Locke St. Back


Can you see the puckering? also, why does it look like it has grey streaks? IT IS GREEN!

So, over the past couple of days I’ve been working on the back of my Locke St. Cardigan. It’s going pretty well, except for the fact that it took me a couple of rows to remember to go up to the bigger needles after the ribbing. I did get a wee bit of puckering, but, considering the yarn and needle size, I would have pretty much had to rip out my whole 2.5 inches, and I wasn’t about to do that. Hopefully the puckering will go away with blocking, but I’m not sure that I really care about it that much anyway. I doubt you’ll see it when it’s on.

Close up on the cabeling, again with the green?

And I’m loving how the all of the cables look together. It’s all ribby and cabley and wonderful. It’s interesting enough to distract me from the crazyness that is my life right now, but all of the cables are small and simple enough for me to pretty much keep the pattern in my hand. I’ve been having a wee bit of trouble remembering the increases and decreases, but those are almost over. Then I’ll be on the armholes, and mostly finished (at least with the back)! In general, I’m just really, really happy with the way it’s going!

Full on back magic- and NOW it looks more green!

And then for the blog week in review…I’ve been a little bit lazy about bookmarking my favs, so I only have two for you this week. I think that I remembered to comment on a lot of the prettiest posts, though! Over on Knitting Sandwich, she made a little cabled dress out of some fantastic hand-spun. It is adorable, and you should definitely take a look. And Glenna the Crazy Knitting Lady has published her next update to the Urban Collection. That’s actually the ebook that the Locke St. Cardigan is from, so I was really excited to see what patterns I also own šŸ˜‰ The new Water St. Cardigan is very, very pretty. I’m not sure that it fits my style, but it certainly looks like something that I could gift. Perhaps to my mother? Although she is in knitting punishment for hardly every wearing the cardigans that I ALREADY made her. We’ll see.


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