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FO Friday: 1 Week Socks


I think I’ve decided to rename my newest pair of socks. 1 Week Socks sounds a whole lot better, and I’m so proud of the fact that they only took me a week to finish, even with all of other stuff I had to do.

1+1=a pair of socks in less than a week!

For those of you just tuning in, I made this dead-simple pair of stockinette anklets using my usual toe-up slip stitch heel model and some leftover yarn. It was about 45g of Twilight Knits Superwash Merino in the Duchess colorway, but now there’s less than a yard left! Woo for the stashbusting! The colorway is amazingly bright: I don’t know if I could ever use it to make something that people would actually see, but it works well for the simple stockinette of a pair of socks. Unfortunately, judging by how my other pair has worn, the colors won’t be so bright for very long. Of course, that could be the fact that I loved that pair so often that they got A LOT of wear, and a lot of washing.


The anklet length is a little shorter than I would like. If I could go back, I would at least do the toes or heels in a contrasting color so I could get enough length that they would go above the edge of my tennis shoes. Still, they work perfectly well, and I’d probably not change them from anything!

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In other news, there’s a new episode of Game of Thrones this weekend! I’m so excited. After last season I actually geeked out and read all of the books. There is something so satisfying about reading a well-written 800+pg. fantasy novel, much less a whole series of them. Unfortunately, the author does have the tendency to kill off all of my favorite characters 😦 I can’t wait to see what they do with the second book on the TV show- I’m sure it will be awesome!

WIP Wed: Simple Socks


I’ve been bad. Instead of starting on the fronts of my cardigan, I’ve moved on to something really quick. It’s been a while since I’ve knit a pair of socks. I just wasn’t feeling it…but now I am!


I’m starting out slow: just a dead-simple stockinette pair. I’m using the toe-up model with a slip-stitch heel, which is pretty much my favorite. The real awesomeness is the yarn: I’m using up the rest of my Twilight Knits Merino Superwash Sock in the Duchess colorway: the BRIGHTEST pink, yellow, black, and violent blue that you’ve ever seen. It’s awesome. I already used just over half of it on another pair of socks, so, thanks to my tiny, tiny feet, I can fit in another pair of anklets. Yeah!


So, at this point, I’ve got one whole sock finished and then the toe of the next one. They’re going really quickly, and I’m loving the ride. I’ve forgotten the ‘rush’ you get from a pair of socks. You get to use the most awesome yarn, the funnest patterns, and there’s no ‘this is taking forever’ lag. Especially with my tiny feet!

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Birthday Presents!


Thanks to all of you who wished me a happy birthday- I really appreciated it! Although I didn’t get any yarn for my bday, I thought I would share with you what is by far my favorite present.

Bag, bag, bag!

My mom quilted me a huge tote bag that is perfect for carrying my knitting around in! Right now I have my Locke St. Cardigan in it. All of my extra yarn (about 7 skeins), plus the 2 sleeves, the back, the pattern, and both sizes of needles fit in here with no problem. It really is spectacular!

Looking in. So roomy- and you can't tell that there is definitely room for more stuff in here!

It has at least 6 pockets, which my mother spoiled me by filling with a present each. Some were small- a flashlight and tire pressure gauge for my car, but others were a lot better- the new Florence and the Machine CD that I’ve been lusting after (highly recommended), season 1 of Game of Thrones (amazing!), and then, best of all were the gift certificates. She hit up Panera (my favorite salad/sandwich place EVER), Starbucks (there aren’t really any good indie coffee shops near my house, so I have to go there for a good iced coffee), and, best of all, Knit Wits, my LYS at home. Last time I was there they had some new stuff in, some I’m excited to go back next summer and pick up some more supplies. Wooo!


And here’s a close-up of the bag. My mom’s only been quilting for a little while, but it looks so professional. I’m really proud of her- she’s progressing really quickly. I don’t know if she reads this or not (I have definitely given her the sight, but I don’t know how often she visits), but THANK YOU, Mom. This present was really spectacular, and I love it. Well, I’m off to work on my group project, but stay tuned for something new on Wed. I’m really excited to show you!

Blog Week in Review


I finally finished the sweater back! It’s looking good, although I’m a little worried about how long it is- hopefully I’m just judging it wrong, considering I’m holding it up to my front and not the back!


Anyway, besides that I’m just going to point out a couple of other blogs and then head off. It’s my Birthday tomorrow (21!) so I want to get as must work finished today as I can so that I can fool around tomorrow morning BEFORE my parents come up. I am definitely taking advantage of my free drink at Starbucks, and I think I’ll stop at Trader Joes on the way back. They’re supposed to have good beer, right? Anyone have any suggestions?

My first fav from the week is the Gwendolyn Cardigan that Knitting to Stay Sane just finished. It’s gorgeous! I love the cables, and I think the contrasting color on the edge really works well.

Next, Smoking Hot Needles‘s Polyhmynia’s Triangle is just beyond words. It’s complex and creative and fun and something that knitters love to knit, but also looks like it is completely wearable. You have to see it- I just love it so much.

Finally, Elephant Juice‘s simple striped socks have me eyeing my sock knitting dpn’s. Their simple cozyness has me dreaming of a pair of stockinette socks in one of the crazy-er hand-dyed skeins ruminating in my stash. Maybe just a real quick pair before I start working on the fronts of Locke…

Just so many things going on…


Sweater back!

I’ve got a million things going on right now. It’s a little insane. For knitting, I’ve finally reached the armhole decreases on the Locke St. Cardigan. Finally. After this, it’s only another 7″ to go…that’s a lot more knitting than I thought it was. I’m not even thinking about the fronts, the collar, and then ALL THAT FINISHING WORK!

Armhole...or the beginnings of one, anyway.

The other ‘knitting thing’ is a another proposal for the Knit Picks Independent Designer Program. I have been dying to play with the stripes in their Chroma yarn, and I think they might be looking for more patterns using it. Hopefully it’ll go through- I really like the idea! If it does, you’ll see more about it in the coming days…and if it doesn’t it might take longer, because I’ll have to buy my own yarn. I’m not letting them not choosing to sponsor the pattern stop this one from getting published! I also have another hat pattern ruminating in my mind, but I think I might do that one on the sly and then submit it to a magazine. Sorry, but I am trying to focus on getting published in something special soon!

As for not-knitting ‘things’ I’ve got an assignment to design and deliver a lesson plan for one of my classes in the School of Education. Things are not going well. My cooperating teacher is really stressed by her Benchmark Tests (sort of like midterms for the state tests), so she really does not have a lot of room for me, and just sent me a rather ominous email.

I’ve also got another HUGE paper going on, and this one is a group project, so it’s a lot harder to just do some work on it on my own. All of the girls in my group (oh yeah, all girls. Hallmark of the education program) are super busy, so we end up having to meet at rather strange times. Hopefully, it will turn out OK.

In addition, my roommate and I have basically figured out where we are living next year, so now we have to go through all of the motions of signing the lease, paying our deposit (in cash??), and dealing with the ‘lock-out’ where they lock us out of the apt. during the summer and only ask for half rent. It is complicated and stressful.

Luckily, however, my Birthday is this weekend! It’s the big 2-1, so I’m really, really looking forward to it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the rest of this STUFF finished up so I can just enjoy myself Sunday! I hope everything is going well with you guys, and that you are slightly less stressed than me.



The past two days have been as crazy as they come, and I haven’t gotten more than another couple of rows done on my Locke St. Cardigan. In fact, yesterday was just so crazy that I couldn’t shut my mind off and go to sleep. Does this ever happen to you? I was plenty tired, but I just had so much to think about that I hardly got any sleep last night. I ended up out and about pretty early this morning…I got a couple pictures of campus in our crazy fog, and now I’m just sitting around watching Good Morning America in one of our student centers before my first class. Anyway, here are some pictures… Hopefully I’ll have some time to get the knitting done soon.

the view from the front door of my dorm

Walking down the street

Wren Building creeping out of the fog

I believe this is Tyler Hall...

Locke St. Back


Can you see the puckering? also, why does it look like it has grey streaks? IT IS GREEN!

So, over the past couple of days I’ve been working on the back of my Locke St. Cardigan. It’s going pretty well, except for the fact that it took me a couple of rows to remember to go up to the bigger needles after the ribbing. I did get a wee bit of puckering, but, considering the yarn and needle size, I would have pretty much had to rip out my whole 2.5 inches, and I wasn’t about to do that. Hopefully the puckering will go away with blocking, but I’m not sure that I really care about it that much anyway. I doubt you’ll see it when it’s on.

Close up on the cabeling, again with the green?

And I’m loving how the all of the cables look together. It’s all ribby and cabley and wonderful. It’s interesting enough to distract me from the crazyness that is my life right now, but all of the cables are small and simple enough for me to pretty much keep the pattern in my hand. I’ve been having a wee bit of trouble remembering the increases and decreases, but those are almost over. Then I’ll be on the armholes, and mostly finished (at least with the back)! In general, I’m just really, really happy with the way it’s going!

Full on back magic- and NOW it looks more green!

And then for the blog week in review…I’ve been a little bit lazy about bookmarking my favs, so I only have two for you this week. I think that I remembered to comment on a lot of the prettiest posts, though! Over on Knitting Sandwich, she made a little cabled dress out of some fantastic hand-spun. It is adorable, and you should definitely take a look. And Glenna the Crazy Knitting Lady has published her next update to the Urban Collection. That’s actually the ebook that the Locke St. Cardigan is from, so I was really excited to see what patterns I also own 😉 The new Water St. Cardigan is very, very pretty. I’m not sure that it fits my style, but it certainly looks like something that I could gift. Perhaps to my mother? Although she is in knitting punishment for hardly every wearing the cardigans that I ALREADY made her. We’ll see.