’m going to give my Blog Week in Review, and then, below it, you’ll see the Mr. Linky. If you are doing a review, feel free to link to my page so I can go check yours out! I don’t have a super-cool graphic or anything (but if you want to make me one, I won’t say no ;)), but I would love to see what you guys have to say about your favorite blogs. For me, at least, knitting is a pretty solitary activity. I’m not a member of a regular group, so I find most of my inspiration online. I thought this would be a great way for all of us to share some of our favs, even if we can’t see them in person. For more complete instructions and rules, scroll down to below the Mr. Linky. Good luck!

And now, for the review! Can I just say that the whole blogging world seems to be obsessed with things that go around your neck? Every single one of my links today go around your neck…maybe I’m just obsessed with how they look? Either way, when Locke is finished, I’m making a shawl. Or a scarf. Probably.

Well, first of all, we have one of my perpetual favorites. Smoking Hot Needles just finished a test knit for Stephen West. The Chevry shawl is simply amazing! I love the color-blocking along the spine. It’s classic WestKnits!

French Press Knits has just released her newest design, the Like a Lamb Shawl. It’s a rectangular shawl with the kind of geometric lace edging that I’m really loving this season. Please take a look.

Hurrayic’s finished Honey Cowl is really pretty. This winter I was loving the look of those long, infinity scarves, and I love to see it transitioning into spring with a lighter look. The stitch pattern looks really great with those busy handpainted yarns, so I might have to stroll etsy for a while to fall in love with something to match this!

Next, Knitting Love’s shawl. On it’s own, the lace pattern is nice. Not completely stunning, but nice. Knitting Love, however, has added some colored stripes to just knock it out of the park. I may be completely and entirely in love with these stripes!

Stitched Together just made a Color Affection shawl. Now, I first fell in love with this pattern when it came out on the Plucky Knitter‘s blog, which I also read, but seeing more FO’s all over the place is making me think a little bit more seriously about making it myself. I hadn’t noticed that it has some shaping built in it to help it settle on your shoulders…that’s certainly a plus, right?

Finally, My Sister’s Knitter also just finished a nice piece of lace. Go check out her Arroyo shawl, it really is gorgeous!

Blog Week in Review Rules: First of all, thanks for participating! It really means a lot to me. Second, here are the big bad rules. All you need to qualify as a week in review is, at the very least, one or two links to posts that have inspired you on other blogs throughout the week. They can be FO, WIP’s, essays, anything! It will probably help if you write a short sentence or two describing why you liked the post, but it’s not required. Don’t forget to link back to the posts, and, for the sake of copyright rules, please refrain from copying and pasting pictures or text from a post without credit or prior approval. And thanks for participating!

Note: for now, this is a blog, which means this is the only linky I can do. Eventually, I’ll probably switch, either to a self-hosted wordpress blog or to a blogger account, to allow me to do one of the linkies where everything is on this page. In the mean time, please click the link to check out other blogs, even if you aren’t participating. Thanks!


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