Rocky Coast Cardi


If you didn’t guess from the teaser in my last post, I’ve cast on the Rocky Coast Cardigan from Coastal Knits. I got the book in the mail last week and simply raved about it. You can snoop on the awesome patterns on ravelry (hell, that’s what made me buy the book in the first place), but it’s not until you get the book in your hands that you can see the stunning photography locations. I particularly like the idea of a pattern inspired by a certain place, it gives it another dimension. The Rocky Coast Cardigan was inspired by Two Lights State Park in Maine. Hannah Fetig aka Knitbot, the designer, talked about how she would always be surprised by the drop in temperature on the coast and have to grab a sweater. The all-stockinette cable pattern reminds me of the picture she includes of a rocky outcrop. The texture just seems to match! Anyway, enough raving about the book. On to the project.

yarn, yarn, yarn!

Some of you may remember that I used the yarn that I frogged from my extremely ill-fitting Garter Yoke Cardigan…that’s what I’m using. It’s Plymouth Yarn Galway Highland Heather in a shade that I’ve long forgotten the name for. I’m going to call it lipstick. The original Cardigan was probably the first sweater I ever made, so it was a little sad to frog it. Still, I am never, ever going to wear it again. I have enough of my mother in me to understand what that means: re-purposing. I didn’t realize it going in, but both the original cardigan and the Rocky Coast are top-down, seamless raglans, which, to me, is a great full-circle moment. I think the new pattern will definitely fit my maturing style more as I…grow up and get a real job (gasp!).

about how far I've gotten. the ends roll a bit (they'll have ribbing late), but it's a lot more than it looks like!

Anyway, I cast on not long after I showed you all my swatch, immediately jumping into it. I’ve already finished the yoke and have several inches under the arm finished. It’s going really quickly- probably because it’s on size 10 1/2 needles. Once again, I’m a little worried about yarn. I only was able to salvage a little under 350g of wool from the original cardigan (I wonder what happened to the other 50g…did I make a hat with it? Hmmm…), but I have a whole 100g skein of the same exact yarn (bought at the same time) in brown. My plan is to use the brown for the ribbing- at the bottom of the sweater, at the bottom of the sleeves, and around the button band and shawl collar. I’m really, really hoping it will be enough, because Plymouth discontinued the Highland Heather and I don’t think I’ll be able to get any more of it. Plan B might be to rip out all of the brown and get another color instead. Oh god, that sounds really complicated. Wish me luck!

close up of the cabled textured fabric

I know that just watching a blogger chug away on a big project gets a little…boring…to say the least, but never fear! I have a plan to tone down the monotony. I’ve already gotten a bunch of knitting books out of the library! So, in the next couple of weeks as I probably spend most of my time working on some pretty blog-boring projects (this cardigan and another big project), I have book reviews planned, and there may, may be a few design releases on the way, too! Don’t worry, I’ll keep you all plenty updated on the boring stuff, too.

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