A Lazy Week In Review


I have tons of things to show you, but, for some reason, I feel no desire to write about them right now. I’ve been shopping, and I have a new pattern out, but I guess the spring break recovery/lethargy has even spread to the knitting.

I’m almost, almost to the sleeve cap shaping for my first sleeve on the Locke St. Cardigan. Ok, so this picture is kinda of old, my it’s rainy outside and I don’t really feel like getting my camera out for what will probably be some really, really bad pictures. Just think of this one and add a LOT of inches!

The same thing, just about ten inches longer and with a bunch of well-placed increases!

Instead of spending a bunch of time talking about my knitting, however, I thought I would show off some of my favorite posts from other blogs that I read. They’re all from the last couple of days- I didn’t plan this ahead, so I couldn’t really find ALL of my favorites, but I really would like to do something like a ‘week in review’ on my Saturday posts. I think it sounds rather fun, how about you?

Without further ado, I would like to point out the My Sister’s Knitter blog, where, not only did I get the idea for doing this at all, but she’s also showing off a rather adorable crocheted baby blanket.

Over on Learner’s Per-Knit, the author is voicing the complaint a lot of us have- no light! But she’s also showing off a GORGEOUS Ginevra Pullover in two shades of purple. Just simply amazing.

Gilda is introducing a new pattern: an adorable baby hat with bear ears! Awww!

Ramblings of a Fiber Obsessed Transplant Vermonter is…rambling…about her love of stripes. And how could you not love her orange and purple striped socks?

And Bear Ears is also talking about socks, although her TARDIS socks are distinctly more geeky than anything I’ve seen in a while!


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  1. I had been kinda interested in knitting that sweater, but your color choice makes is so much more desirable now. Let’s see how long I can resist the urge.

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