The past two days have been as crazy as they come, and I haven’t gotten more than another couple of rows done on my Locke St. Cardigan. In fact, yesterday was just so crazy that I couldn’t shut my mind off and go to sleep. Does this ever happen to you? I was plenty tired, but I just had so much to think about that I hardly got any sleep last night. I ended up out and about pretty early this morning…I got a couple pictures of campus in our crazy fog, and now I’m just sitting around watching Good Morning America in one of our student centers before my first class. Anyway, here are some pictures… Hopefully I’ll have some time to get the knitting done soon.

the view from the front door of my dorm

Walking down the street

Wren Building creeping out of the fog

I believe this is Tyler Hall...


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  1. The not being able to shut my brain off in order to sleep happens to me ALL THE TIME. I find that reading before bed helps a lot, because it gets your mind away from the racing thoughts and makes your eyes tired.

    I assume you had midterms recently, I hope you did well on them!

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