FO Friday: Fingerless Mitts!


Do you guys remember maybe a week ago when I blogged about my pair of fingerless mitts? Well, I finished them DAYS ago, but I’m just now getting the chance to blog about them, so here they are!

both of them!

Sorry about the pictures- a new camera + weird winter afternoon light + a busy stitch pattern + an even busier yarn DOES NOT equal awesome pictures. Anyway, these are the Chevron Lace Fingerless Mitts from Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders. The stitch pattern isn’t a true chevron, more like a lace triangle pattern. Still, it did a really job with the incredibly bright and busy sock yarn that I used for it! It’s 100% fingering weight wool (I think- I lost the ball band a long time ago, but that is definitely what it feels like!) from Northern Lights Fiber Company that is a mix of light blue and yellow and brown with speckles of teal.

on my you can see, not very chevron-y...


I made a couple of mods to the pattern. First of all, before I even started I decided to leave out the picot cast on and finish. Not only am I not a picot kind of girl, but all that work for so little reward? No way. I just started and ended with the ribbing. Also, if you all remember, when I made the first mitt it was WAY too big for me. I ended up having to frog and going down two needles sizes. The mitt is still a little big- the lace doesn’t really open up when it is on- but it still works for me. I also shortened up…the whole mitt. As you can probably tell from the previous comment, I have tiny hands. Plus, I wanted to be able to still type pretty freely in these, so I think I ended up cutting a whole stitch repeat from the pattern, plus shortening the ribbing on the ends of both the main mitten and the thumb. Still, they work well for me, and I would definitely recommend them!

there's definitely some more give then I really wanted, but they work...and I'm not making these again for a long, long time!

As I’ve been a little under the weather for the past few days, I haven’t gotten much work done on my Livingstone Cardigan. Still, it’s been going REALLY quickly, and I have high hopes for having the body finished and the sleeves sewn on at the very least before I head back to school!


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