Weekend Blues


I’m really sorry for the lack of posting over here. I haven’t been feeling the knitting these past couple of days; speed-knitting the design project really took a toll on me. Still, I have some progress on Locke to show you. That’s the right front! I’ve just started decreasing for the neck, and the armhole is only half an inch away. It’s been going pretty well. Even though I’m not grooving on simple knits, I’ve been really enjoying cables lately, which makes Locke the perfect project to work on.

Sorry for the crappy picture- I went home for the weekend and forgot to bring my camera!

But, if you want some inspiration, boy do I have some blog posts for you. First, Knitted Bliss just finished the brightest, most wonderful baby blanket in the world using a very cute and creative slip stitch pattern.  That is one lucky baby.

Next, Stitched Together‘s lace-weight circular shawl is to die for. I’m always jealous of those people who can deal with a lace-weight shawl. The best I’ve ever done is fingering, and even then I always end up getting bored. Kudos!

Learner’s Per-knit also just finished a lace project, too, although this one uses some bright red worsted yarn. Congrats to her!

And the final shawl? That’s from Being Careful Not to Twist. Honestly, the shawl is pretty, but her gorgeous, but the photography? FANTASTIC! It looks like she took her pictures during a vacation in Hawaii, and all it’s making me do is want to be somewhere warm and sunny with a beach. Sigh.

Do you guys enjoy the Blog Week in Review segment? I really do, plus I feel like it’s a great way to find new blogs that are putting some great stuff out there. I’m considering doing a Mr. Linky widget, in the hopes that other people are willing to do a Blog Week in Review. What are your thoughts? Are you willing to participate? Let me know!

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  1. I’m feelin’ ya with the whole burnt out on speed knitting thing. Unfortunately I have a second knit to finish up.

    I’m loving your sweater! That green is just lovely. Maybe my next me project will have to be a green sweater.

    And I like your blogs in review series. It’s fun to find other blogs I would have never known about.

  2. Your sweater is looking great. Love the cables and color. My knitting energy has dropped quite a bit in the last few weeks, too. I think that your blog week in review feature is a wonderful way to get reinspired by all the awesome projects out there.

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