Just Another Mostly Kinda Sorta Finished Object Friday


I got home just in time this afternoon (Spring Break!) to do some blocking. The baby blanket is blocking on my floor, and can I just say that it GREW. At this point, it is well over 2×3 feet, so I feel like it will be fine.


On the other hand, I’m a little worried about the washability. I chose Plymouth Encore because of the high acrylic content (and very reasonable price). I figured that anything for a newborn would be better if it could just be thrown in the wash and dryer. I don’t know, however, how the lace will look after dryer. Hopefully, the agitation will work to stretch it instead of leaving it all scrunched up and un-lacey. Oh well. I’m going to go jet and take a nice relaxing nap. I deserve it after the week that I’ve had.

And then small. Btw, the yellow isn't quite this violent- that's my lights 😉

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  1. That lace pattern is so pretty! It makes for a wonderful baby blanket. I’m sure the lace’ll wash and dry fine. I’ve gifted baby knits made from acrylic before and haven’t had any problems! If you’re worried about it you could perhaps try steam blocking it with a steam iron? That works fantastically for acrylic in my experience, and is apparently permanent.

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