Over My Head


Unfortunately, I really haven’t had very much time for knitting in the past couple of days. As you might have noticed from my more frantic posts in the last couple of weeks, this past semester is becoming a lot more time and energy consuming than I expected it to be. Some of this is my fault: 300 and 400 level history courses are SUPPOSED to be hard. Becoming more involved in extra-curriculars takes more time. Knitting a sweater when you are busy makes life seem like it’s moving at a snail’s pace. Still, I probably couldn’t have estimated the investment my education classes and teaching practicum are taking. This will definitely cause me to re-evaluate some of my priorities. I don’t think this will affect my blogging. Posts might be shorter, although usually once I start I can get to the 400-500 word mark, which is what I usually shoot for, with no problem. Also, I hope you’ll understand if I miss a few posts every now and then. Like they say, academics comes first.

But, on to the more exciting stuff. Almost no work has been done on the Rocky Coast Cardi, and I definitely do not have a finished object to show you this Friday. Instead, I thought I would link and talk about some of my favorite objects that I’ve seen around the blog-o-sphere today.

First, Stitched Together just finished a pair of Fiddlehead Mittens that look absolutely fantastic. They are definitely giving me colorwork envy. She added a knitted liner, and the transition looks absolutely seamless. Just gorgeous.

While Don’t Drool on the Wool might not have been enamored of her yarn- Vanna’s Choice, a 100% acrylic- her Fox Mittens are adorable. They’re convertable mittens, and it looks like she’s used different yarn colors and embroidery to make them look just like foxes!

Misadventures in Craft has just completed one of those Noro Striped Scarves everyone has been making. Although she didn’t use Noro, I can’t tell the difference from the pictures! I love the colors- pinks and purples that don’t look ridiculously girly, like some yarns.

Being Careful Not To Twist’s (Someone Else’s) Happy Hat was made to replace one that she lost. And it unfortunately is too big for her head! Still, she’s found someone else to take it, but I feel her pain at the loss. The yarn and stitch pattern go together really well; she used the North Wind Hat. I’m feeling some hat envy!

That’s all for today. Stay tuned next week. Hopefully, I’ll be able to show off some progress on a Cardigan, have a couple of book reviews, and…maybe some yarn shop finds. And if I can’t get to it, now you know why!


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