WIP Wed: Rocky Coast Cardigan Numero Dos


Rocky Coast Cardigan

For my second WIP Wed. on the Rocky Coast Cardigan I have some major progress to show you. The last time you got a picture, I don’t even think I had started on the second sleeve. Now, I’ve finished both sleeves, the body, and I’m about half way done with the button band/shawl collar. Here it is.

Sleeve, bottom edging, and collar/button band thing

As always, I’m only part way sure that I have enough yarn. I only have one skein of the brown that I’m using for all of the ribbing, but hopefully it will work out. I think the color combo looks good, although I would be much happier if the red was slightly less pink. In case you were wondering, this is Plymouth Yarn Galway Highland Heather (100% wool- discontinued) that I bought way back in the day. I made a sweater out of it, but frogged it and now we’ve got a beautiful Rocky Coast Cardi. Well, mostly.

More of the same- this time on the left!

Remember when my sleeves were way too narrow? I ended up casting on an extra six stitches over the arm pit and not doing any decreases until right before the ribbing. It’s still a bit tight at the top, but not excessively so. I mean, if I can get it over my arms unblocked, I’m calling it a win. Hopefully, blocking will add some ease.

I wish I could write more, but as classes are taking over my life, I’ve got to run. Check out Tami’s for more WIP Wed. posts!


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