It snowed! Between Friday evening and early Saturday morning we got about a half inch of snow. Now, all you people from anywhere cold might think that’s nothing, but for people who got no snow whatsoever last year (and 8 inches the year before???), this is something. Saturday morning I tried to do a ‘virgin snow walk,’ but people had pretty much beat me to it. In fact, the snow was already melting, and most of the buildings had lost any layers of white. I walked around campus, and even hit the first block of Colonial Williamsburg before deciding that it was just too damn cold to go any further. Still, these are the fruits of my labor…

the view from my dorm's stoop

James Blair Hall, home of the history department


someone put a snowman on the steps of the President's House

Colonial Snow!

Really Colonial Snow!


As far as the knitting goes, I’m almost finished with the second sleeve of my cardigan. After that, I just have to finish up the body and then do the button band/shawl collar and I’m finished!


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