As you may have guessed from the title, the Livingtone Cardigan has practically been knitting itself. In fact, it’s been going so well that, since my last post on it, I’ve finished the second front and BOTH sleeves. This morning, I got around to blocking it.

blocking on my may be able to tell that I got a little lazy on the sleeves. Whatever, they'll live.

Remember how I was complaining about the schematics in my last post? Well, you can take this as me still complaining about them. On the schematics, there is a 1/4 inch difference between the height of the sleeve shaping on the back and then on the right side (the left isn’t even pictured…). On mine, the difference is MUCH bigger. With blocking, I’ve fudged them to be even, but the fudging was much more on the front then the back. Not to mention that NEITHER of mine got up to over 8 inches- I think they’re about 7 3/4 inch tall, which should be fine for my arms. I didn’t have to pull the back at all to get it to fit the right size, but the fronts had to be pulled out a lot. I don’t THINK my guage changed at all, but it’s the only possible explanation that I have.

Cable detailing on one of the fronts. Left? Right? Right, I think...

Remember, I ended up going down a needle size but then up a pattern size to accommodate it. After blocking, I’m starting to get a little worried. I have a 34″ bust on the mark, but I would like a little ease from this roomy cardigan. Still, the modeled shot has the toggle-button-things closing the cardigan right under the bust. I’m really petite, so I’ll probably have the room I’ll need down there. Hopefully, it won’t look like I’m shooting out of the cardigan!

Livingstone Cardigan

On the other hand, I am almost absolutely certain that I will run out of yarn. I only have about 60g of Cascade Eco left, and I still need to do the really, really deep button band and shawl collar. I’ve been perusing ravelry, and it doesn’t look like there are any leftovers that I can purchase in the right colorway. If anyone has any extra brown Cascade Eco lying around and is willing to donate (seriously, I probably need less than 100g), it would save me from having to purchase another whole 250g skein from the yarn store!

Edge of Lace Hat

While I’m waiting for the sweater to dry (which may be a while…) I think I’ll probably run off a quick hat. In keeping with my New Year’s Resolution to knit more from pattern books that I already own, I’ll probably try the Edge of Lace Hat from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders. It is by Cheryl Oberle, who has written a ton of books that I may have to take a closer look at if this hat comes out well. Lord knows what yarn I will use. Looking at the pictures in the book, it looked like a normal hat with some lace detailing. After taking a closer look at the pattern, you knit the hat, and then, instead of decreases, you just do a three needle BO. Of course, the picture in the book just cuts off the crown, so I had no idea. I’m glad I sneaked a peak at the pattern, because now I know that I’m going to improvise some decreases of my own. You know, forewarned is forearmed.


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