Blog Week in Review- March 25- April 1, 2012


This week, I have a couple of really, really good FO’s for you guys. Unfortunately, they’re not mine ūüė¶ Still, I really encourage you guys to take a look. I read all of these blogs completely regularly, and if I’m highlighting them it means that they really have something beautiful going on!

First, a blog that I’ve noticed gets a new FO almost every week. It’s Smoking Hot Needles, and she just finished the most beautiful shawl ever. It’s the Sharktooth Shawl, and it is gorgeous. The body of the triangular shawl is garter stitch, but instead of the usual yo, k1, yo ‘spine’ running up the back, Steven West added a triangle motif that looks exactly like shark teeth. The teeth on the border add so much to the pattern without crossing the line from stylish to¬†kitschy. Smoking Hot Needles’s version, made in a simple light grey, is¬†truly, classically, beautiful.

Next, lets head over to My Sister’s Knitter, who is actually the blogger who gave me the idea to do this segment. To change things up, she posted a couple of pairs of finished socks last Monday. Both the green and red pairs are elegantly patterned, and really something special. Congrats!


Next, we’re going to talk about a new design available for pre-order. Ramblings of a Fiber-Obsessed Transplant Vermonter has shown pictures of her newest design: the Boyden Cardigan. It is amazing. The simple, asymmetrical cables add just a touch of elegance to a cardigan that looks¬†incredibly¬†versatile. You might remember that I knit the Dunkelipa hat from her a couple of weeks ago. In exchange, she actually gifted me a coupon code for a free copy of one of her patterns. Needles to say, I put it¬†straight¬†down on the table for this Cardigan! My Aunt promised to take me yarn shopping next time I see her, and I’m most definitely getting enough DK weight for this Cardigan.

Next, Kalkette Knits just finished a couple of projects, too. My favorite is the¬†Crescentina Shawl, a test knit. It looks like she made the shawl sideways, make the crescent pattern with short rows. It’s an entirely original way to showcase a¬†variegated¬†or hand painted yarn, and I really love it!

Finally, to finish up my shawl envy, we have On Being a Knitwit’s Wingspan shawl. This is another one with an interesting, spiky construction. I don’t know how to describe it beyond that, so pretty please go check it out on her blog!

Just a wee bit of ribbbing

And as for my knitting? After my sock-success last week, I’ve started on one of the fronts for my Locke St. Cardigan. As usual, it’s not that it’s slow going, it’s just that I’m at the point where I feel like I’ve already knit this whole thing before. Hopefully, it won’t take too long. I’ve also got a secret design project brewing, too, so that might add some ‘flavor’ to my knitting!


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  1. Thanks forstopping by my blog. That is the cutest hat. I have a friend who would just love that. And, I love all of your links. What a good idea.

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