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1 Week of Blogging all Rolled Up into One Post


This past week has been killer. That’s not to say that I haven’t been knitting- oh no, there’s been knitting. But it’s been more of the ‘frantic stockinette to soothe my nerves’ than the ‘look, pretty! let’s take a second to stop and show the blog.’ That would be why there have been no posts. Still, today, I have a bunch of stuff to make up for the madness. The procrastination has taken hold! First, I’ll show off my finished Scrappy Socks. For those of you just turning in, I made these socks entirely out of leftover sock yarn that’s been chilling in my stash. Green! Eco-Friendly! Yeah!

Sock numero dos: completed yesterday morning-ish.

They don’t fit extremely well, which is a tad bit disappointing. I would have thought that I have my perfect sock recipe down by now, but I’m blaming it on the slightly different gauges of the fingering sock yarn. The light green is spud and chloe sock. Let me say, that stuff is like super-sock-yarn, which is why I chose it for the heel. The silk content + the way it is spun (magic?) + the slightly thicker than normal yarn= a pretty hard wearing sock. It might be a little baggy, but I’m perfectly happy with it.

Can you spot the difference?

Well, CAN you see it? I ended up switching the yarn for the toe on the second sock. The first one was the knit picks sock yarn that I just have lying around for contrasting/coordinating toes and heels. By the time I finished that sock, though, I knew that I would have a TON of the bluish yarn left. That’s Knit One, Crochet Too something or other, and it’s a pleasure to work with. I seem to remember that there is some silk in there (maybe?), so it just flows through your fingers like…silk. Anyway, I still have about 15g left of it, so it will probably make some very nice toes in the future, too. And one final picture, just for your pleasure…


Of course, no weekend is complete without a blog week in review. We’ve got some good ones! First, Minding My Own Stitches finished her Santa Fe socks. Normally, I wouldn’t get so excited about a seemingly simple pair of socks, but I just wanted to honor her perseverance with the colorwork. Her first try came out WAY TOO TIGHT, but did she send them to the frog pile of shame? No, she kept at it. And that’s much more than I’ve ever done for colorwork.

Next, Gynx’s Aphrodite 2.0 is really, really cool. And when I say cool, I don’t mean cool construction, or cool technique, or cool yarn (even though it is all of those things). It just looks like something that someone much cooler than me would wear. And this is also a re-boot of a previous project, too!

Knitting Sandwich, always one of my favs, made a baby sweater…knit on the bias. Oh yeah, it’s like the baby is wearing a v-neck, except it’s just really clever construction!

While Don’t Drool on the Wool’s red cabled cropped pullover is not something that I would personally wear, it certainly has style. And cables. Oh, the cables.

Erin-Kate’s slouchy beret-style hat is entirely her own invention, and very, very unique. Instead of ribbing, she added holes to thread a ribbon through on the pattern. From the pictures, it looks like the cloud slouch sits pretty well on the head, too. No more slouchy hats falling off at odd times!

Finally, Knitted Bliss’s Alluvial Cowl is squooshy and cabley and cozy and everything right in the world. Trust me, you have to see this baby.

As per usual, if you’re doing a blog week in review (someone join me, please!), don’t forget to click the linky above and add your blog. And if you’re looking for some more blogs to read, check to see who else has joined! Thanks for stopping by, guys, and hopefully I’ll be able to talk to you soon!

Starting Something New


Yesterday, I started a new project. I dug through my school yarn bin, and found a bunch of different scraps of sock yarn. I was actually looking for a full skein to do a more intense project, but I figured that school might be a little too crazy for something that requires too much attention. The smallest was only about 3g, but the biggest is somewhere around 30g. I’m really excited about what is going to happen with this yarn!


First, I made a toe. I used just a wee bit of dark green Knit Picks Sock Yarn to start the toe, and it came out a little something like this. As per usual, I’m going toe-up using DPN’s and a stockinette body with a slip-stitch heel.

Sock yarn scraps!

And then here’s all of my scraps. Clockwise, from left to right, we are starting with some hand-painted stroll sock yarn (Knit Picks), then the blue and grey/silver from Knit One, Crochet Too with a little bit of silk. I have the most of that yarn (that’s the one with 30g), so maybe I’ll use it for the gusset section. The lime green yarn is Spud and Chloe sock, and then there is some more stroll, this time in grey and blue. There’s just a couple of grams of a sea cell blend that I used FOREVER ago to make a shawl, and the last little bit of the Twilight Sock Yarn in the Duchess Colorway. That’s it! It measures to about 65g, and with the toes in another yarn that should be more than enough to make some me-sized socks.

Blog Week in Review: 4/14- 4/21


Although I don’t have much work of my own to show you, I have plenty of other people’s beautiful FO’s. Yes, it is, once again, time for blog week in review. As always, I encourage you to also post about your inspiration from around the blog-o-sphere. Then, click the Mr. Linky at the bottom of the page and register your post! Even if you don’t get a chance to do your own write-up, PLEASE click the Mr. Linky and see what other people are doing. Hopefully, after exams are over, I’ll do some conversions and find a way to make my blog compatible with the Mr. Linkies where you can post directly on the page. Hopefully.

My Sometimes Crafty Life just finished a Mizzle Shawl. She made it with 2 different skeins of laceweight held double, and the color variation really is fantastic. From the pictures, you’d just think it’s a pink yarn speckled with a rust color, but if you zoom in you can see so much more. It really is rather fantastic!

Next, With These Hands is showing off a gorgeous Clapotis using Noro Yuzen. I think I just got into the serious knitting online world just after the worst of the Clapotis fever, so I haven’t seen TOO many of these. And, can I just say, they are gorgeous. Although she complains about the texture of the Noro a little (and lets be honest, who hasn’t?), the colors really are worth it!

Moving away from shawls, Knitting Love’s newest pair of socks are worth giving a look. She used the Bubble Stream pattern, and I love how the stitch pattern travels over the top of the foot from side to side. I’m not doing it justice- go take a click. I just added that pattern to my favorites…maybe it would work for the Candy Skein yarn I got a couple of weeks ago?

Finally, yet another shawl. Knit The Hell Out (one of my favorite blog names, by the way) finally got the chance to get some good pictures of her Stripe Study Shawl to post. Can I say how jealous of this I am? Purple and green are my two favorite colors in the world, and I’ve been contemplating making a shawl for wearing while I am studying and working on the computer. Although the Mizzle looked pretty cozy, too…

Slow Going


I don’t really have much to say today. I’ve been working on the button band/shawl collar for my Locke Cardigan, but it’s slow going. Those long rows can take FOREVER.

I’m also just jumping in to the finals craze, so I don’t have a ton of time for knitting or, you know, blogging. So, just be prepared. Blogging might get irregular, or you know, stop. Just look for a couple of these super-short posts in your future! Until next time.

It’s a sweater!


I finished the second front on my Locke Cardigan! I really am very excited- the end is near. Although the pictures don’t show it, I’ve actually sewed the whole monster together, and am hoping to get some work done on the button band this weekend. With any luck, the cardigan will be finished by the end of finals, and I can just give it a final block and do the last of the finishing work when I get home.

Laid out on my bed.

The only problem that I had with sewing up happened, predictably, around the armholes. The sleeve cap was just way, way too short for the 8″ armholes that the pattern called for on the fronts and back. For some reason, the fronts actually seemed longer, so I just picked out the bind-off and ripped those back a little. The sleeves were a bit more difficult. I ended up picking out the bind-off and then knitting about 6 more rows, binding off one or two stitches at the edges of each. It made a pretty ragged end, but you can’t really see that after it’s sewn up. When I have pictures, I’ll make sure to show you a close up of the sleeve. I’m not completely happy with how it looks, but hopefully blocking will take care of the worst of it.

A close-up of how the fronts will look when it's finished.

Despite this, I’m still loving how this sweater looks. The cables are cozy and intricate and generally awesome. Even though you can’t really tell from the pictures, the color is a deep heathered green, but it’s still light enough that the cables are very obvious. I can already tell that this is going to be a sweater that will get a lot of use…when it gets cold enough, in 4 months.

Long view!

By the way, did you guys notice that I changed the theme? Maybe it’s the fact that it’s 85 degrees today, but the old theme just seemed to dark for my mood. I’m feeling the bright colors a lot more today. Eventually, I’ll probably upgrade my wordpress account to the professional service (not in the least because I can do a real mr. linky for the blog week in review), and maybe I’ll make some sort of signature look, with a knitting picture or something. We’ll see. And, for all of you bloggers, don’t forget to keep track of your favorite posts of the week to join me in the Blog Week in Review!

Blog Week in Review: 4/8-4/15


Ok, so we’re doing something new today! I don’t know how many of you have ever used a Mr. Linky (probably those of you who found me on Tami’s, right?), but it allows you to link your blog to mine, and have it show up in a list. I think we’re going to give it a try (I hope it works!). So, here’s how it’s going to go. I’m going to give my Blog Week in Review, and then, below it, you’ll see the Mr. Linky. If you are doing a review, feel free to link to my page so I can go check yours out! I don’t have a super-cool graphic or anything (but if you want to make me one, I won’t say no ;)), but I would love to see what you guys have to say about your favorite blogs. For me, at least, knitting is a pretty solitary activity. I’m not a member of a regular group, so I find most of my inspiration online. I thought this would be a great way for all of us to share some of our favs, even if we can’t see them in person. For more complete instructions and rules, scroll down to below the Mr. Linky. Good luck!

And now, for the review! Can I just say that the whole blogging world seems to be obsessed with things that go around your neck? Every single one of my links today go around your neck…maybe I’m just obsessed with how they look? Either way, when Locke is finished, I’m making a shawl. Or a scarf. Probably.

Well, first of all, we have one of my perpetual favorites. Smoking Hot Needles just finished a test knit for Stephen West. The Chevry shawl is simply amazing! I love the color-blocking along the spine. It’s classic WestKnits!

French Press Knits has just released her newest design, the Like a Lamb Shawl. It’s a rectangular shawl with the kind of geometric lace edging that I’m really loving this season. Please take a look.

Hurrayic’s finished Honey Cowl is really pretty. This winter I was loving the look of those long, infinity scarves, and I love to see it transitioning into spring with a lighter look. The stitch pattern looks really great with those busy handpainted yarns, so I might have to stroll etsy for a while to fall in love with something to match this!

Next, Knitting Love’s shawl. On it’s own, the lace pattern is nice. Not completely stunning, but nice. Knitting Love, however, has added some colored stripes to just knock it out of the park. I may be completely and entirely in love with these stripes!

Stitched Together just made a Color Affection shawl. Now, I first fell in love with this pattern when it came out on the Plucky Knitter‘s blog, which I also read, but seeing more FO’s all over the place is making me think a little bit more seriously about making it myself. I hadn’t noticed that it has some shaping built in it to help it settle on your shoulders…that’s certainly a plus, right?

Finally, My Sister’s Knitter also just finished a nice piece of lace. Go check out her Arroyo shawl, it really is gorgeous!

Blog Week in Review Rules: First of all, thanks for participating! It really means a lot to me. Second, here are the big bad rules. All you need to qualify as a week in review is, at the very least, one or two links to posts that have inspired you on other blogs throughout the week. They can be FO, WIP’s, essays, anything! It will probably help if you write a short sentence or two describing why you liked the post, but it’s not required. Don’t forget to link back to the posts, and, for the sake of copyright rules, please refrain from copying and pasting pictures or text from a post without credit or prior approval. And thanks for participating!

Note: for now, this is a blog, which means this is the only linky I can do. Eventually, I’ll probably switch, either to a self-hosted wordpress blog or to a blogger account, to allow me to do one of the linkies where everything is on this page. In the mean time, please click the link to check out other blogs, even if you aren’t participating. Thanks!

FO Friday: Leafy Tops II


All squooshed because I haven't exactly blocked it, yet...

I finished my second Leafy Tops Hat! For those of you who don’t remember, this is actually my own design. When I asked my sister to model the original sample, however, she completely fell in love with it, so I HAD to give it to her for Hanukah. I mean, what is there not to like about this thing? The stockinette is flecked with tweedy goodness for some interest, and the lace decreases are oh so cool.

It is finished and I am happy!

I completely am in love with the finished fabric the yarn produces. Although the Knit One, Crochet Too Brae Tweed (60% Merino, 20% Llama, 10% Wool, 10% Bamboo) is, as a single ply, a little bit splitty, the AMAZING fiber content is so drapey and warm that no one can resist it.

Looking down from the top.

I had to do just a bit of modding on this one. I wasn’t really paying attention to how long my stockinette portion was, so I think I may have knit almost a 1/2″ too far. The first time, I ran out of yarn with about 10 rows of decreases to go. I frogged back and got rid of 2 rounds of stockinette, but I could still feel my yarn running out. I had to switch to decreasing every row about 2 rows early, but I think it still came out OK. Laying flat, it’s a little bit scrunchy, but that could be because it hasn’t been blocked yet. On my head it lays perfectly flat.

Also, I may have forgotten that my interchangable US6 needles were on the sweater that I may have unfairly left to work on this project. I was feeling a little bit too lazy to search out another pair, so I just did the ribbing on the same needles as the rest of the body. There’s a slight pucker as I switched from the ribbing to the stockinette, but it’s not too bad. I’ve decided to let it go and live with it 😉

Artsy shot of me looking out the window.

For more FO Friday posts, don’t forget to check out Tami’s!

WIP Wed: Leafy Tops II


I did something bad. Instead of working some more on my second sweater front, I grabbed some yarn from my stash.

50g Brae Tweed

It’s Knit One, Crochet Too Brae Tweed (60% Merino, 20% llama, 10% wool, 10% bamboo) in a caramel color. I grabbed it the last time I was at the Yarn Club in Virginia Beach in order to replace something that I had already made. You see, last winter I came out with the Leafy Tops Hat pattern and I made the sample in this yarn. It was beautiful. It was wonderful. It was luscious. And then I put it on my sister’s head to model it, and she fell in love with it, too. Needless to say, I gave it to her for Hanukah.

Leafy Tops Hat

I went without for the rest of the winter, but, for some reason, I JUST HAD TO CAST IT ON yesterday as I was puttering around my room. The fabric is just as amazing as it was last time, and I’m so happy to be working with it again. I’ve only gotten through the ribbing and a bit of stockinette, but I can’t wait to get to the lace decrease section. It was my favorite the first time, and I’m really excited to be able to just enjoy the ride and not have to take a ton of notes on the pattern!


I’ve had some of my test knitters complain a little about how the pattern suits their yarn choice. The Brae Tweed is a pretty loosely spun single ply, but I’ve never had it snap on me. It shares a lot of characteristics with Knit Picks City Tweed Heavy Weight as far as drape and weight, but I think it would work well with any yarn that you are able to do a k3togtbl without it snapping! A more tightly plied 100% wool would probably hold the lace at the top really well, even though it might not make the luscious fabric I’m getting.

For more WIP Wed., check out Tami’s!

Weekend Blues


I’m really sorry for the lack of posting over here. I haven’t been feeling the knitting these past couple of days; speed-knitting the design project really took a toll on me. Still, I have some progress on Locke to show you. That’s the right front! I’ve just started decreasing for the neck, and the armhole is only half an inch away. It’s been going pretty well. Even though I’m not grooving on simple knits, I’ve been really enjoying cables lately, which makes Locke the perfect project to work on.

Sorry for the crappy picture- I went home for the weekend and forgot to bring my camera!

But, if you want some inspiration, boy do I have some blog posts for you. First, Knitted Bliss just finished the brightest, most wonderful baby blanket in the world using a very cute and creative slip stitch pattern.  That is one lucky baby.

Next, Stitched Together‘s lace-weight circular shawl is to die for. I’m always jealous of those people who can deal with a lace-weight shawl. The best I’ve ever done is fingering, and even then I always end up getting bored. Kudos!

Learner’s Per-knit also just finished a lace project, too, although this one uses some bright red worsted yarn. Congrats to her!

And the final shawl? That’s from Being Careful Not to Twist. Honestly, the shawl is pretty, but her gorgeous, but the photography? FANTASTIC! It looks like she took her pictures during a vacation in Hawaii, and all it’s making me do is want to be somewhere warm and sunny with a beach. Sigh.

Do you guys enjoy the Blog Week in Review segment? I really do, plus I feel like it’s a great way to find new blogs that are putting some great stuff out there. I’m considering doing a Mr. Linky widget, in the hopes that other people are willing to do a Blog Week in Review. What are your thoughts? Are you willing to participate? Let me know!