WIP Wed: Simple Socks


I’ve been bad. Instead of starting on the fronts of my cardigan, I’ve moved on to something really quick. It’s been a while since I’ve knit a pair of socks. I just wasn’t feeling it…but now I am!


I’m starting out slow: just a dead-simple stockinette pair. I’m using the toe-up model with a slip-stitch heel, which is pretty much my favorite. The real awesomeness is the yarn: I’m using up the rest of my Twilight Knits Merino Superwash Sock in the Duchess colorway: the BRIGHTEST pink, yellow, black, and violent blue that you’ve ever seen. It’s awesome. I already used just over half of it on another pair of socks, so, thanks to my tiny, tiny feet, I can fit in another pair of anklets. Yeah!


So, at this point, I’ve got one whole sock finished and then the toe of the next one. They’re going really quickly, and I’m loving the ride. I’ve forgotten the ‘rush’ you get from a pair of socks. You get to use the most awesome yarn, the funnest patterns, and there’s no ‘this is taking forever’ lag. Especially with my tiny feet!

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  1. Bah. I have larger feet, so it takes a bit longer for me to make socks.
    The socks you’ve made look like so much fun to wear. Nothing is better than fun socks!

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