Lazy Saturday


It’s been a kind of dark and rainy day, so, despite my best intentions, all I want to do is curl up and go to bed. After a laundry debacle, I’m trying to work (rather unsuccessfully) on a paper. Of coarse, the paper is not due for another three weeks. Then why would I be working on it, you may ask? Well, it’s because I just realized that I had FOUR papers due in the same week. That’s right, every class that I have to write papers for has a paper due in the same week. I’m going to knock one out this weekend, and another next weekend. Of the last two, one is a group project, so that shouldn’t take TOO much time. The Professor of the last one is being a little pissy about setting topics in advance (OK, his wife is pregnant, so I bet things at home aren’t going too well. And I do love this guy…I am making the baby a blanket, so forgive that comment. I wasn’t being mean), so he’s just going to get a paper that was written two days before. He’ll survive. My grade will survive. It will be fine. So, to kill time before my dryer finishes my laundry, I thought that I would write this up.

the section is literally called 'fancy work.' literally.

I got my new edition of Interweave Knits in this morning, and I must say I’m not extremely impressed. I know it’s the Spring issue, but can there be something in here that’s not a short-sleeve tank-top kind of thing? I just really don’t want to invest all of that knitting time in something I’m pretty sure that I’m never going to wear…and I’m never going to wear a tank-top the thickness of a knitted garment. Never.

Helpful, but not a whole ton of new information.

Still, there’s a nice feature on lace that goes from explaining the basics (a yo creates a whole in your fabric…and an extra stitch) to some explanations about how the patterning will pull the fabric. It’s interesting, and I liked some of the other articles, but I’m pretty sure that there’s not a single thing in there that I would knit. Sorry, Interweave, but I’m going to call that issue a fail.


I have been getting some pretty steady work on my cardigan. I finished the first sleeve, and am about half way done with the second. I’m hoping to finish it up today or tomorrow, and then I’ll do that last little ribbing on the body before moving on to the button band/collar. I’m imposing a deadline on this sweater: if I’m not finished by the end of the month I’m moving on to the baby blanket, because that has a pretty set in stone deadline 😉


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